Eyeliner Do's and Don'ts


Eyeliners are so fun and can totally transform your look from basic to glamorous. Am I right? But as you probably know, eyeliners are notoriously hard to apply and many women are still pondering what they’re doing wrong.


Eyeliner Do's and Don'ts


Eyeliners are so fun and can totally transform your look from basic to glamorous. Am I right? But as you probably know, eyeliners are notoriously hard to apply and many women are still pondering what they’re doing wrong.

In this article, we’re tackling eyeliner do’s and don’ts heads on. You will find out what you haven’t been doing right and what you should do to make your eyeliner look perfect. So it’s time to stop avoid your eyeliner because you’re not sure how to apply it properly and actually learn how to do it.

Eyeliners are the perfect way to accentuate your eyes and make them look bigger so it’s really a shame to ignore them.

So are you ready to become an eyeliner expert?

Let’s start!

Eyeliner Don’ts

We’ll begin with eyeliner don’ts because it’s important to first learn what you shouldn’t do. And then we’ll go through what you should do when it comes to eyeliners.

Don’t Go for Poor Quality Liners

This oftentimes gets overlooked because it’s not related to eyeliner application techniques, but it’s really important. There are some eyeliners that are simply not good enough and make the application process even harder, which is not what anybody wants. So the first step to a great eyeliner look is choosing a quality eyeliner that’s easy to apply.

I recommend that you try Xlash Eyeliner. It is a high-quality, carbon black liquid eyeliner that’s perfect for beginners.

Don’t Pull Your Lid While Applying Eyeliner

All of us know this technique – you tug on your eyelid and then apply the eyeliner. Many people think that this makes the application simpler and smoother, but that’s not really the case.

Once you release the eyelid, you’ll notice that the line doesn’t look that straight anymore. Also, constant pulling on the eyelid can make it droopy and saggy. So it’s better to learn to apply eyeliner the proper way and simply practice to master those perfectly straight lines.

Don’t Line Your Waterline with Black Eyeliner

If you line your waterline with black eyeliner, your eyes will look much smaller and you won’t get that smooth and blended look. Dark brown or nude eyeliners look much better on the waterline and will create the effect of larger eyes.

It’s also not a good idea to use liquid eyeliner on your waterline. Instead, use the liquid liner on your top lid, and a pencil liner on your waterline.

Don’t Use Black Liner for a Soft Daytime Look

You might think that a classic black liner is perfect for all kinds of looks, including casual daytime looks, but you would be wrong. Black eyeliners are often too dramatic and dark for a simple daytime look.

So instead go with a dark brown eyeliner if you want to create a simple daytime look, it looks much more natural.

Don’t Leave Any Space Between Your Lash Line and Liner

This is definitely a common eyeliner mistake. You create the perfect line, but then you notice that there’s a gap between your lash line and the liner.

It looks quite weird. Am I right?

So make sure to fill out those empty spaces with your liner, regardless whether you use liquid or pencil eyeliner. It will create the appearance of full and voluminous lashes, plus your eyes will be more emphasized.

Don’t Make the Line Too Thick

So you start applying your eyeliner, but the line is not perfectly straight. So you go in again to make it better, but then you end up with a really thick line that’s covering half of your eyelid. Not a great look, don’t you agree?

If you’re not that skilled in making a perfect line in one go, start off with a really thin line. That way, you can go back and make it better without ending up with a thick line.

Don’t Outline the Entire Eye

Another common mistake is outlining the entire eye with black eyeliner. It creates that panda look and makes your eyes appear much smaller than they actually are.

So don’t draw a line all around your eyes, but leave some empty spaces in the inner corner of your eye, while emphasizing the outer corners. That creates the illusion of larger eyes and your makeup will look smoother and blended.

Don’t Use the Same Eyeliner Type for Every Look

There are a couple of different eyeliner types and they exist for a reason. You can’t get precise lines or wings by using a pencil eyeliner just like you can’t get that smudged look by using liquid eyeliner.

Each eyeliner type has a different purpose so you should own one of each and know which one to use for a certain look.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Again

Let’s face it, you’re not going to become an eyeliner pro overnight. There will be mistakes as you’re learning and that’s perfectly normal. But instead of being satisfied with average results, don’t be afraid to remove the eyeliner and start again because that’s how you learn.

It takes you a couple of seconds to remove the eyeliner, so why not just start again if you messed it up?

Don’t Share Your Eyeliner

You should never share your makeup with anyone, and that includes eyeliner. Yes, your girlfriend might have a great liner that you want to try, but instead of borrowing it, simply buy it.

You can get numerous eye infections from sharing makeup like pinkeye or herpes so stick to your eyeliner.

Eyeliner Do’s

Now let’s talk about what you should do when it comes to eyeliner. These simple tips will definitely make your life easier so make sure to try them!

Know the Difference Between Eyeliner Types

Not all eyeliners are the same. Each type of eyeliner creates a different effect and they’re applied differently. So you need to know the difference between each one.

Here are the three liner types you should know.

Pencil Eyeliner

This is a classic eyeliner that is still very much used. It is quite simple to apply, even more beginners and it’s perfect for creating that smoky eye look. However, if you want to create a winged look or thin lines, pencil eyeliner should not be your choice.

Gel Liner

Gel eyeliner has been quite popular as well. It’s more precise than pencil eyeliner and can create a very dramatic look.

Liquid Eyeliner

This is the type of eyeliner that everybody fears because it’s not so easy to apply. But don’t get discouraged because everybody can learn it. Liquid eyeliner is perfect for creating winged looks and precise lines. I recommend Xlash Eyeliner – it’s a quality liquid eyeliner with a felt tip that’s really affordable.

So make sure the pick the right eyeliner type for the look that you’re going for.

Choose a High-Quality Liner

You might think that all liners are the same and it doesn’t matter which brand you choose but that’s not really the case. For example, there are many liquid liners that smudge easily or they’re not as precise as they should be. And that makes a real difference.

If you use a low-quality liner, it simply won’t look good no matter how skilled you are at applying it. Not to mention low-quality ingredients can cause irritation or infection to your eyes.

So if you want a quality eyeliner that’s precise, versatile, and easy to use, I recommend Xlash Eyeliner.

Sharpen Your Pencil Eyeliner

This should go without saying, but you should always sharpen your pencil eyeliner before you use. You can’t expect it to be precise if the pencil tip is blunt.

So don’t make things harder for yourself and always keep your pencil eyeliner sharp.

Curl Your Lashes Before You Apply Liner

Remember to always curl your lashes before you apply the eyeliner. If you do it the opposite way, there’s a big chance that the curler will mess up all the hard work you have done with the eyeliner, even if it’s dry.

Start with a Thin Line

If you start thick and then the line is not straight, you can’t go back and improve it. So if you’re not that skilled at applying liquid eyeliner, I suggest that you always start off with a very thin line.

It will make things a hundred times easier!

Connect the Dots

If you have trouble apply a straight line in one motion and making it symmetrical on both eyes, here’s what you do. First, draw small dots where the eyeliner should go (this is particularly helpful when creating wings with a liquid eyeliner) and simply connect the dots.

This helps you create much straighter lines, even if you’re a beginner.

Use Nude Eyeliner on Your Waterline

Black eyeliner on your waterline does not look good and it makes your eyes appear smaller and look a bit boxy. If you want to create the opposite effect and make your eyes look bigger and more open, use a nude eyeliner on your waterline and couple it with a dark brown liner on your lower eyelid.

Try Using Tape for a Winged Liner Look

Let’s face it, a winged liner look is the hardest one to do. It requires a lot of skill and precision in order to make the wings perfect and symmetrical. But it is such a great look that it’s definitely worth practicing.

However, if you simply can’t make it look good no matter how hard you try, you can cheat a little bit by using tape that is made specifically for eyeliner. You simply apply the tape at an angle where the wings should go and follow it with your liquid eyeliner. That way you can create perfectly straight wings that will be the same on both eyes.

Let the Liquid Liner Dry

Although this might sound obvious, it’s worth mentioning that you should always wait while your liquid liner dries completely. That means you shouldn’t bat your lashes or look up while it’s still wet. Otherwise, it will probably smudge and all of your hard work will be ruined.

It’s best to keep your eyes closed or look down while you wait for the liquid liner to dry.

Practice Applying Eyeliner

Nobody is born knowing how to apply eyeliner perfectly. It is something that requires a lot of trial and error. So don’t be afraid to experiment and practice applying eyeliner regularly.

The worst thing you can do is start applying eyeliner 5 minutes before you need to head out. You will feel rushed and there will be no time to correct any mistakes. So whenever you have some free time, simply practice applying eyeliner and experiment with different styles. If you do it enough times, you will soon become a real eyeliner master.

So instead of just reading articles on how to apply eyeliner, start actually doing it. Practice makes perfect!


It’s no secret that eyeliner can be hard to apply perfectly. What also doesn’t help is that there are so many common eyeliner mistakes that people do all the time. And that makes the whole thing even worse.

So hopefully, now you know what you have been doing wrong when it comes to eyeliner and what to do instead. If you follow these simple tricks and practice putting on eyeliner, you will become skilled in no time!

And of course, all of these tips will not be as helpful if you don’t own a quality eyeliner. I suggest you try Xlash Eyeliner because it’s great for both beginners and advanced users.

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