Sparse Eyelashes? Find Out How to Create Voluminous Lashes!


Having sparse eyelashes is the worst. Am I right? And no matter how hard you try, they simply don’t look nice. It just sucks.


Sparse Eyelashes? Find Out How to Create Voluminous Lashes!


Having sparse eyelashes is the worst. Am I right? And no matter how hard you try, they simply don’t look nice. It just sucks.

Luckily, there are some great tricks you can use to make your lashes more voluminous and fuller. And I’m going to teach you all of them. You will find out how to use makeup to create voluminous lashes, but most importantly, what products to use to make your lashes grow and become fuller naturally.

But before we get into ways of how to make your lashes more voluminous, let’s first go through some of the most common reasons why your eyelashes are sparse.

Common Causes Of Eyelashes Falling Out

Many people experience their lashes falling out, getting thinner and sparse. It sucks because long and thick lashes make your eyes more attractive and enhance your overall beauty.

Your lashes grow in three stages: Anagen – the growth phase, Catagen – the transition phase, and Telogen – the resting phase. How long each stage lasts is unique to each person.

Anagen – The Growth Phase

The anagen phase is the first and active growth phase. Usually, it takes between 30 and 45 days for a lash to grow out from its root to its full length. However, all of your lashes aren’t growing at the same time. Actually, only 40 percent of your upper lashes and 15 percent of your lower lashes grow at the same time.

Catagen – The Transition Phase

During the catagen phase of about two and three weeks, the hair follicle shrinks. This is the transition stage in which the growth stops. If any lashes fall out during this phase, they won’t grow back again until the cycle starts over.

Telogen - The Resting Phase

The third and final stage, the telogen stage, is a resting phase which usually lasts more than 100 days. It’s during this period that the eyelash eventually will fall out. It will then take about 4-8 weeks before a new one starts growing. But don’t worry, as your lashes aren’t in the same phase at the same time, that also means that all of your lashes won’t fall out at once

But why do eyelashes fall out when they’re not supposed to? Here are the most common causes of sparse eyelashes.

Poor Quality Mascara Use

One of the most common reasons why your lashes might be falling out and become more and more sparse is low-quality mascaras. When you use poor quality products on your lashes, they become weak and more prone to falling out. Also, many people experience allergic reactions from bad mascaras.

So to make sure that you keep your eyelashes healthy and prevent them from falling out, always use a high-quality mascara that is dermatologically tested. I suggest you try Xlash Mascara. Not only is it 100% safe to use, but it also contains vitamins E and B5 which actually promote hair growth.

Not Removing Makeup

Another common cause of sparse eyelashes is not removing makeup. So if you don’t remove your eye makeup, especially mascara, before you go to bed, there is a high probability that your eyelashes will start falling out.

So make it a habit to always, and I mean always, remove all of your makeup at night.

Eyelash Extensions

Although eyelash extensions might seem like a great idea, they’re not really that good for your lashes. When you get lash extensions installed, they look great and voluminous. but once you get them removed, you notice that your natural lashes are much sparser than they used to be. The reason for that is, is that extensions can cause your natural eyelashes to fall out or get damaged.

So if you want to have naturally voluminous and healthy eyelashes, I suggest you stay away from extensions and enhance them the natural way.


Stress and anxiety can also be the causes of your eyelash hair falling out. When you’re stressed, your whole body is suffering and people oftentimes experience hair loss.

So make sure to take care of your mental health and when you’re experiencing high levels of stress, try to take some time for yourself and relax or even try a meditation practice.

Health Issues

Eyelash hair loss can also be caused by different medical conditions like trichotillomania, thyroid issues, and alopecia. If you are diagnosed with any of these issues, then you need to seek medical help and get some medication that will treat your condition and stop hair loss.

How To Get Voluminous Lashes

Although it’s important to diagnose why your lashes are falling out and becoming sparse and treat the issue, sometimes it just happens and you’re not quite sure why. And the truth is that some people are born with amazing lashes, and some are blessed with other beauty features instead.

That’s why I’m going to show you some great tricks that you can try to make your eyelashes fuller and more voluminous. All of them are very simple and you’ll be thrilled how well they actually work.

Makeup Tricks

The first thing you might try if you have sparse lashes and want to make them appear fuller is to use makeup to your benefit. Makeup is great because, if used right, can do wonders and cover up small imperfections.

As you might guess, mascara is your best friend if you have sparse eyelashes. However, you need to learn how to utilize it right.

Which Mascara to Choose for Sparse Lashes?

Let me tell you right now, not all mascaras are good for making your eyelashes more voluminous, although they’re all advertised to do so. If you want a mascara that will actually make your eyelashes look fuller, then you should try Xlash.

Not only does it create the illusion of fuller eyelashes, it actually contains vitamins that promote hair growth and keep your lashes healthy.

How to Apply Mascara to Create Voluminous Lashes?

If you want to create the appearance of fuller eyelashes with mascara, you need to learn how to apply it properly. The trick is to start at the root of your eyelashes and then wiggle the wand as you move it towards the end of your lashes.

You will also need to apply multiple coats of your Xlash Mascara to get as much volume as possible. I suggest you add Xlash Eyeliner to make your eyes and lashes even more accentuated.

Eyelash Serums

Hands down the best solution for sparse eyelashes is serums. It is a product that is made in order to promote eyelash hair growth in a natural and safe way.

If you’re looking for a quality serum that really works, I recommend Xlash Eyelash Serum. It stimulates cell renewal and makes your eyelashes grow like crazy in just one month.

If you use Xlash Eyelash Serum regularly, your lashes will not only be longer but also stronger and healthier which prevents them from falling out or breaking. So if you want to maintain the health of your lashes, definitely try an eyelash serum.

As you might already be aware of, the eye area is incredibly sensitive. That’s because of how thin the skin tissue is, it’s actually much thinner compared to other skin areas. Something you should avoid is any products that can cause irritations or reactions. Fortunately, Xlash is clinically proven to be both safe and effective. This means that you can use Xlash without having to worry about getting any nasty side-effects, pretty nice huh?

One of the main reasons that Xlash is an effective product is that it’s formulated with gentle but active ingredients. They’re all of natural origin and consist of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The ingredients are quite powerful and can make your lashes grow stronger, fuller and let’s not forget, up to 45 percent longer.

Did you know that your lashes are composed of only two things? Three percent of water and 97 percent of the protein keratin. Keratin is a particularly important component when it comes to growing eyelashes and eyebrows. That’s why Xlash is formulated with Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, an active peptide that’s clinically proven to stimulate keratin production. This makes lashes thicker, fuller and longer. It can also affect the follicles’ cell renewal process, by making them produce even more cells and in turn, revive the growth of the lashes.

By stimulating the cell renewal process of the hair follicles, Biotin is great for increasing lash growth. But that’s not all it does. It’s a powerful vitamin that strengthens and improves the condition of dry lashes, as well as making them healthier.

The combination of these two powerful ingredients is another reason why Xlash can make a noticeable difference to your lashes. Together, they both stimulate the hair follicles and prolong the lashes’ growth cycle. This makes Xlash a great alternative if you’d like to speed up your lash growth, but also want fuller, longer and stronger lashes.


Your eyelashes can start falling out and becoming sparse for many different reasons. Some of them are health-related, but sometimes low-quality makeup products can be responsible for it. Even if you rub your eyes very often, you might notice your eyelashes falling out more. But there is no reason to feel overly worried about it. If you follow the tips and tricks from this article, nobody will know that your lashes aren’t as voluminous as you would wish!

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