Mainstream beauty trends come and go but at Xlash Cosmetics, we believe that nature holds the key to truly timeless beauty.

In 2011, our company was born - the culmination of years spent researching and testing innovative formulas combining the powers of nature and science to break the beauty mold.

We started out in Europe with the launch of our revolutionary eyelash serum, Xlash - the product of a happy accident by our scientists. In testing one day, our cosmeticians discovered, quite by chance, that a key ingredient could stimulate lash growth by working with the body’s own biology. That ingredient was biotin or vitamin B7.

Clinically proven to stimulate lash growth, biotin became the core component of our lash serum, complemented by a selection of premium natural extracts to promote hair growth and condition. Our flagship product was launched to critical acclaim; after using our serum for a matter of weeks, customers were seeing their lashes almost double in length and fullness - Xlash eyelash serum became an overnight success.

The Xlash Cosmetics brand soon became known around the world, with demand for our groundbreaking serum going global. Now active in 15 countries, with a head office in London, UK, and distribution centres in the UAE and Russia, Xlash Cosmetics is both proud and humbled to have more than three million customers worldwide.

Our range of cosmetics incorporates the natural goodness of plant extracts and herbs, sustainably harvested with respect for our planet. A cruelty-free brand, Xlash Cosmetics is committed to breakthrough beauty without the cost of innocent lives - we only ever test on willing human volunteers.

Science and nature combine beautifully across our ever-expanding product range, which now includes proven lip plumper Xlips and brow growth serum Xbrow. Free from harsh chemicals and irritants, each cosmetic we create is expertly developed to emphasise and enhance our customers’ unique beauty, empowering them to find their style - and own it.