How to Create the Perfect Winged Liner Look?


A perfect winged liner look elevates your eye makeup game and makes you look dramatic and sexy. It emphasizes your eyes perfectly and goes great with all kind of different eyeshadow styles.


How to Create the Perfect Winged Liner Look?


A perfect winged liner look elevates your eye makeup game and makes you look dramatic and sexy. It emphasizes your eyes perfectly and goes great with all kind of different eyeshadow styles.

But as we all know, a winged liner look is notorious for being extra hard to do right. Your hands are trembling while you’re trying to draw on perfect lines and then you end up with weird looking wings that are everything but symmetrical.

The struggle is real.

But I invite you to tackle it head-on and learn once and for all how to create the perfect winged liner look. You will find all of the information you need in this beginner’s step-by-step guide to flawless winged eyeliner, but also be prepared to do some practice.

Are you ready?

First things first. There are many different eyeliner types you can use to create a winged look, but some are better and easier to use than others. For example, regular eyeliner pencils are not the way to go when going for a winged look because they’re not precise and you simply cannot create a nice, straight line with pencils. There are also eyeliner gels that you apply with brushes, but they also might be too advanced for a beginner.

So what I suggest is using a nice liquid eyeliner with a pointy felt tip like Xlash Eyeliner. It’s so simple to use and very precise, which is what you want when trying to create a flawless winged look. Also, Xlash Eyeliner is easily removed so great for beginners since you can easily start again if you mess up!

Prepare First

Before you simply go in with the eyeliner and start drawing lines, you need some preparation first. What you want to do is map out where you want the wings. All of us have different eye shapes, so the wings shouldn’t look the same either.

A cool trick is to notice the angle of your bottom lash line and imagine it continuing up to the end of your brow. This is the angle you want for the eyeliner wing. What also helps is to make tiny dots that you can trace later with the eyeliner. It’s much easier than free-handing it.

Start drawing

To avoid trembling hands, place your elbow on a table or any hard surface. Start with a thin line at the inner corner of your eye and continue to the outer corner. Now continue doing a thin line that connects the outer edge of your eye and the point where your wing should end. Now, what you want to do is trace a line back from the point where your wing ends to the outer edge of your eye and fill up the empty space inside the wing. Repeat this for the other eye as well.

Check for symmetry

Ok, so the hard part is over. Check that both eyes look the same and make corrections if needed. Also, if you feel that the winged line is too thin, you can go ahead and make it a bit thicker, the key is understanding your own eyelashes. Be careful not to go too thick when correcting mistakes. You can use a q-tip and some makeup remover to correct any mistakes and make the line flawless. Simply drag the q-tip along the lines and make them smooth and straight.

However, if you completely messed up and you simply can’t correct it, don’t hesitate to remove all of it and start again. I know, it can be frustrating, but practice makes perfect. It’s usually easier when you do it the second time because you know what you did wrong the first time and you have a better idea of how the wings should actually look.

You might also check out some of these cool hacks for winged liner look that might help you.

LIFE-Saving winged eyeliner tricka and hacks

Sometimes drawing straight lines and perfect wings is simply not your forte. Luckily, there are some cool hacks you can try.

Use Tape

If you struggle with getting that wing perfectly straight, apply sticky tape at an angle, where the wing should be. Now simply follow the sticky tape with your eyeliner and you’ll end up with perfect lines!

Make a Stencil

If tapes don’t help, you can even make a winged liner stencil. Take a card that you’re not using anymore, draw out your wing, and cut it out with scissors. Now you have a cool stencil for your wings.

Place the card on your eye and align it properly. Now simply use your Xlash Eyeliner to fill up the empty space. Once you remove the card, you should end up with a perfect winged liner look!

Heat up Your Eyeliner

We’ve all had hard eyeliners that feel like they’re hurting our eyelids without giving off much colour. That can easily be solved by heating it a little bit. Let it lie on a warm radiator, next to your cup of tea, or hold it over a tealight to get it to soften. It will almost melt and be much easier to apply!

Apply Makeup in the Car

This hack is great for all those night owls who have trouble getting up early in the morning. Apply your eyeliner in the car, where the light is much better than in most bathrooms! It’s also great for tweezing your eyebrows as you can see all the little hairs more clearly! Make sure to bring along makeup wipes in case everything goes wrong!


Now you know all the tricks for how to create the perfect winged liner look so start practicing. The worst thing you can do is start drawing your eyeliner five minutes before you need to get out of the house. Give yourself enough time so that you can be calm and correct any mistakes you might make.

It also doesn’t hurt to practice it at home a couple of times. This makes it easier to figure out what kind of wing shape you like the most, plus you’ll get much better at applying eyeliner.

And remember that no one was born knowing how to apply perfect eyeliner, so don’t get frustrated. All you need is some practice.

A winged liner look is perfect for many different occasions and you can make it very glamorous and dramatic, but it can also be a great casual look. Also, don’t forget to apply mascara after you apply eyeliner. I recommend carbon black Xlash Mascara with a curved brush.


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