Finding your Perfect Eyebrow Shape


Finding an eyebrow shape that suits you is like finding the right pair of shoes. You love the shape, the colour, the way they look in the shop window… but it might take some serious retail therapy before you settle on the right shoe for you!


Finding your Perfect Eyebrow Shape


Finding an eyebrow shape that suits you is like finding the right pair of shoes. You love the shape, the colour, the way they look in the shop window… but it might take some serious retail therapy before you settle on the right shoe for you!

So why should eyebrows be any different?

Eyebrows play a really powerful part in our interaction and communication with others. They provide a sense of who you are to all you encounter in day to day life. So why not flaunt those magnificent arches that sit atop those one-of-a-kind-eyes and let your eyebrows do the talking!

Faces vary from all different shapes, sizes and tones, so understanding how to frame yours perfectly is almost an art-form, but one that can be achieved quite easily with the help of new innovative products and Xbrow Eyebrow Conditioner is the perfect conditioning serum to get your look started!

Why does face shape matter?

It's simple really! Whether you first step out of the salon with a slick new centre parting style to compliment those high cheek bones or soft waves to bring romantic and effortless chic to your wide eyes and fuller lips, your stylist will have made the perfect recommendations to suit your face shape.

I think we can all be thankful that those dreaded days of the late 1990's and the early 2000's where some famous super-model somewhere decided to neglect the rule of the face shape and reached for a pair of industrial sized tweezers instead! Maybe you can remember Drew Barrymore or Gwen Stefani with their millimetre thin arches? Now this was the height of fashion back in the day, but I am one of many still trying to recover from this painful treatment of my brows!

Today, we celebrate the eyebrow and by using the Xbrow conditioner we can help return our brows to their fuller form ready for the perfect grooming to get the perfect shape to suit our face. At least in twenty years if the tables turn again, and thin eyebrows are the way forward, you will be in great condition ready for tweezing! So how does your face shape work for your eyebrows?

Framing an oval face

Just like Jessica Alba and Kate Middleton, you "oval facers" have hit the jackpot when it comes to what style suits you! An oval face is usually as wide at the forehead as it is at the jawline and a more rounded chin. You can wear a straight brow with a small arch or the classic curvy eyebrow with a higher and more rounded arch to achieve a younger look. Just be careful not to arch those corners too high, or your lines will end up looking too severe. A medium curve will soften the face but still highlight cheekbones and eyes.

The classic arch really can be the best eyebrow shape for many faces if executed correctly and by adding that thickness it just brings the look right into the modern women's world! The Xbrow Eyebrow Conditioner promotes healthy growth and cell renewal to achieve that thickness we all desire providing you with the perfect pallet to work those brows and frame that fantastic oval face!

Embracing a round face

When Cara Delevingne sky-rocketed onto the modelling scene with her signature oversized eyebrows, she had no idea that her brows would create such a buzz, having women all over the world throwing out their tweezers! A rounder face can support a heavier brow with more angular and straight lines to create a more sophisticated appearance and to slightly elongate the face. Cara's longer and fuller eyebrows with a darker tint than her natural hair colour draw attention straight to her eyes. This is definitely one for the blue-eyed beauties to try out!

So, growing out your eyebrows or even just getting that fuller and thicker look really will become second nature when applying the Xbrow serum, just like part of your normal beauty and moisturising regime to keep your face youthful and healthy, your brows deserve the same attention!

Now we can't all be Cara Delevingnes and support a heavy eyebrow look, but other famous round-facers such as Chrissie Teigen or Mila Kunis will swear by the ‘S' Shaped eyebrow to add drama to the face and to bring the attention to the eyes as opposed to wider cheekbones. Now the ‘S' is of course not literal, but it does involve high curves toward the nose with more angular arches drawing the focus into the vertical shapes of the face. It has a fantastic effect on changing the shape of your face and is definitely one to be embraced. I would definitely recommend keeping a pair of the Xbrow tweezers handy to keep those lines sleek for a more polished look.

Loving a heart shaped face

Like Reese Witherspoon or Scarlett Johansson your cheekbones and forehead are wider with a narrow chin and more defined jaw. This beautiful face shape is perfect for finding the right balance between your eyes and any prominent features you may have. Your face suits a softer brow with shorter edges and while keeping them thick, they work better groomed and polished to keep the natural curves in your face a prominent feature.

Heart shaped faces should definitely be reaching for the Xbrow conditioner to encourage growth toward the centre of the brow, achieving a thicker and darker eyebrow for you to play with to get that balance just right, just don't go too heavy on the tweezers at the edges or you will end up with two perfectly straight lines above your eyes! Remember soft symmetry not geometry!

Owning an oblong face

When superstars like Kim Kardashian and Liv Tyler hit the red carpet, they never fail to dazzle with their perfectly framed eyes. Girls with longer faces (or an oblong shaped face) tend to use clever contouring and eyebrow grooming to make their face look fuller and a little wider. As one of these girls I think we can have the best time shaping our brows and building a style until it suits the exact look we are trying to achieve.

Arching your eyebrows is usually a no-go area for us ladies with a longer face shape. We tend to have a lower jaw line and our faces are about the same width from forehead down. Arching the brow only elongates the face visually and creates even more space above the eye. By creating a flatter brow line with a light arch, it automatically shortens the face and draws attention to the rest of your fantastic features!

So how do we achieve and maintain this? Well to start things off I have been using the Xbrow conditioner to thicken out my brows and give a darker appearance after years of unhealthy over-plucking! Using the serum regularly encourages the regrowth and I've found it makes grooming so much easier with more to play with. It isn't essential for us to pluck every stray hair under the eyebrow's edge, as all we want to do is aim for a flatter brow that doesn't make us look surprised 24/7! But remember if your natural brow shape has an arch or a softer arc, use this as your pallet for shaping and tinting and don't try to create a shape that isn't there.

Softening a square face

Margot Robbie and Olivia Wilde are some of the hottest actresses with this angular face shape. With razor sharp jawlines, and a similar width from the top to the bottom of their faces they can afford to be quite playful with their eyebrows.

Straight eyebrow lines will not flatter a square face, so it is important to create an arch that suits you! Whether that be the curvy "S" shape or a soft arch at the end of the brow bone, it will all look stunning and flattering as long as there is some volume to work with. The eyebrow conditioner is so useful here for someone with a square face shape, as you are working on the volume as opposed to just the length. Strengthening the brows and making them easier to groom and style as part of your daily routine is important for maintaining that healthy brow look day to day. If you were lucky enough to be blessed with a naturally curvy brow like Angelina Jolie, why try and fix something that isn't broken! Just condition and let the serum do the work for you!

Combining other stand out features with the perfect brow shape

Of course, even though your face shape may easily fall into one of the above categories, for the majority of us, it is harder to see the exact definition, especially straight away. Maybe you fall into two categories? Maybe none at all! Maybe you have the features of a sharply defined jaw and the highest cheekbones that could cut glass! But your doe eyes and low brow bone would probably not suit the classic ‘S' shaped eyebrow. Think Keira Knightly or Katie Holmes! They both have similar face shapes, the same colour eyes, (and both have undoubtedly rocked a pixie cut in their day!) Yet one opts for a fuller and flatter brow with less grooming and one opts for the thinner brow with a higher arch and not a hair out of place.

They both look equally as sophisticated and flattering as the other, but their eyes really helped shape the style they were going for as well as their face shape. The one thing they have in common is the use of colour to accentuate their eyebrows and strengthen or soften the look.

While the colour or shade of your eyebrows that should flatter your features is never an exact science, there are some handy tips to keep in mind...

Try not to match your exact hair colour. You should aim for at least one tone either lighter or darker to break up the matching feel. It tends to look more fake the more they both match and if you are going for a natural look, it is definitely something to avoid!

Brunettes can go darker at any shade; I have a medium brown hair with a cool rose ombre effect, so for average days getting ready for work I love to line the centre of my brow a darker shade then fill in the inner and outer corners with a lighter brown, so my eyebrows don't look too severe. For a more polished evening look I reach for the dark brown eye pallet and team it with a warmer and lighter smoky eye for the perfect mix of sophistication and glamour. I love getting compliments on my eyebrows and now they are thicker and fuller having used the Xbrow conditioner for over a month now, I feel more confident than ever.

As a one time blonde, I fully salute the girls and ladies everywhere that can either rock the natural blonde brow or add some darker tones to the mix for a really modern look. I especially love this look with a low brow and a little less grooming and a few more stray hairs at the edges. One tip though is to keep the colour neutral especially with hair colours like dark ashy blonde and cool platinum, as incorporating warmer auburn tones may just clash and not give the bombshell outcome you desired :)

The almost invisible blonde eyebrow? Such a bold statement look and I am 100% there for it! Making waves on the catwalk amongst models like Bella Hadid and Kendal Jenner with their darker tresses and barely there blonde eyebrows, this is one look that requires serious confidence to pull off! It has been said that taking the focus away from the eyebrow shifts its to other facial features, so those with strong cheekbones or fuller lips and a daring personality should try this one out.

According to most stylists, fiery red-heads have the most difficult time trying to match their eyebrow colour to suit their face shape or hair, but I love a challenge! Lighter red-heads are better suited to warmer copper tones, while darker auburn tones may feel more at home with darker hues more toward medium brown. Warm autumn colours are always welcome in my book!

Colour can vary so much, but always keep those luscious brows in good condition before any toning or styling to ensure they maintain their full and thicker body. You will thank me for it later!

The Taming of the Brow

Have you seen the buzz around eyebrow feathering? Now the extreme versions may just be a passing phase (we can hope!) but actually a feathered brow is representative of the modern woman in the twenty-first century. We may not have time to completely preen and polish our look every morning before work. We may not want to go to the supermarket with razor sharp eyebrows! But we do still groom and we each have our own personal style so why not offer more than one style on the table?!

To feather your eyebrows subtly, you need to have brows to work with in the first place or the look won't work. Daily conditioning is essential to keep those brows lovely and thick and when the Xbrow serum is so easy to use, there is no excuse. Get those tweezers ready to remove minimal hairs for a really natural look, then brush upward and outward and fill in the gaps with your chosen colour and work your way down the brow. You can seal the look with a small amount of gel and you are good to go. It is a perfect day time brow and especially for women on the go, I love this as you can pretty much make small mistakes and it just adds to the natural look. It really doesn't need to be perfect so its definitely one trend to embrace and should stay around to become a staple of any woman's grooming routine.

You Better Shape Up!

So, while I give advice on how to obtain the perfect eyebrow for your face shape, hair colour or the latest in eyebrow fashion, it is massively important to remember that you are an individual and your personal style and preference is completely down to you. Being happy within yourself is more important than fighting to achieve something that won't suit you or may just be the latest fashion trend. We all remember "The Rachel" right? If you were lucky enough to escape this unforgiving era in hair styling, The Rachel belonged to Jennifer Aniston circa 1996 in Friends. Women the world over were making appointments to have their long pony tails chopped into a feathered bob full of heavy layers with deep highlights. But for many the look could simply not be carried off due to structure of their face shape, leaving thousands shamefully tucking their hair back behind their ears until it had grown out ready for the next restyle.

We can all be forgiven for trying out the latest trends when it comes to hair, make-up and clothes, but your eyebrows have a permanent place on show for all to see. Not even a hat will cover those up until the next appointment! So, go wisely on over-styling and plucking, think about the shape of your face before booking an appointment with your local eyebrow technician and above all else, keep those brows healthy and moisturised! Less definitely isn't more in this case, encouraging growth of individual hairs will enable you to create the perfect shape for you in the long run, so have some patience while applying the daily moisturising serum and be ready to have the eyebrows that ooze sophistication and confidence for all to see.

With Great Eyebrows Comes Great Responsibility!

So, you've never tried moisturising serums or growth encouraging conditioners on your eyebrows before? Well that's ok, it is never to late to start a routine. Just like many of us do with facial moisturisers or hair masks, starting to apply it is the easy part, but maintaining it is where you will see results and long-lasting effects so daily upkeep is important.

Your eyebrows, your hair, your skin have all been tousled and teased, exposed to weather, covered up and exfoliated. Its no wonder they all need a little TLC from time to time where the physical impact of daily lives takes their toll. A little drop of the Xbrow conditioner daily will take care of this for you. Guarding against damage and breakage, the key nutrients support growth and cell renewal and results can be seen in as little as a month!

In love with your eyebrows yet?

Eyebrows have fast become my favourite facial feature and now there are more products available to us to help grow or regrow, condition and thicken them, I love my eyebrows more than ever! The options while not endless are vast in how I can style them, colour them, shape them to make me feel more confident leaving the house each day.

My Xbrow conditioner and tweezers are getting their use in that's for sure but it all now forms part of my natural routine each day and my brows look healthier than they have before. Who knew these two furry lines above our eyes could have such an impact on our faces.

And as handy as it would be to have an exact bible containing the eyebrow measurements to match each individual face shape, hair colour and latest trend, as everybody has their own individual style and every face is as wonderfully different as the next, we can only try and test until we find what works for us. Whether you have an oval or a heart shaped face, platinum blonde or raven coloured hair, you should use the examples as a guide and template to start your journey with your eyebrows.

You may just fall in love with your eyebrows too!

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