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Xlash Mascara

About Us

Aligning products of extreme quality with the goal of bringing a result never dreamed of. Xbeauty trusts in the power of beauty, which is why we exist. We aim to bring facial, hair and body products with the divine quality of the Gods. Always aiming for exclusivity in packaging, service, and of course, in Divine quality.

About Us

Our story started with the humble dream of bringing longer lashes to the world. Way back in 2012 (yeah we’re that old) we noticed the lengths people went to to make their lashes pop– it was pricey and hard to keep up. So we set out on a mission to simplify things– create an option that really works, was available at a fair price, and most importantly easy to use. XLASH isn’t just a product but a hi-tech solution, with a lot of love that went into that first 3ml bottle and every single one since.

That’s why: We make products that do what they say.
We always: Decode our ingredients— putting on our lab coat so you don’t have to.
For who: For each and every individual on their own beauty journey.
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