Is a Lash Lift Worth It?

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There are plenty of ways to ensure your eyelashes are on point these days, and some are a little more tricky or expensive to achieve than others, but either way the options for fuller, longer and curvier lashes are there.


Is a Lash Lift Worth It?

Xlash Cosmetics

There are plenty of ways to ensure your eyelashes are on point these days, and some are a little more tricky or expensive to achieve than others, but either way the options for fuller, longer and curvier lashes are there.

Sometimes DIY options are preferable, and for many, taking eyelashes into their own hands is the only way to go about things, but for others, letting someone else take control of your lashes and paying a few pennies to have them looking like a brand-new set of eyelashes in a matter of hours is the way forward.

So, what about the lash lift, could it fulfil the dreams of everyone out there, desperate for eyelashes that are the envy of others? Or is it best leaving out in favour of natural remedies for eyelash enhancement and cheaper cosmetic methods that can achieve similar results?

What is a Lash Lift?

In a nutshell, a lash lift is a perm for your eyelashes; a procedure that involves altering the shape of your eyelashes to get the most out of their length and shape. It does involve some chemicals and lifting solutions which is why it should always be carried out by a professional if you were thinking about it, as the eye area is delicate as it is, and the last thing you need to contend with is chemicals getting into your eyes or irritating your skin.

A lash lift treatment should always begin with a consultation to discuss what it is you want to get out of it, such as how much curl or length and if you want it concentrated on a certain area of the eye. A good technician will use your answers to determine how they go about the procedure and what kind of shaping rod they will use to form your ideal lash structure.

The lashes are pulled upward and fixed using an adhesive to fix them into the right position, with a setting solution to follow that helps to mould your lashes into your desired shape. The process in itself takes about an hour and price can depend on what it is you want and how good your technician is but be prepared to part with some money to get good results and to ensure that you get professional and safe treatment.

What are the Benefits of a Lash Lift?

If there wasn’t more good than harm to come to your eyelashes through a lash lift then it probably wouldn’t be as popular as it is today. Sure, it is a relatively new method of eyelash enhancement and there are probably quite a few improvements still to come in the world of perming eyelashes, but for now the benefits can suit many people in ways they are happy with.

The main benefit is how long a lash lift will last. On average you can expect to get the most out of having a lash lift for 4 to 6 weeks when treated with care after the process. This means avoiding makeup and mascara around the eyelashes for a couple of days afterward, not getting them wet straight away and to prevent grime or debris from oily hands or fingers from getting in the way of your healthy new eyelashes.

When you follow the rules, you should be able to enjoy your new lashes without the hassle of additional enhancements such as super lengthening mascara, or eyelash curlers, which of course is the biggest benefit for those who are short on time or have just had enough of their normal eyelash routine.

What are the Downfalls of a Lash Lift?

Like all good things, there will be some downfalls with lash lifts. One of them being the price, which isn’t so bad if you weigh up how much easier it makes things for you, but on the other hand, it can get quite costly if you repeat your lash lift sessions throughout the year. What they are great for though are occasions where you could so without spending time on eyelash enhancements like holidays or weddings, in which case the money on a lash lift could be well spent. However, if you are just trying one out for the first time, there is the risk that it could end up being a costly experiment.

There is always additional risk in the fact that lash lifts use chemicals to set your lashes into place. Not only can this get into places it shouldn’t if not performed by a professional, but not everyone will react to the solutions the same. A patch test is always recommended before going through with the actual lash lift to see how your skin fares up against the chemicals.

What other Options are there?

Eyelash enhancement options are everywhere right now and while some seem to cost the earth, others don’t really break the bank as much. Those methods may not last as long as a lash lift, but they may be suitable for people not so happy to part with cash upfront for one procedure, or those who have skin sensitivities that don’t allow for chemically based solutions.

First of all, you have mascara, which everyone knows about (unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last hundred years), but it cannot be discounted as one of the easiest and most favoured methods of eyelash enhancement because you have the option of changing things up every day, its not too expensive and you have full control of how you want your eyelashes to look.

Then you have eyelash serums that have been around for some time but are only recently gaining in popularity due to the ease of application, and how much they can help your eyelashes grow in short spaces of time. Again, this method is relatively cheap, and so it is easier for a lot of people to incorporate a serum into their existing routine with mascara and see the lasting benefits of the serum taking place while the mascara temporarily enhances the eyelashes. A good eyelash growth serum will contain natural or botanical ingredients and actually act kinder to your eyes and eyelashes than anything else you can put on them.

Then you have eyelash extensions, which are a good go to option for real enhancements, especially if your eyelashes are looking a bit thin or sparse. Extensions can help fill in gaps and lengthen the look of your eyelashes being as theatrical and over the top or as understated as you would like. The procedure would again be completed by a trained technician who will look at your existing lash shape to determine the perfect set of extensions to frame your eyes. This doesn’t come cheap though and similar to the lash lift can become quite costly if this method is favoured throughout the year.

Overall Decision

An eyelash lift can be a great way to keep your natural lashes exactly where they are but with further enhancements to make them stand out, look longer or have a bit more curve going on. It is a semi-affordable process that works well for occasions and will leave you with one less thing to worry about when getting ready.

If you are thinking about getting an eyelash lift and have tried other options like false eyelashes or eyelash serums, then the important thing is to have a consultation and to make sure you get exactly what you want from the lash lift and that they are personally designed to work for you.