All You Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoos


Are you tired of uneven, thin, and sparse brows?


All You Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattoos


Are you tired of uneven, thin, and sparse brows?

Many women are. That’s why we see the eyebrow tattoo trend becoming more and more popular. Also known as microblading, tattooing your eyebrows can make your brows shapelier, thicker, and more symmetrical. And that’s what everybody wants.

However, there are many things to consider before deciding to get an eyebrow tattoo. So if you want to learn more about microblading, including the positives and the negatives, keep on reading. Plus, I’m going to reveal a great microblading alternative that works just as well, if not better.

What Are Eyebrow Tattoos?

Eyebrow tattoos are quite similar to regular tattoos, but pigment is used instead of ink. Tiny needles are used to make small incisions and fill them with the pigment. The trick is to mimic natural brows and create realistic looking hairs.

The procedure takes about an hour or two and it’s done by a professional, usually in beauty salons.

It is also great for people who have lost their eyebrows completely due to different health issues.

What Kind of Results to Expect?

Since eyebrow tattoos mimic natural brow hairs, you can basically create your dream eyebrows. Perhaps you have very thin eyebrows and want to make them thicker, or your brows are uneven and sparse and you want to make them shapelier. All of that is possible with microblading.

What’s great about eyebrow tattoos is that a 3D effect is created so the tattooed hairs look just like real ones. A microblading professional can advise you on what’s the perfect eyebrow shape for your face so that it looks very natural and not exaggerated. So you get realistic looking eyebrows.

Where Can You Get an Eyebrow Tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoos are usually done at beauty salons or places that specialize in microblading. You should always get an eyebrow tattoo done by a professional who has many years of experience and knows what they’re doing. It’s also important to go to a salon that follows all the health and safety regulations.

Are Eyebrow Tattoos Safe?

Well, yes and no. If microblading is done by a professional and the healing process goes well, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, there are some things that can go wrong. There’s a risk of allergic reactions to the pigment, as well as infections since small incisions are made in the skin. If the needles are not disinfected properly or you don’t take good care of your eyebrows after the procedure, the skin might get infected, so take that into consideration.

Also, microblading is not recommended to people with very sensitive skin because it may cause irritation and other issues.

How Long Does It Take to Heal?

Eyebrow tattoos take a long time to heal and you need to be prepared to do a lot of aftercare. During the healing process, you will experience flakiness, shedding, redness, dryness, and itching. So it’s quite a lot to go through.

You also have to be very careful not to touch your eyebrows for the first couple of days and keep them dry. After that, you need to keep the area hydrated to relieve dryness and flakiness. Your eyebrows will completely heal in about one month.

If you don’t follow all of the aftercare requirements, your eyebrow tattoo will not heal well and you’ll end up with weird-looking brows. So if you’re not prepared to take good care of your eyebrows, then perhaps microblading is not a good option for you.

How Much Does an Eyebrow Tattoo Cost?

Microblading quite expensive, especially if you take into consideration that you’ll need regular touchups. Eyebrow tattoos don’t last forever and it’s considered a semi-permanent method of brow enhancement.

Although it depends on where you live and what salon you choose, the price of an eyebrow tattoo can go up to $1000 and more.

How Long Does an Eyebrow Tattoo Last?

An eyebrow tattoo is not permanent and it usually lasts about two years. You also need to get regular checkups to keep the eyebrow tattoo looking fresh, otherwise, it slowly starts to fade away.

Eyebrow Tattoo Alternatives

If you decided that an eyebrow tattoo is not for you, there are some great alternative you might want to look into. Those of you who prefer natural ways of eyebrow enhancement will love eyebrow serums.

Eyebrow serums make your natural eyebrow hair grow which is much better than tattooing hairs, no matter how realistic it might look. But which serum to use? There are so many on the market today, but I would recommend Xbrow Eyebrow Serum.

If you’re looking for a great eyebrow tattoo alternative, Xbrow Eyebrow Serum is the way to go. It’s completely natural and 100% safe, which cannot be said about microblading. There are no incisions, pigments, or healing process. You simply need to apply Xbrow on your eyebrows once a day, and you will soon start noticing more hairs growing. It is the perfect solution to thin, uneven, or sparse brows.

Thick and bold eyebrows are definitely on trend, and Xbrow Eyebrow Serum can help you achieve this popular look without any risks.


You might be tempted to get an eyebrow tattoo. When you look at before and after pictures, it looks great. But, as you have learned from the article, there are many risks that surround microblading. You can get allergic reactions and infections, not to mention the healing process is very long.

So if you don’t want to risk it, but still want full and thick brows, you should definitely try Xbrow Eyebrow Serum first. It will make your eyebrows shapelier and thicker in just one month. The best thing about it is that serums are completely natural and won’t harm your brows in any way!