Summer Vacation Survival Guide

Hot girl summer is finally here! And vacay mode is on. So, it's time to dig out those sunglasses and prepare for a sizzling summertime!

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Summer Vacation Survival Guide

Hot girl summer is finally here! And vacay mode is on. So, it's time to dig out those sunglasses and prepare for a sizzling summertime!

Xlash Magazine

Whether you spend your summer days from the comfort of your own back garden or a fancy beach club, those fun-filled days out in the sun are what we have looking forward to all year.

The summer holiday is here and you’re going to need a quick survival guide on how to make it through yours; I’ve got just the tips to make sure your summer will become an unforgettable one!

Exfoliation and moisturising

Okay, so it’s vacay prep time for your summer skin. Your skin gets put under a lot of stress, especially in the summer months and even on days when you have to cover up a little. With extra heat comes dryness so it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised even when the sun isn’t shining.

For the absolute freshest skin, exfoliation before going out in the sun, is a must. Start by using a good body scrub together with a face cleansing balm that clears away all dead skin and impurities. Then use a body mitt to get rid of any clingy remnants, and to buff your skin up ready for a good moisturise.

Exfoliation is a good way to rejuvenate the skin, especially after a long winter, and doesn’t require too much upkeep if done regularly. It will also give you a cracking base for a glowing tan so if you are a sun lover like me, this staycation survival tip will be one of the main things you will spend some time on before you go.

Use a soothing and silky-smooth moisturizer for your face and body butter to keep the skin soft and hydrated all day long, paying close attention to your hands, feet, knees, and elbows that can be hotspots for dry skin to build up.

Sun protection

Always a must for summer, whatever the weather and wherever your plans are is sun protection. On any cloudless day or even partially cloudy day that you are outside, the sun can do a lot of damage even in just a short amount of time. It’s even possible to burn in winter if the sun is out if there is a direct path from the sun to your skin, so do yourself a massive favor and always carry your high SPF sun cream with you, even for those sunny moments that catch you off guard.

Sure, the sun is good for Vitamin D intake which is great for the skin, body and mind, but that’s unfortunately not all the sun provides.

Harmful UV rays are the main problem and can – especially on hot days – cause sunburn and soreness in a matter of minutes. Creams and makeup for the face that indicate they have a high SPF content are good, but they may not provide full coverage and even when they do, it is unlikely that you will top it up every hour especially when most foundations are designed to stay put all day.

The best bet and the only way to make sure your face is protected from the sun? Sun cream first, then makeup if you choose. If you are going makeup free for this summer, make sure you don’t forget to reapply your sun cream regularly, and don’t forget those ears, lips and neck. Always keep your sunscreen in your beauty bag for vacay!

Staying hydrated

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, did you know you are supposed to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day? That equates to around 2 litres needed to stay fully hydrated with a healthy intake of minerals to keep the body in great shape. I think we can all admit that it is hard to keep up with our daily water intake, or at least to keep up with tracking it, so it can be a challenge to even remember when you don’t feel thirsty enough for a drink.

But with the hot summer months creeping in, the temperature can change drastically and leave you little time to adjust and hotter temperatures can mean dehydrated bodies and extra sweating. The more you sweat, the more you need to replace those fluids which is crucial to preventing symptoms of dehydration such as headaches, nausea and general lack of energy.

Although you aren’t jetting off this summer, the sun can still be strong at your end of the woods, so if you’re planning a day in the garden, sunbathing on the beach or hiking up some hills, always pack a big old bottle of water so that you don’t get caught out. Drink your water!

Give your eyelashes a vacation

Your eyelashes will be glad for a summer vacation too. Maybe you're thinking about doing eyelash extensions or lash lift before a holiday so that you don’t need to worry about mascara? Yes, this is super convenient and looks fantastic, but it can put stress on your natural eyelashes. Instead, this is the perfect time for them to take a break!

Makeup in general can be an annoying thing to deal with at the height of summer. Either worrying about it running down your face or even taking up room in your luggage, wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about it this summer and only pack the essentials? Well, when your eyelashes need a break, a nourishing mascara, and a serum might be the only thing you need.

Eyelash growth serums are packed full of ingredients that not only promote growth but also help to repair the follicle and strengthen each individual eyelash, so that you get the most out of each one before it's ready to fall out.

For lazy days by the pool, or crazy days shopping your heart out, using an eyelash serum that doesn’t leave any sticky residue could be the thing you need to feel confident that your eyelashes look great and are in the best condition while out in the sun.

Create the spa experience

Whether you’re enjoying your summer at home or at a local campsite, the important thing is relaxation. The only thing you need to worry about is how much relaxation you can get done. Even on those busier trips, there’s always time for a good pamper!

This can be as simple as creating the spa experience for yourself, especially when the delights of a real spa on a private beach in the Maldives are a distant dream. How do you do this in the best way? Well, all you need is to create the right setting and a few simple items so you can let your mind drift away to those sunny shores without a care in the world.

First, you need a good chair, reclining or beach, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s comfy and allows you to lie back and get comfortable. Then you need to pick your favorite cotton towels – white fluffy cotton towels for the full spa experience – to cover your chair and create a neck pillow that will allow you to relax your head, and then you want your favorite playlist, cocktail in hand and to which off from the real world for a while.

Ensuring your skin is fully protected from the sun, and that you have enough water in your cooler, you are in for a real relaxing spa experience when you set the scene exactly right.

Find makeup that stays put

So going totally makeup free may not be everyone’s idea of comfort, and even with lashings of sun cream, it may not be enough to make makeup disappear from your luggage. So the idea is to find some no-makeup-makeup that stays put for your summer days out.

The key is a good mascara that makes the eyes pop, some sultry eyeshadow and for those nights out, a pop of colour or some festival style glitter. When you wear makeup in summer, you know that having it stay in place is the most important thing and for this, you may want a nice and dewy setting spray.

On holiday though, whether that’s close to home or on faraway shores, you will want something easy to control and quick to apply, so a neat, jet black liquid eyeliner could be the one item you won’t leave home without. A pen eyeliner allows you more command and the ability to get creative with your eyeliner designs or stay safe with a delicate wing that you know will keep your makeup look strong without going too overboard.

As for the rest of your face, a beautiful bit of bronzer on those sun kissed cheeks will lift your look to summery heights and taking little to no effort at all. Always carry your favourite shade of lipgloss and give those eyebrows a good brush and gel to sharpen their shape without looking too polished and you are good to go, wherever you may be.

Have fun!

Wherever you're chilling, the most important thing is to have fun, try not to worry about real life for a week or two, and start exploring those places that you never even knew existed beforehand. Pack plenty of sun cream and water, and your summer vacation will be complete!