People & planet

We are committed to doing better. The choices we make have a lasting impact for our climate and future generations. Our goal is to work with suppliers, partners and distributors who take responsibility for both the environment and for their employees’ working conditions.

Supply chain commitment: We're working towards a more localized supply chain and have moved our Xlash and Xbrow serum production to Sweden.

FSC certified paper packaging: All new products will feature packaging that reduces our impact on deforestation.

Vegan ethically sourced ingredients: We are updating our current Hair growth supplement to offer a 100% vegan assortment.

Product refills: Refills for daily use items significantly reduce landfill waste. We're working towards refillable packaging for some of our most popular items launching in 2024.

We will strive for our workplace to reflect the diversity of our customers and society at large. It’s incredibly important for us that all current, and potential, employees are treated fairly regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion or other belief, ethnicity, disability or age. This means that we do not discriminate in recruitment, salary setting, skills development, promotion, dismissal or in our daily meetings together at work, or after work hours.

As a part of the beauty industry, It’s our responsibility to create and show a more inclusive environment, where our differences and diversity make us strong, where all souls and bodies are welcome and a planet where we can create beauty together.

Xlash X Milkywire

Milkywire and its initiative to save our oceans is one of many important steps in the Xlash journey to help us become a more sustainable, environmentally conscious brand. Working with the strong voices of our employees and overall community, we’re excited for what the future holds for Xlash and sustainability.’*

– Xlash Sustainability Team

We’ve teamed up with the charity organization, Milkywire to further our sustainability efforts. Milkywire provides a platform for us to engage with causes we care about and follow the impact our money makes in the field. At Xlash we’ve chosen to align with the specific Milkywire cause called ‘Save Our Oceans’.

Milkywire is a donation platform with a network of local impact projects. They connect us with real people who have a direct, hands-on impact with these environmental projects. These people are working towards solutions for some of the most extreme environmental issues we face today.

With this partnership, we are able to support one of these carefully selected grassroots organizations as they work to solve our most pressing planetary problems. The main initiative we have chosen is ‘Save Our Oceans’. Within ‘Save Our Oceans’ there are smaller, specific projects such as ‘Protecting Coral Reefs’, ‘Cleaning the Ocean from Plastic’, and so many others that receive support from this donation.

The ‘Save our Oceans’ initiative

Did you know that 80% of all life on earth lives in the ocean? And that they produce more than 50% of the oxygen on our planet? This is threatened by pollution, unsustainable fishing methods, acidification and human made waste that’s let out into the ocean every hour of every day. Together we believe that we can make a difference for our oceans.

By collaborating with a motivated organization such as Milkywire, we can begin taking further steps in helping the environment, as our company continues to grow. We can now track and see the direct impact that our donations have on the ‘Save Our Oceans’ cause, opening the doors for our customers and employees to also be a part of this amazing and important environmental initiative.

Working with Milkywire means we are taking part in the journey towards a greener, cleaner planet.

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