Find the Right Lashes for your Eye Shape


We all have eyelashes; they naturally grow above our eyes from birth. So why can’t we always be happy with the ones we have? Well, just like everything else on our bodies, no two features are exactly the same.


Find the Right Lashes for your Eye Shape


We all have eyelashes; they naturally grow above our eyes from birth. So why can’t we always be happy with the ones we have? Well, just like everything else on our bodies, no two features are exactly the same.

It’s natural to want what we can’t have, especially when we have so much access to pictures of the rich and famous and can see how their lifestyles afford them the best treatments in beauty and the best stylists and designers that make sure they look great at all times.

It is normal these days to see what is possible in the beauty world and to want it for ourselves, so of course eyelashes fall into this category. Once upon a time and not too long ago, the idea of false eyelashes, eyelash extensions and lash lifts were unheard of, and the only way to enhance eyelashes was with mascara. This was all good and well until new technologies and advances in beauty products meant that we could have more!

Not only can we now enhance our eyelashes, but we can match them to our face shape, eyelash shape or just simply to how we’re feeling that day. We can go as crazy or as demure as we like, but I suppose when you’re paying to enhance your eyelashes, a little embellishment goes a long way!

So, if the options are endless, how are we supposed to choose what is right for us? Let’s have a little look at the choices that are available and how we can match them to our eye shape to guarantee that they do exactly what they promise… to enhance our features!

Round Eyes

If you’re wondering whether you have round eyes or not, there are a few little details that will help you decide for yourself. Of course, this isn’t an exact science and no, your eyelids won’t form a completely round circle to be considered round eyed, but they do tend to appear larger because of the prominence in shape and they have more of the white visible around the whole cornea.

Round eyes have softer corners, so the edges don’t tend to point outward as much as almond eyes. They also appear narrower than almond eyes which makes your corneas really stand out, especially if they are blue.

So, how do we accessorise round eyes? Well when it comes to eyelashes you want to place more emphasis on the outer corners for the most flattering shape. These longer lashes on the corners elongate the eye and draw attention away from how wide they are whilst not losing focus on your actual eye colour.

When considering lash extensions, false lashes and mascara, try to use this look to your advantage. A curved lash will work really well with shorter lashes toward the centre of the eyelid. Avoid a heavy curl all over as this shape will make round eyes look even rounder.

Eyeliner can also work well with a minimal cat-eye look. Don’t be tempted with a thick black line over the top lid as it makes the eyes look larger and won’t flatter your new eyelashes, but try out a half-lined eyelid from the centre to outer corner with a neat flick to add an interesting shape to your eye without being over-powering or too understated. Or if using eyeliner on the bottom lid is more your think, apply it closer to the waterline to close up some of the whiter space. It’s amazing what a bit of makeup trickery can do!

Almond Eyes

If you have almond eyes, they can be really interesting on their own without too much makeup in the first place, after all, what do you have to hide? But when it comes to eyelashes there are a few “less is more” techniques that help to accentuate the shape without losing too much of it.

Almond eyes tend to be longer in width than they are round, and they come to a beautiful point at the tear duct while the outer edges are slightly lowered over the outer cornea of the eye. Already quite sultry and drawn outward, almond eyes best suit eyelashes that are longer in the middle as well as the outer edges of the eye. By doing this it brings the eyelid upward and appears to open them up a bit more making your eyes look taller, so to speak. Almond eyes can get away with most shapes in false or lash extensions, so if you are the lucky owner, don’t be afraid to be daring when it comes to your next lash appointment.

Anyone with almond eyes knows that eyeliner can either be their best friend or their foe if they don’t get it right. This is because there are so many options to flatter an almond eye that it can be hard to get both of them right. Stick to slick winged eyeliner that doesn’t go too heavy over the top lid and remember a smoky eye is your friend. Accentuate an almond shape with some dark liner and smoky shadow just under the outer edges of the eye to really flatter the shape.

Upturned Eyes

Similar to the almond eye, this upturned shape has many flattering features built in already. It has the cat-eye look naturally without having to rely on cleverly applied eyeliner to achieve it. So, how do you dress them up with eyelashes? Just keep accentuating. Lashes for days that are applied to match the curve of the outer corner just add to the mystery and sultry attitude.

Upturned eyes can be balanced out with soft extensions that gravitate toward the centre of the upper lid to keep their natural shape as soft and flattering as possible. Eyeliner can be applied as much or as little but if you really want to accentuate those curves draw a sharp flick upward from the corner using the bottom lid as a template for direction.

If you have upturned naturally, don’t be afraid to get playful with your colours, smoky or shimmery, go for it and keep your mascara thin and lengthening to really show off those lashes.

Downturned Eyes

Eyes that are more downturned than almond eye shapes are also known as descending or have descending eyelids. This is when the outer corner of the top eyelid dips toward the bottom lash line rather than the other way around and are the same level or lower than the inner corner of the eye.

This eye shape is amazing for playing around with false eyelashes and getting a thicker set of eyelash extensions to give the eye a bit of lift at the outer edge. Also, by filling out the lashes on the upper lid it creates more dimension to the eyes and is super flattering.

Wispy lashes that appear dense closer to the eye add a layer of drama to downturned eyes and are really attention grabbing with their fullness. Lots of healthy black mascara adds to this look and lifts up downturned eyes really easily, this can give your eyelashes a really healthy look.

Hooded Eyes

This shape is when there is more skin below the browbone that covers the majority of the upper lid, meaning there is a crease, but it is mostly hidden, and the top lid covers a lot of the outer whites and outer corner of the cornea.

Although a beautiful shape, most people with hooded eyes can get frustrated with standard makeup and false lashes that are available as they don’t seem to do the same job as they do on other eye shapes. The trick with hooded eyes is to know what you have and to own it! There are little tips that help you make the most of out your eye shape and will flatter your eyes and face whilst adding plenty of drama and an element of mystique.

When it comes to eyelashes, focus on length over too much curl as they will end up falling back on your eyelids. Go for long and full or fluffy eyelashes that add volume to the centre of the eye and bring length to the centre. This really helps to open the eye up and create a really interesting shape. It also means you can play around with your mascara to get the exact volume and length you want when you are feeling a bit more daring.

When it comes to eyeliner a cat-eye or long wing isn’t going to flatter the eye shape as much as a short and cute flick at the outer corners, accentuated with a nice black mascara and eyelashes curled on the outside you can create a look that is suitable for both day and night.

Mono-lid Eyes

Very similar to hooded eyes, this eye shape is really common in Asian ethnicities. Eyelashes tend to be straighter and shorter. While false lashes might seem like the best option, lash extensions with a straighter shape would be more flattering, still add some curve just keep it natural looking.

Once lashes have been applied you can use an eyelash curler to add some curves to your new eyelashes and emphasise the shape without losing any width or depth. Try this method instead of going straight in for a curvier lash extension so you have full control over them, and they end up looking more natural.

The brilliant thing about this eye shape is how playful you can get with colour blocking, shapes using eyeliner and going bright and bold with eyeshadows, especially on the lower lash line and toward the corners. To create depth and dimension try using a darker shade of shadow toward the outer corners and a light or bright shade at the inner corners or go full smoky with pinpointed highlights around the tear duct. Beautiful!

Close Set Eyes

Ok, so this isn’t technically an eye shape as anyone with close set eyes can have almond, downturned, upturned or round eyes, but it is helpful to know how to use false lashes or extensions and makeup to flatter your eyes and your face without compromising.

Close set eyes are typically when both eyes are less that one eye width apart, as the nose tends to be narrower at the bridge, it is great to use the eyes to their full advantage and add the appearance of wider set eyes.

When it comes to eyelashes, if you are going for a false set go curvy with extra emphasis on the outer corners, try not to lift them up too much with extra curl as outward is the way forward. This is especially if you already have naturally upturned eyes, bring a little focus to the outer corner by adding length with extensions that have a natural curve but don’t end up making the eyes look too “tall”.

With makeup go dark or smoky outside the edges, a softer blend works really well to lengthen the eyes outward, and then gradually fill your upper lids in with a lighter shade all the way to the inner corners. Try not to add a one sharp bright pop of colour to the inner corners near the tear ducts as this can actually bring focus back to the distance between your eyes.

The tools are there, you just need to practice to get a shape that flatters you, makes the most out of your already gorgeous eye shape and emphasises the spark within your eye.

Good luck in your eyelash ventures and remember, sometimes rules are there to be broken, so as I always say, try and experiment to figure out just what it is that suits you. False eyelashes can be removed in an instant, lash extensions take a bit more commitment, so get to know your eye shape and what definitely doesn’t work before getting your new set fixed into place first.

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