Lip Tattoo FAQ - Everything You Need to Know About Permanent Lipstick


Who doesn’t want sexy and full lips? Everybody is trying to find new ways to emphasize their pout and make it more attractive.


Lip Tattoo FAQ - Everything You Need to Know About Permanent Lipstick


Who doesn’t want sexy and full lips? Everybody is trying to find new ways to emphasize their pout and make it more attractive.

Since makeup is one of the go-to methods for making your lips appear more accentuated and fuller, it’s no wonder that permanent lip makeup is on the rise. Also known as lip tattoo, permanent lipstick procedure can color your lips to make them more defined.

So if you’re interested in this trendy method, take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about lip tattoos.

What is Permanent Lipstick?

Also known as micro-pigmentation, permanent lipstick is a type of tattoo that colors your lips and makes them more accentuated.

The artist uses needles to insert the pigment into your lips, making them more pronounced. First, an outline is created, and then the pigment is blended on the outer area of your lips. The interior part of the lip is usually left without any color.

Is It the Same as Regular Tattoos?

It’s not quite the same as a regular tattoo, but it’s very similar. Although the process is pretty much the same, permanent lipstick procedure is done with pigment, while a regular tattoo uses tattoo ink.

Are Lip Tattoos Safe?

If all of the needles are sterilized and you get it done in a professional salon, lipstick tattoos are relatively safe. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn't a risk of allergic reactions and infections, even if you have it done by a professional.

Also, a worrying thing is that you may get cold sores from the procedure. So even if you had a cold sore only once in your life, there’s a big chance that getting a lipstick tattoo will activate the virus.

If that scares you, I suggest you think about some other methods of lip enhancement like lip plumpers, which I’m going to talk about later in the article.

How Much Does It Cost?

Permanent lipstick is definitely not cheap. Depending on where you get it done, a lipstick tattoo can cost up to $1000 which is pretty expensive. Plus, you need regular touchups at least once a year to refresh the color. And also take into consideration that permanent lipstick doesn’t last forever, so you need to be prepared to pay again for the procedure if you want to renew your lipstick tattoo.

So when you add that all up, it’s quite pricey.

How Long Does It Last?

Permanent lipstick can last from three to five years because pigment that’s used for this procedure fades over time. You should also go for regular touchups to refresh the color at least once a year.

So this method is definitely not permanent.

Does It Hurt?

The simple answer is: yes. Just like any other tattoo, permanent lipstick does hurt. It’s really all about how high or low your pain threshold is and what you’re prepared to endure.

If you’re too scared of needles and don’t like pain, then this is not the best procedure for you. Instead, I suggest you try lip plump serums to make your lips fuller.

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

It usually takes about two hours to get a lip tattoo, but it depends on what kind of results you want. I recommend that you make the appointment in advance and clear up your schedule for the day because your lips will be very sensitive. Also, make sure to eat before the procedure.

How Long is the Healing Process?

It usually takes about 4 weeks for your lips to completely heal, which is a lot.

Here’s what the healing process is.

When you first get your lips tattooed, you will experience swelling that may last for up to five days. Then you’ll experience shedding and flakiness, so it will look like you have chapped lips for about a week.

The color will also change a lot during the healing process, so you won’t know the final shade until your lips have completely healed which is usually about four weeks.

So the healing process is definitely not simple and requires you to really take care of your lips during that time.

Can You Still Wear Lipstick?

Yes, you can still wear lipstick even if you had your lips tattooed.

Does Permanent Lipstick Really Make Your Lips Fuller?

Although permanent lipstick can make your lips more defined and beautiful, it won’t make your lips fuller. There may be a subtle illusion of fuller lips, but lipstick tattoos simply enhance the color of your lips, not make them plumper.

The Safe and Natural Way to Make Your Lips Fuller

Since permanent lipstick can’t really make your lips plumper, and the procedure is very expensive and has a long healing time, you might want to consider natural ways to make your lips fuller. A great one is lip plumpers.

Lip plump serums like Xlips create that bee-stung effect that makes your lips appear fuller and more voluminous.


Although lip tattoos are very popular and can definitely enhance your lips, there’s a lot to consider before deciding to do it. The healing process is very long and your lips will not look good for a couple of weeks. The procedure is also very painful. Plus, permanent lipstick can’t really make your lips fuller, which is something everybody wants. It’s a much better idea to use a lip plumper like Xlips Lip Plump.

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