Hottest Eye Makeup Trends Right Now!


For a long time, you had to look no further than a fashion magazine to find out what the latest trends were, these days you are more likely to see the hottest looks all over Instagram as the models and influencers look flawless and almost too good to be true. You may have wondered if you have what it takes to achieve the same look and if it was more than just a good filter. Well, it should be simple, but times change very quickly, and fashion trends come and go faster than you can wave your mascara wand. So, keeping up with what is on trend right now may be your number one priority, you just need to know how to execute the right look for you, and we've collected some of the hottest looks in eye makeup in one place so you can make Instagram your reality!


Hottest Eye Makeup Trends Right Now!


For a long time, you had to look no further than a fashion magazine to find out what the latest trends were, these days you are more likely to see the hottest looks all over Instagram as the models and influencers look flawless and almost too good to be true. You may have wondered if you have what it takes to achieve the same look and if it was more than just a good filter. Well, it should be simple, but times change very quickly, and fashion trends come and go faster than you can wave your mascara wand. So, keeping up with what is on trend right now may be your number one priority, you just need to know how to execute the right look for you, and we've collected some of the hottest looks in eye makeup in one place so you can make Instagram your reality!

The thing to remember is that we all have different shaped and coloured eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows, so what might be a current fashion trend in eye makeup might not be what suits you best. Now, this isn't to say don't go all out when you want to! I love to be experimental with eye makeup and the only way you will know what suits is to try something out, right? So, I'm definitely all for reaching out to new territories in makeup and see if any of these hidden gems become your own go to trend in future.

Prime Time!

Before you even start to play around with your new eyeshadows and eyeliners, it is key these days to get priming. Makeup primers have been around for years now, but it is only quite recently really that the trend of using a makeup primer has taken hold due to the vast array of primers on the market and what they can do. A primer is exactly what it says, it primes the skin ready for whatever makeup you are going to put on top of it, creating a smooth canvas perfect for foundation, powders and eyeshadows so that they hold properly and look as bright and luminous as they can.

But nowadays it is not enough to have a simple primer, it is good to select something that does a specific job for each part of your face. Primers are available to smooth out lines, mattify the skin or add sheen in places you would want to highlight. On top of that, you have the choice of colour correcting and tinted primers. But when it comes to your eyes, there are many benefits from picking out a primer that isn't harsh on the skin, smooths out lines and holds eye makeup in place as that is the one part of your face that is constantly moving. If your eyeshadow can last a day without priming first, then you must be the queen of not blinking!

So, this trend isn't exactly a fad that will disappear any time soon, and for that we are all eternally grateful. But if you ever wonder how the models and influencers of Instagram get their skin and makeup looking so flawless and effortlessly bright, look no further than this hot new trend. You won't turn your back on primer once you have found the perfect one for your skin!

Go Thin with Your Lines!

One of the hottest trends seen this year all over catwalks and in editorials was the use of gel eyeliner to draw on thinner lines above the eyes instead of the usual thicker shape leading into a wing. Thin lines are definitely for the steady-handed, but achievable once you have had a few practices. Priming is key to keep lines smooth and unbroken from the inner corner to the outer edges and it can still open the eye up by providing definition.

Thicker lines are favoured to give the illusion of bigger or wider eyes while thin eyeliner over the top lid still widens them and draws attention upward. The look is both natural and understated yet adds a touch of glamour for any occasion and is hitting the top trends big time this year. The trick is to invest in a really good eyeliner if its kohl or pencil and treat yourself to a good brush for gel eyeliner and don't be tempted to thicken those lines as much as you may want to. Finish the look off with mascara over your top row of eyelashes to add some star quality.

Understated Eye Makeup

Right of the back of the thinnest eyeliner ever, a top trend amongst top models is the barely-there makeup look. Going even further than drawing on almost invisible lines and subtle colour, doing your make up to look like you are wearing none is a skill that I definitely have yet to master, however it is everywhere on Instagram right now so it looks like this trend is here to stay.

The secret again is to invest in a good primer for your face and your eyes to keep the skin looking smooth and matte, with highlighter used sparsely in zones of structure such as cheek and brow bones. Eyeliner can still be your friend with this almost nude look as you can swap your jet black for smooth and subtle browns, mauves and even golds to compliment your complexion. A simple sweep over the top lid with light and natural eyeshadows and finish off with some light mascara may be just all you need to get this trend firmly stapled in your own makeup hall of fame.

White Waterlines

A lot of people will be familiar with white eyeliner, but for those not in the know, it is definitely on trend to have a white or nude pencil in your makeup kit these days. White eyeliner is designed to open up the eyes and make them appear bigger and wider so if you have eyes on the smaller side or are just looking to cash in on the latest trends then investing in a white eyeliner could just be your new secret weapon in your makeup collection.

White eyeliner is mostly used along the waterline and not just to make your eyes appear bigger but it can help you look more awake and alert which, if you are like me and cannot seem to get the hang of how to get a full eight hours sleep at night, will help you fool everyone into thinking you not only had a great night sleep but you even managed to get up in time for breakfast and prepare in full for the day's important meeting!

Finding the right white eyeliner and practicing how to use it may just be your saviour if you let it, so, to give yourself the full effects pencil in a thin line across the waterline from the inner corner to the outer crease of your eye and really go to town on the inner corner if you want to as this creates more space between your eyes and gives the illusion of them being wider than they are. Sold yet? Well, if you need more convincing, white eyeliner doesn't just have to be used on the waterline, it can be used playfully as you would on the top eyelid to go for a dramatic wing or sixties inspired thick line to balance out any brighter colours of eyeshadow. The possibilities are near endless, so grab on of these pencils on your next shopping trip and be one with the current trends in eye makeup!

Stop Your Eyeliner Short

We are all familiar with the cat eye or wing when it comes to eyeliner and these days there are so many variations on the trend that keep it up to date and one of the hottest looks around. Seen on models and on Instagram is the shorter and sharper version of the cat eye. This look is great for those just starting to experiment with their eyeliner as it doesn't require you to be as steady as usual and if it goes wrong, you can simply turn it into the standard cat eye by increasing the amount of eyeliner you use.

The trick with this is to start the line from the middle or the last third of the eye, this can change depending on the shape and width of your eye. If you have eyes already on the wider side, then stick to starting the line on the top lid only from the outer third and then sweep it out into a wing to add sultry length and if you are looking to add more height to your eyes then start your line from the middle and finish off with a cat eye.

The look is certainly a statement but with mascara to finish it off it actually blends perfectly and looks like you are the master of eye makeup. To go subtle with it, try changing up jet blacks for softer black and browns which will still create the hottest statement but toned down to suit your preference.

Smudge That Wing!

I love this look and it is definitely one of the biggest trends that has real staying power and just looks great on anybody. The amazing part is that the lines aren't supposed to look perfect so there is room for experimentation and error, and it can be corrected easily.

The trick is to pick your eyeshadow carefully to match your wing. For dark eyes, browns and golds work really well and for lighter eyes variations in shades of blues, greens and greys work really well. Trace your lines on the top lid and outward from the corner as you usually would over your shadow, sweeping upward toward your temples and the end of your eyebrow, then with a cotton bud or eyeliner smudge stick, carefully blend the lines in the same direction as your wing. Do the same on the bottom of your eye in the outer corner only and blend it up to meet the eyeliner and shadow keeping it smudged but without looking like you have had an accident with your palette. Aim to look polished but without sharp lines and remember to build on your layers of eyeshadow so it doesn't look too defined. Fix any mistakes with concealer and highlight under the bottom of your sweep to really accentuate the look. Hot!

Add More Lines

In complete contrast to the smudged eye, this particular look is for the experimental and the brave but that is not to say that you shouldn't try it out if you haven't quite climbed out of your shell of confidence yet. This look will definitely pull you out to be proud of your eyes and pave the way for further bold looks in the future.

Models on catwalks and on Instagram have figured out one of the latest trends is to add more lines or patterns to really make a statement and it definitely is! Now, you might be wondering how to achieve this without looking like you are trying to dress up for Halloween or perhaps modelling for a new piece of pop art, but it is simple and achievable with the right tools.

The best eyeliner to use for this look is gel eyeliner with a fine brush that creates definition and is absolutely smudge-proof. The trick is to work with your eye's natural shape and crease to draw in an extra line above your top line, that should look like it's ‘floating' above the top eyeline. Go a little heavier toward the outer eye and get creative with another flick or wing, again heading in the direction of the end of your brow so it keeps the cat eye shape flowing and isn't perfectly perpendicular.

You don't have to follow an exact template with this hot trend as it should be bespoke to your own eye shape and you don't even have to stick to lines only, little beauty dots gradually getting smaller over your wing or small flicks to mimic eyelashes underneath the bottom lashes can create a real statement and are great looks for festivals that don't involve carrying around pots of glitter and can be worked into any outfit. Save this trend as one of your top ten as it is absolute fire right now!

Electric Eyeliner

It is always a pleasant surprise to see colour making its way back into eyeliner and it is one of the hottest trends of 2019. Swapping out jet blacks for electric greens and cobalt blues are welcome on most eyes as the colours suit most shades and can be worked into any look to create a statement that has the wow factor.

If you can get your hands on one of these colours then you are giving yourself permission to step out of your comfort zone and bring your eyes to life, so grab your eyeliner and get creative. With any of the looks mentioned above, it is mostly assumed that black eyeliner would be the first colour anyone would go to, but that little fleck of colour is complimented by the deepest black mascara and can open up the eye almost like white eyeliner can.

For a simple statement but all the while stepping out of your comfort zone, keep to your normal sweep of eyeliner over the top lid, keeping as close to the eyeline as possible and straight into an angled wing following your bottom waterline and finish with a second coat to really seal the deal. For the real festival look add in a subtle floating line or small dots at the end of the wing being careful to keep the look classy and not like you have just joined the circus. Models such as Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid have rocked this look on their own Instagram profiles this year proving it is a staple in makeup trends this year.

Spider Eyes

I'm pretty sure you may be thinking this is one look that was in and out faster than your mascara could dry about 20 years ago and how could this be back in top trends in 2019? Well the trick with this is less is more. Remember I mentioned the no makeup look and how to achieve it to look like very little time was spent on making the face look smooth and flawless? Well, this goes hand in hand with that and can look damn fine if executed carefully.

The trick is to keep lines on the face smooth, so get priming and use concealer and highlighter favourably instead of lashings of foundation so that the lines of your eyelashes are the only things anybody is focused on. Highlighter is key here as it keeps the eyes looking bright and wide and means that you don't require lashings of eyeliner. Use mascara heavily to mimic the effects of eyeliner toward the outer corner and go carefully on the bottom set of lashes so that they don't clump together and look bulky.

What this look does is give the illusion of longer eyelashes instantly as they are not bombarded with other makeup that can detract from how good your eyelashes actually look. Brown mascara is highly fashionable in this trend as it keeps people guessing if they are your natural eyelashes and it doesn't overload or look too bold. Subtlety is the key here and this low maintenance trend can knock precious minutes off your make up routine in the morning all while making you look as awake as possible.

Contrasting Colours

From the barely there to the bold and beautiful, this trend is bright and colourful and has no limits. For eyes that really stand out, adding one splash of colour isn't always enough so its great to experiment with a few different ones until you look as adventurous as you feel.

Mix greens with blues and reds with yellows and work the colour from the centre of the eye to the outer corners, layering darker as you get toward the crease. Using a lighter colour eyeshadow or highlighter at the centre of the eyelid give the illusion of bigger eyes and adds shape where there may not be as much as you would usually hope. Keep lines smooth yet blended for the perfect evening look and line with black eyeliner and thick mascara for that rich texture to this modern take on the timeless trend and it will ensure you look fabulous without the risk of falling flat.

Set the Trend

Keeping up with the hottest trends of 2019 may seem like hard work sometimes but you may actually find that a lot of what you have in your makeup kit may do the job if you are open to experimenting and trying something new. A lot of us dream about having the confidence to wear bright colours and bold patterns on our eyes and it can take a lot to get out of our comfort zones to begin with. A good tip is to visit a beautician or local beauty store where the people in the know can help you with the basics before you get into the heavy stuff.

Having a smooth face and a blank slate to start any eye makeup look can be the beginning of something great, you just need to see the potential in yourself. That's when the real fun can start, and you can start to get adventurous with colours and styles that suit your eyes. Sometimes it can just be a case of your makeup kit needing a little revamp, investing in a better eyeliner and mascara and adding a couple of new colours to the mix. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve and how you can be part of the hottest trends of 2019.