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How to get the perfect eyebrows: The newbie guide to fuller brows!


Just like a painting looks much better in the right frame, thick, well-shaped eyebrows can complement your face to make you look your very best. The opposite is true as well; thin, weird brows draw the attention away from your eyes and so does a unibrow.

The eyebrows have often been neglected but are finally experiencing a renaissance. Now, new brow products are released all the time, all promising you amazing brows. But the truth is, there is only so much you can do if you don’t have good eyebrows to begin with. If they are too thin, there is no product that will fool people. And of course, the shape is very hard to fake as well.

So what can you do to give your brows that little extra attention that they deserve? Here are the most important things to think about!

Put those tweezers down now!

Are you guilty of using your tweezers too much? In that case, you are far from alone. But remember one thing: there is no way that you can ever pluck your eyebrows fuller. It just doesn’t work that way. Of course, plucking is necessary to a certain extent, but it’s not as important as you might think.

Overplucking your brows can also make it hard to get them to grow back again. This happened to many a few years back when really thin brows were trendy. So do be careful about following the fashion trends too much. If there is a chance that they will change the way you look forever, avoid following them! But there is a trick that has helped many that have suffered from thin brows: eyebrow serums. More on that soon!

Back to plucking! It’s also incredibly important to pluck in the right way, from underneath the brows. That way, you can shape them and remove little hairs that are in the way of your eyeshadow or highlighter and the effect will be that you look more alert.

The mistake of plucking from the top of your brows is very common, but it often does nothing for the shape.

You don’t want to pluck hairs from within the brow shape either, there is another solution for long hairs!

Scissors are more useful than you might think!

The thought of using scissors close to your eyes can freak some people out, but trust me, it’s not hard and the results are great. There are special eyebrow scissors that make the job much easier. Comb your brows upward so that you can cut them at a good length. Follow the top line of the brow, that’s usually enough. Don’t cut them too short, or they will look patchy.

If you don’t trust yourself with a pair of scissors, there are little tools that look like little scissors with a comb that are easy to use and very hard to go wrong with!

Be kind to your brows

Just like you always use conditioner in your hair, you should use an eyebrow serum to take care of them.

Sure, your eyebrows don’t go as dry and fragile as your hair does if you run out of conditioner since they’re so short and the hairs fall off quicker, but they can really benefit from receiving some love. Treating them with natural, nourishing ingredients will make them much fuller and sometimes even darker!

Results come slowly but surely!

Of course, your brows won’t grow thick and amazing overnight. Depending on how fast your brows grow, it will take three or four weeks before they’re completely renewed. By that time, you should notice a big difference, but only if you have been very careful with the tweezers.

In fact, if you can bear the thought, it might even be a good idea not to pluck your brows at all for an entire month. Then you can really choose how you want your brows to look and only pluck the bare minimum.

The best thing to do, though, is to turn to a professional that can pluck them for you so that you get a good shape that you can maintain yourself in the future.

Have patience and your brows will reward you

Growing thick brows does take some extra effort and willpower. It’s true that it adds an extra step to your night time routine (that is, applying the eyebrow serum) and you will spend an entire month resisting the urge to go bonkers with the tweezers, but it’s totally worth it.

In the meantime, if you feel like your brows look rubbish, try wearing a nice red lipstick or a cool scarf that makes people, and yourself, look elsewhere. And for days when you just feel like you can’t take it anymore, there are always big sunglasses to hide behind. Remember that the reward is worth waiting for and that you will have thick, gorgeous brows in less than a month if you keep going!

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