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They frame our eyes, they can finish off any look and they can add drama to any face, but did you know that eyelashes are not just accessories that we can flutter to get our way? Eyelashes are massively important and have a big job to do before they can even be considered a fantastic feature.

Eyelashes come in all shades, shapes and sizes and although we can change them, add to them, colour them, we should first consider the health benefits, how to look after them and how to get the best out of them. If you have ever wondered what makes eyelashes grow and how to make them grow longer, then read on and discover a whole new world to those lovely lashes that you didn’t know existed.

The Secret Behind Eyelashes

Our lashes are very sensitive little objects and they don’t just sit and look pretty, their purpose is to protect our eyes from any dust and debris that gets nearby and their own sensitivity is the ultimate warning to our eyes that something is approaching which is why we end up blinking. Very clever, hey?

They are also seen as a sign of beauty in many cultures and have been for centuries, with women as far back as Ancient Egypt wearing the earliest forms of mascara to enhance them and thus their beauty and stature of wealth within communities. In modern culture with such advancements in cosmetics, mascara, false lashes and extensions are the most common forms of enhancement, with extensions quickly taking the lead in the convenience stakes.

The Eyelash Growth Cycle

Something interesting about eyelashes is their growth cycle and how it works to make sure that you always have hundreds of eyelashes surrounding your eyes at any one point. The top row tends to have around 200 lashes while the bottom has approximately 100 and they vary in length, colour and shape.

Eyelashes go through a four to five month life span of three stages before they fall out, making way for brand new lashes in their place. The first stage is the anagen phase or the growth phase which is where the active life of the eyelash starts. The follicle begins to strengthen, and the lash begins to grow to start forming those beauties above your eyes. About 40% of your upper lashes are in the anagen phase at once which is a good thing as it means you always have eyelashes growing and resting at different periods and never have to go without and this stage lasts between 30 and 45 days so you are never too far away from a full set of lashes.

The next phase is the catagen phase which is also known as the transition phase. This one lasts around two to three weeks and is where the follicle starts to shrink. Each eyelash will have reached the end of its growth spurt and at this point they will be as strong as they can get. Sometimes eyelashes can fall out during this phase, especially due to unwanted pressure such as rubbing or excess stress like extensions or heavy makeup, and if they do this phase of the cycle has to complete before the next phase can start. This means that there can be longer gaps between individual eyelashes growing back if they are prone to falling out early.

The final phase of the growth cycles is the telogen phase also called the resting phase. This is where the follicle has finished shrinking and has weakened which means the eyelash in it is just resting until it is time to fall out. The good news is this phase can typically last around 100 days and it takes maybe four to six weeks for a new one to grow back into the new follicle. So, if you lose on average 5 lashes a day, you are never without too many for too long!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Eyelashes

Now seeing as our eyelashes seem to never rest, as much as the catagen and telogen phase tells us, we don’t really see the how fast they can actually grow and change over time. They can appear to always look like the same lashes we always had, and it can be hard to believe that the cycle is ever-changing as much as it is. But they are definitely always moving about, maybe not all of them at once but there is a lot happening there that gives us our full set of lashes and keeps them that way.

We have all probably had periods of time where our eyelashes are looking less than full and lack-lustre and this could simply be because more of our lashes have shed at one time than usual. This tends to happen either in spring or autumn where our bodies are preparing for the heat of summer or getting ready for new hairs and lashes in time for winter. But this isn’t always the case, and there may be other causes of our eyelashes not reaching their full potential and once you know the triggers it can be easier to manage and help your eyelashes grow stronger, longer and look healthier in the process.

Diet and Hydration

As with the rest of our bodies, what we put into our system can either negatively or positively affect our eyelashes. This means food, drink, vitamins and minerals and they all account for a lot of what goes right and wrong from time to time. You may have had unsettling bouts of dry skin, hair loss or even just noticed the sparkle has disappeared from where it was a few weeks ago. This can simply be due to lack of hydration, which is key to hair growth and healthy skin, so for your eyelashes this can mean shorter and sparser lashes for longer.

The truth is, if you want eyelashes that shine and last longer you are going to have to embrace some new habits and get rid of the old ones and if drinking enough water each day was never on the list of your priorities in the past then it definitely should be now so you can see results. The thing with drinking water is everybody expects to see those results instantly like it’s a quick fix, but actually it will just become one of those things where once day you just notice things are better. You may realise that your eyelashes are falling out less and that you don’t always need mascara anymore, but either way it’s a good thing in our book and if it helps eyelashes grow and stay strong then get with the new habit.

As far as diet is concerned, our body always needs nutrients to keep us strong so certain foods can be detrimental to our health or can rid our systems of the hydration we need. Salty foods for example, can dry out the hair and skin and eyelashes if we aren’t careful so it is best to have a balanced diet so that we get all the nutrients we need to feel and look healthy.

Diet alone cannot solely be responsible for the health of our eyelashes, but it certainly does help! There are a few foods that are rich in the vitamins we need to maintain healthy eyelashes and to promote growth and strength, so it is always worth doing your homework if you want lustrous liking lashes.

Salmon is one of the most highly recommended foods as far as nutrients go. Rich in essential omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is great for brain function, bone strength and because it is packed with vitamin D and B vitamins, it is also a great enhancer of hair growth. Eyelashes love a serving of salmon so think about getting this into your diet for all round good health and a set of lashes that won’t leave you upstream!

Eggs have always been high up the list in healthy foods and contain so much protein that they really pack a punch and let our bodies use the stored energy to full effect. They are packed with biotin which is great for promoting growth and strength and egg white mixtures are also known to be used as a homemade treatment for eyelashes when applied directly as they soak up all the goodness and can leave them looking really shiny.

Nuts such as almonds, pecans and walnuts are not only great for your own diet and personal health but also eyelash health as they contain the good fatty acids that are good for hair. Omega 3 and vitamin E are also the business when it comes to blood flow and strengthening the follicles so keep your lashes in place for longer and encourage growth quicker.

Anything that contains Vitamin A or Vitamin C is perfect for hair growth, cell and collagen production so this is where fruits such as berries and green vegetables come in handy as they are rich in these vitamins. Blueberries have high antioxidant properties too to ward off infections and keep the body healthy so getting a handful of these into your daily diet will reap benefits that go beyond eyelashes but overall, if you want them to grow long and strong, these are the miracle workers you never knew you needed.

Natural Remedies for Eyelash Growth

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with long eyelashes to start with and sometimes illness or chronic conditions can have a less than positive effect on how fast they fall out and grow again. For the many, the only way to get those long luscious lashes that are so desirable is to rush to the salon for eyelash extensions or to pile on the mascara like it will never run out. But there are other ways to get the lashes you want and deserve without going to the extremes first and it is always worth considering before rushing into anything you may not be fully on board with yet.

There are plenty of natural remedies that people swear by to help skin look clearer and smoother, so it shouldn’t be a shock to find out that there are tricks that you can do for your eyelashes too. Tricks that can make them look healthier and shinier, make them stronger and above all enhance their growth and make them longer without the need for the entire back catalogue of your favourite mascara to try and fake it.

Castor oil is an all-round beauty secret and is used by people all over the world to treat various problematic areas such as sunburn or dry skin. So, for eyelashes it helps keep them smooth and clear all while promoting growth. With a cotton bud, apply a couple of drops of castor oil to the eyelashes at night before going to bed and leave it to go to work without the daily pressures of grime and dirt or makeup. It is said to enhance eyelash growth and within a few weeks you may start to notice a positive change in your lashes.

Petroleum jelly is out for discussion as to whether it help the growth of eyelashes, but what it definitely does is makes them smooth and soft and less brittle which in turn means they are healthier which in cycle would encourage healthy growth. It also acts as a protective barrier against dust and dirt particles and that alone can stop any cause for infection or need for rubbing. Healthier eyelashes are always the path to longer and stronger eyelashes, so it is definitely one to consider.

The gel from an Aloe Vera plant is packed with nutrients and antioxidants too which is real food for your eyelashes, so a good tip is to break off an Aloe Vera leaf and use a cotton tip to apply the gel to your eyelashes a couple of times a week. The gel stimulates growth and its healthy properties are the protection your lashes need to keep them strong, this way they will grow stronger and you will notice the benefits quite quickly.

Eyelash Serums for Eyelash Growth

When thinking about what makes eyelashes grow, we can either sit and hope for a miracle to happen, fight our way through the food cupboard in hope for something that acts as a homemade remedy or we can do something about it that has proven results and we know we can count on.

Eyelashes have a genetic makeup and the shape and size cannot be altered too much on a permanent basis but with the stress we put on our lashes on the regular, how can anyone expect their lashes to be at their full potential without trying. This is why serums work so well as it brings out the potential in our lashes and we can get the strength and the length that we have always lusted after.

The benefit of eyelash serums is that they are devised and formulated to target the areas that cause problems in eyelashes specifically so you can feel confident in knowing you are trying something that has your eyelashes in mind. By targeting the follicle, a serum’s main aim is to promote growth in a healthy way and keep you with a fuller looking set of lashes the whole time.

Xlash Eyelash Serum packs a mighty punch in just a small drop so it does everything from keeping the follicles clear and healthy, extend growth periods and enhance the colour and thickness of each individual lash. This particular serum comes with its own small brush and in a nifty little tube that you can take anywhere with you. It is best applied at night once makeup has been removed so your eyelashes are essentially a blank slate for the serum to work with. Each application does something within the follicle to stimulate blood flow and ward off any signs of infection keeping the skin and eyes brighter.

A serum designed purely for eyelashes may just be the miracle cure you have been looking for if you have a little patience. The health of your eyelashes will start to show almost immediately, but the growth will take a few weeks as it has to work with the cycle to get your eyelashes to their best self. Then one day, as long as you keep up with applications regularly you may just notice that you don’t need to reach straight for the mascara as your lashes suddenly have a bit more to them that you want to show off naturally. An eyelash serum for eyelash growth may just be what you needed to begin with, so it is worth a shot if you are in need of that little bit extra.

Makeup and Eye Makeup Removal

Ok, so makeup and makeup removal aren’t exactly growth stimulators, but it is important to know just what it is doing to your eyelashes so you can use it properly to prevent breakage and brittle eyelashes.

When you think about making your eyelashes look longer instantly, you go straight for the eyelash curler and mascara to enhance your looks and get the most out of them for the day. But the amount of stress you put on your lashes could be the reason they aren’t growing back as fast or as strong as they did before.

Waterproof mascara is a godsend especially when it comes to weddings as it stops you from looking like a weeping mess at the back of the event and instead can transform your tears into glistening tears of joy with a perfect face of makeup still intact! It can also be just what you need for rainy winter days as your lashes will stay looking as they did when you freshly applied your face that day. But waterproof mascara is notoriously hard to remove and provides little elasticity for your eyelashes so once its on, its most definitely on and the attempts to remove it alone can cause you to lose a few more than you would rather.

Eyelash curlers were designed with longer, curvier eyelashes in mind so they shouldn’t really be a compromise in using them. You should be able to use an eyelash curler with the confidence that your lashes will look their ultimate best once you have applied a lick of mascara afterward, not that they will cause your eyelashes to break off or become weak. But the truth is, continuous use could just do that, and an old set of curlers may not work the way they used to. If this is the case with yours, get rid and invest in a new pair that match the shape of your lashes to keep them long and strong when you use them.

Cleansing can be another inhibitor of growth, not so much that it stops them growing but your lashes may fall out sooner than you would like with vigorous rubbing and if this means that individual lashes fall out before they have entered the telogen phase than you have to wait for the follicle underneath it to finish its growth cycle before it will produce a new lash. This will result in sparser lashes and a set that look less full until the missing ones start to grow back.

So be sure to use a cleanser that is kind on your eyes and your eyelashes as well as making sure you remove your makeup each night. This is so important for eyelash growth as the build up of makeup and mascara can stunt growth, collect dirt and dust particles and lead to less than luscious looking lashes in the long run.

The main aim when considering eyelash grown is to act preventatively and not reactively. If you can do the diet thing, keep some natural remedies to hand, get to grips with an eyelash serum and embrace its healthy properties then you are already half-way to longer and stronger eyelashes. Then you just need to be careful to treat your lashes as delicately as they are when you apply makeup and then remove it again, your eyelashes will start paying you back by looking shiny and strong.


Best UK Celebrity Eyebrows – How to Shape Your Brows?


Eyebrows are still very much having their moment. So there’s no doubt that the fascination with brows definitely didn’t end.

When it comes to eyebrow trends, there’s one thing for sure – the days of pencil thin eyebrows are definitely long gone. Over the last couple of years, the trend of bold and bushy brows emerged. And it seems like it’s here to stay.

So if you want to get some inspiration for your brows and learn how to shape them perfectly, take a look at our list of best UK celebrity eyebrows. These celebrities are interpreting current brow trends in their own way and there’s definitely a lot you can learn from these fierce ladies.

Cara Delevingne

There’s no way we could talk about best UK celebrity eyebrows without mentioning Cara Delevingne. She’s basically the one who started the bushy brow trend. What were once considered to be unattractive brows have now become the beauty standard.

What’s great about Cara is that she stayed true to her bushy brows and accentuated them even more. Soon, everybody was crazy about her bold eyebrows and wanted bushy brows just like hers. This is a great example of how you can turn your natural characteristics into something fashionable and cool.

But what if you want eyebrows that look just like Cara’s, but your natural brows are not as thick and bushy?

Don’t despair, there’s actually a way you can get those bold brows without having to tattoo your eyebrows. Serums that boost the growth of your brows are the perfect solution! It is one of the most sought out for brow products on the market today, and for a very good reason.

Eyebrow serums like Xbrow can literally transform your brows and make them bushier and bolder, just like Cara’s. You simply need to apply Xbrow Eyebrow Serum for a few weeks regularly and you’ll finally have those thick brows you have been dreaming about.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora is famous for light hair dark eyebrow look that’s very unique. Most women think their hair color needs to closely match their eyebrow shade, but’s not really the case. Darker brows can actually look great in combination with blonde hair and Rita is a great example of that.

Having your eyebrows much darker than your hair really accentuates them which means you don’t have to use a lot of products to make your brows stand out more.

Dua Lipa

Just like Cara, Dua Lipa is famous for her dark bushy eyebrows that you simply cannot ignore. But if you’re not blessed with naturally thick brows, there are some trick you can use to get there.

Apart from using Xbrow Eyebrow Serum to stimulate hair growth, you can also use different makeup tricks. A volume-boosting eyebrow gel might do the trick because it keeps your brows in place, while adding some extra volume and thickness.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins is another big proponent of bold bushy brows. Although she admits she did overpluck them while she was younger in other to make them thinner, Lilly now embraces her bold brows and grooms them all by herself.

This tells you that you don’t have to be a beauty expert to make your eyebrows perfect. You simply need to figure out what works best for you and how to emphasize the natural beauty of your brows.

Lily James

Lily James is another famous celebrity who admits she plucked her eyebrows so that they were pencil thin. But later in life, she decided to grow them out and it completely transformed her face.

So if you’re worried that your eyebrows are too bushy, take Lilly’s example and embrace them. Natural beauty always works best so grow out your thick brows and wear them with pride!

Kate Beckinsale

If the exaggerated bushy eyebrows are just now for you, why not take inspiration from Kate Beckinsale? Her eyebrows are not too thick but are still naturally beautiful. In this case, less is more.

To achieve Kate’s brow look, simply use a pencil to accentuate the natural shape of your eyebrows. You can also use an eyebrow gel to hold your eyebrows in place throughout the day.

Emma Watson

We all know Emma Watson for her bold and beautiful brows, but did you know she used to hate them?

That’s right, like many ladies on our list, she actually plucked her eyebrows since the age of 9 to make them thinner. But finally, she took her mother’s advice and grew them out. Now she thinks her eyebrows give her character, which I definitely agree with, and embraces her natural look.


Adele has gone through a major eyebrow transformation during her career. She started out with very thin, almost nonexistent eyebrows, but now she’s sporting a more natural, thicker look. So Adele is the perfect example of how you can go from thin to thick eyebrows.

The fastest way to grow out your eyebrows and make them bolder is by using Xbrow Eyebrow Serum. In just one month, your eyebrows will be completely transformed, just like Adele’s.

Paloma Faith

When it comes to Paloma Faith, I have major brow envy. Paloma’s dark and bushy eyebrows always steal the show. Her eyebrows are definitely giving Cara Delevingne a run for her money.

So how do you get Paloma’s eyebrows?

First of all, start using Xbrow Eyebrow Serum ASAP and start growing out your eyebrows. That means no plucking for a few weeks. After about one month, when your eyebrows become thicker, you can pluck them slightly to create a nice, natural-looking shape. Then, if you want to emphasize your eyebrows even more, you can use a brow pencil to fill in your brows.


Hopefully, these UK celebrities have inspired some great brow looks for you. And another great lesson you can take from these amazing ladies is to embrace your naturally bushy brows because it gives you character, and plus, bold brows are a trend that’s here to stay!


How to Boost Your Eyebrows to Grow Faster?


Are your eyebrows very thin and sparse? Do you notice that they’re uneven and grow really slowly? That can be a real problem, especially since thick and bushy eyebrows are on trend right now.

So what can you do to get those bold brows?

There are actually many different techniques and tips for getting fuller eyebrows. So even if your eyebrows are very thin and grow slowly, don’t despair. In this article, you’re going to find out the best tips on how to boost your eyebrows to grow.

Stop Over-Plucking Your Eyebrows

The first thing you need to stop doing is over-plucking your eyebrows. That includes both tweezing and waxing. If you remove your eyebrow hair too often, you risk damaging your hair follicles. That results in your eyebrows growing really slowly and there even might be some patches of hair where the hairs stop growing altogether. And nobody wants sparse and unsymmetrical brows.

So if you want to grow out your eyebrows, I suggest that you stay away from plucking and waxing for a few weeks.

Keep Your Brows Hydrated

Another important thing for boosting your eyebrows to grow faster is to keep them hydrated at all times. The easiest way to do this is to use petroleum jelly or coconut oil. Simply apply it on your eyebrows a couple of times a day.

This will prevent your brows getting flaky and will nourish hair follicles which stimulates growth.

Don’t Use Makeup Excessively

Another thing that can slow down the growth of your eyebrows and damage the hair follicles is makeup. Yes, there are tons of amazing makeup products for eyebrows, but if your main goal is to boost them to grow, then you should use makeup excessively.

Even though eyebrow pencils and similar products are great for filling in your brows and accentuating them, they could interfere with the growth of your eyebrows so use it only when going out.

Avoid Using Harsh Creams or Lotions

If you want to boost your eyebrows to grow, you should start using mild and natural creams and lotions for your face. Lotions that contain a lot of harsh chemicals are not good for your eyebrows and your face in general. So it’s best to stick to natural products that won’t cause any irritation.

Eyebrow Growth Serums

If your eyebrows are still very thin and simply not growing as they should, then you need to try growth serums. Eyebrow serums are the new brow product everyone is crazy about.


Eyebrow Serums boost the growth of your eyebrows in a completely natural way, with no negative consequences.

If you’re wondering which brow serum to use, I personally recommend Xbrow Eyebrow Serum. It is dermatologically tested and proven to work. When you apply Xbrow regularly for a few weeks, you notice your eyebrows becoming fuller and fuller. Xbrow can also take care of unsymmetrical and sparse eyebrows. All of that is done in a natural and safe way, which can’t be said for other products.

So if you want to boost your eyebrows to grow, then you definitely have to try Xbrow Eyebrow Serum. Although some claim that rubbing castor or olive oil stimulates hair growth as well, there’s isn’t enough scientific evidence that supports that and it usually doesn’t work. That’s why using eyebrow serums like Xbrow is a much better option since you’re guaranteed great results.

Massage Your Eyebrows

Another thing you can do to boost hair growth is massaging your eyebrows. This will stimulate the hair follicles, improve circulation in the area and make your brows grow faster. Simply rub your eyebrows gently with your fingertips for a couple of seconds each day. However, don’t be too rough because you might cause the eyebrow hair to break or fall out.

Exfoliate Your Eyebrows

In order for your eyebrows to grow faster and keep the hair follicles healthy, you need to exfoliate regularly. So definitely purchase an eyebrow scrub or make one yourself using a natural oil like coconut oil or olive oil and add sugar.

Apply the scrub on your eyebrows and massage gently. This will remove all of the dead skin cells, stimulate hair follicles, and improve circulation in the area. When you’re done, simply wash off the scrub. It’s also a great idea to apply Xbrow Eyebrow Serum after you have exfoliated the brow area.

Brush Your Eyebrows Regularly

Apart from massaging and exfoliating your brows, brushing them is also a great way to boost their growth. Use a spoolie to comb your brows gently but thoroughly. This stimulates blood capillaries in the brow area which results in better circulation and that’s very important for hair growth.

Eat Healthy Foods That Are Rich in Biotin

Did you know that your diet also has an influence on brow hair growth?

That’s right, the type of food you eat has a very big effect on how fast your eyebrow hair grows. So stick to a very heathy diet and include foods that are rich in biotin.

Why biotin?

Well, biotin is a vitamin that boosts hair growth. It can be found if foods like eggs, avocados, peanuts, and salmon.


As you have learned, there are many different ways to boost the growth of your eyebrows. You need to keep them hydrated at all times, massage and exfoliate your brows, as well as maintain a healthy diet.

But one of the best and quickest ways to stimulate the growth of your brows is to use Xbrow Eyebrow Serum. If you apply it regularly, you will notice a big transformation in your eyebrows in less than one month.


10 Beginners Tips That’ll Make Your Eyebrows On Fleek


During the last couple of years, having your eyebrows perfectly groomed has become a real beauty craze. While full and bushy brows are definitely trendy at the moment, they should still be shaped and accentuated. When your eyebrows are on fleek, it makes a huge difference on your face overall and definitely makes you more beautiful.

But if you’re a beginner at grooming your eyebrows, you might wonder how to do it properly. There are so many tutorials out there and different eyebrow products that you can use, which can be quite confusing for beginners.

That’s why we have decided to put together 10 beginners tip that will make your eyebrows perfect. If you follow these simple steps, your brows will be on fleek all the time.

1. Let Your Brows Grow Out

Since bushy and thick eyebrows are still very much on trend, before you do anything to your brows, you need to grow them out. So before you start tweezing and reaching for your eyebrow pencil, do absolutely nothing to your brows for a couple of weeks.

You simply can’t get that perfect eyebrow shape if you don’t let your brows grow out as much as possible. However, if you want to speed this process up, there’s a cool trick you can use – eyebrow serums. If you want to learn more about eyebrow serums, take a look at tip number 2.

2. Use an Eyebrow Serum

We know that bold and bushy brows are trendy at the moment. But what to do if your eyebrows are naturally very thin or sparse?

Don’t worry, there’s a perfect solution – eyebrow serums. If you apply an eyebrow serum like Xbrow Eyebrow Serum, you will notice your brows becoming thicker, bushier, and bolder. Xbrow Eyebrow Serum can also take care of uneven brows and make them more symmetrical.

An eyebrow serum like Xbrow is also perfect for speeding up the process of growing out your eyebrows, which is also a plus.

You simply need to apply Xbrow once a day for a few weeks and your eyebrows will become thicker, bushier, and more even.

3. Establish the Right Eyebrow Shape

Now that you have let your eyebrows grow out and used Xbrow Eyebrow Serum to make them bushier, you need to establish the right eyebrow shape. You got a lot to work from now and you need to figure out what’s the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.

So here’s the easiest way to do it. Imagine drawing a straight line from the outer edge of your nostril up. This is where your eyebrows should begin. If you imagine a diagonal line from the outer edge of your nostril, this is where your brow should end. Now, if you imagine a line starting from your nostril and going through the center of your eye up to your brows, this is where your arch should be.

It’s best that you map all of these points using a pencil and then you can move on to tweezing and trimming your brows to get that perfect eyebrow shape.

4. Tweeze Your Brows

Now that you know the perfect eyebrow shape for your face, it’s time to tweeze. Make sure you use quality tweezers like Xbrow Tweezers. They have a very good grip and are precise enough to get even the smallest hairs.

So simply tweeze the excess hairs to get a nice shape, but don’t overdo it. You can always go back and tweeze some more.

5. Trim Your Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are very bushy and thick, which they probably will be if you used Xbrow Eyebrow Serum, you might also want to trim your brows slightly.

Use a spoolie to brush your brows upwards and trim any hairs that stick out. Again, be careful because you don’t want to go back to very thin brows.

6. Fill in Your Eyebrows Using a Pencil

If you still notice some sparse areas or simply want to accentuate your brows, you should use a pencil to fill them in.

Find an eyebrow pencil that’s one tone darker than the shade of your brows start filling them in. Use the pencil to define the shape of your eyebrows and add some hairs where needed.

7. Keep It Natural

You should be very careful when using eyebrow pencils or other products to fill in your brows and accentuate them. Many beginners go all out with the pencil and end up with overemphasized brows that look very unnatural.

So remember, when it comes to filling in your eyebrows – less is more.

8. Use Concealer

Another great tip for making your eyebrows on fleek is to use concealer below and above your eyebrows. It allows you to correct any mistakes you might have made and make the whole look a lot cleaner. You’ll be surprised how much difference it actually makes.

9. Use a Highlighter Pencil Below Your Brows

If you want to go a step further in making your brows on fleek, use a highlighter pencil. If you apply a highlighter pencil below your brows, especially below your arches, you will accentuate them even more.

10. Use Brow Wax to Keep Your Eyebrows in Place

Now that your eyebrows are on fleek, you want to keep them that way through the day, right?

The best way to do that is to apply brow wax after you’re done grooming your eyebrows. It will hold everything in place and your eyebrows will be perfect at all times.


As you have learned, there are many great tips you can try to make your eyebrows perfect. All of these tips are beginner friendly and you don’t have to be a beauty expert to get amazing results.

So definitely try these tips and get those eyebrows on fleek!


Breathe new life into your eyes


They say our eyes are the windows to the soul. If that is true then our eyes will be able to tell a person everything about us. The question is, do we want to bare our souls so easily? We can actually have the best of both worlds as we can choose who sees what we want them to see, when we want them to see it. All it takes is some clever make-up and a bit of imagination and we can either hide or reveal our true selves to the world.

Your preference when it comes to makeup may be the natural look, or the perfectly polished look. Either way, you have a beautiful set of eyes ready for experimenting with so you can decide…

Who is the Real You?

If you were lucky (and wise) enough to have not messed around with tweezers, unhealthy free mascaras that you got from a magazine or dyes and tints when you were younger, you will have the perfect blank canvas for starting a new look if you wished. You may prefer to shy away from the dramatic and opt for a quieter and more discrete look or really go to town on those eyes so that their story is told the second they walk into a room. Either way, eyes can become tired and they don’t hide it well, so bringing back their sparkle can light up a room without giving everything away at first glance.

When we think about our eyes and how to make them shine, it begins gradually, unfortunately makeup alone is not always the quick fix we want it to be. Sure, if you had a bit of a heavy night the day before, or if you have been up all night working, a heavy douse of dark eyeshadow and thick liner might be what you need to get through the day, but you need to start skin deep to really get those eyes to perk up and bring back the sparkle.

Breathing new life into your eyes doesn’t just stop at your eye, it goes as far as your eyelashes, your makeup, your eyebrows and even the skin around the eyes. You can have the brightest of blue eyes, but what is going on around them will tell the true story, so let’s see how we can bring them back to life and take off years of those tell-tale sleepless nights in the process.

Skin Deep

The skin around our eyes is very delicate as the layers are very thin. It is a tell-tale sign of ageing as it is quick to lose its elasticity if not looked after and can darken with lack of sleep.

So, step number one: Get some rest! There are plenty of scientific studies that show 8 hours sleep per night is what we all need for our bodies to fully rest and recuperate and this includes our eyes as our circulation of fluids slows down which leaves us with puffy eyes in the morning when we haven’t had enough time to break them down while resting. Of course, 8 hours sleep is a luxury we can’t all afford with busy lifestyles so there are other things we can do to help the process of reducing puffiness and redness in the mornings.

Step two: Avoid foods and drinks that encourage the retention of fluids such as alcohol or caffeine, fried or salty foods. The skin around our eyes is thinner than anywhere else on the body so it is important to keep hydrated to maintain the springy texture and keep it from drying out which can cause wrinkles. Certain foods and drinks will do this, and some cannot be avoided in every day life which brings me on to…

Step three: If you cannot avoid these types of food and drink in your lifestyle, then try to counteract it with hydrating fluids which can be found in things like cucumber. We have all seen the image in a magazine of someone in a spa in a relaxed pose with cucumber slices over their eyes. It isn’t just there for show and tell, cucumber really does help to reduce swelling and puffiness in the eyes. Cucumber is known for its cooling and antioxidant properties. They are mostly made up of water so this helps with the hydration. The antioxidants help to fight off every day toxins that may make your eyes puffy and can reduce the swelling. Cucumber is also rich in Vitamin C which helps massively with cell regrowth and renewal so there is literally nothing to lose by placing a few of these slices over your eyes. Also, who doesn’t love the refreshing and natural smell of cucumber! It’s the best way to either kick start your day or even relax before bedtime.

Step Four: Get yourself a great serum or moisturiser, then make sure to keep up with regular applications to keep the skin around your eyes looking healthy, smooth and young! The skin as we already know is thin and delicate so it doesn’t require heavy moisturisers that sit on the skin or produce too much oil. And if you’re planning a day out in the sun, don’t forget this ever so tender skin when applying lotion, it is not an idea place for sunburn! Whatever you choose, remember to use a light cleanser when washing the day off, you don’t want anything that completely removes all oil and promotes dryness and you definitely don’t want anything that is going to sting or irritate. So stick to something water-based and remember your good old friend the cucumber to relax those eyes for the night!

Lively Lashes

When you think of bright eyes and how to make them stand out, your first thought may be to go straight to mascara! Afterall, it does temporarily add volume, colour and length to our lashes so really make them sparkle. But mascara isn’t your only option! There are things you can do to bring out the best in your eyelashes and make sure your eyes sparkle for days, weeks and even months to come.

• Identify the problem or what you want to improve about your eyelashes. Are they shorter than you would like or maybe very thin? Do they fade into the background or perhaps break away or fall out easily? Maybe they are just looking sparse lately and need a bit of encouragement to grow back. Sometimes it isn’t even about the problem at all but working with what you have, for example having longer but straighter lashes or really curved eyelashes but not in the direction you want them to curve. Whatever your wishes, once you have gotten to the root of the problem, you will be able to find a solution that will help you get the eyelashes you’ve waited for.

• Watch your dietary choices and vitamin intake. In order to maintain healthy hair growth your diet and lifestyle factor in hugely. This includes your eyelashes and eyebrows too! Vitamin B-3 is known for its stimulation in hair growth, and it promotes the production of keratin which keeps individual hairs and lashes strong and prevents them from drying out and becoming brittle. Vitamin B-3 can be found in foods like peanuts, mushrooms and sunflower seeds along with seafood like salmon. Vitamin C is what keeps your immune system strong, which is why you may hear people tell you to eat oranges when you start feeling those first signs of a nasty cold coming on. It does the same for your hair and follicles, so eyelashes feel the benefits when follicles are stronger, less prone to any infections and free to grow fuller that before.

• Wishing for longer and thicker lashes. As mentioned earlier, we aren’t all blessed with long, smooth super-model style eyelashes and sometimes we have to work to get what we want in this area. But if you are looking to brighten up those eyes, then looking to lengthen and thicken eyelashes can be the best way to do it while keeping the look completely natural but making your eyes stand out to people straight away! With a good serum for eyelash growth, you can have longer and thicker lashes and even get more than you bargained for. Xlash Eyelash Serum does all of the above with use of natural ingredients and even helps your eyelashes look darker with every application. It is great to use a serum that harnesses natural ingredients as they specifically target lashes, lash follicles and the skin surrounding them. Cooling effects of a serum also feel great and you can have envious lashes within 1-2 months. So if you have a big event coming up this year, get your hands on an eyelash growth serum and get ready to have fantastic looking eyelashes all in time for your big day.

• Go for home made remedies. Sometimes you hear so much about how certain ingredients have hair growth and hair strengthening properties that you don’t know what is true, what is proven to work and what is just an old wives’ tale. The problem isn’t really worrying about whether it’s working straight away but whether the specific ingredient is suitable for you and the way you want to use it. Take honey for example, it contains the perfect mix of vitamins and antioxidants and can be bought organically, but the last thing you want to do is slather honey across your eyelashes to see if it encourages eyelash growth! Coconut oil is packed with Vitamin E which is what makes hair and lashes smooth and silky and feeling nourished. This is a good home remedy as it is easily applied at night with a cotton bud and the oils can get to work while you get some well deserved shut-eye. Castor oil can be applied in the same way and it is great for providing the fatty acids that your hair needs to feed on to become strong. After a couple of months of following this routine, you should be sure to see a difference in those lashes!

• Make an appointment for eyelash extensions. When we can have this luxury with a simple appointment with a trained technician then it surely must be worth it? Eyelash extensions are the big fix to all of most of our worries from short lashes or lashes that just fade into the background. The great thing about getting eyelash extensions is that they last longer and are safer to use than fake eyelashes and also that you obviously se quicker results than with an eyelash growth serum. But if it is the instant sparkle you are after, than extensions may just be for you. The good news is that you can carry on applying Xlash Eyelash Serum with extensions as it is safe to use, will not disrupt the holding glues and will still help your eyelashes to grow strong underneath. Eventually when it is time for your next lash appointment, you want to be able to see that your natural lashes are doing their thing too. Who knows, maybe you won’t need that next appointment at all!

So, your eyelashes are very versatile and they can really give your eyes that extra feeling of confidence if you get your lashes just how you want them. There are plenty of other options such as an eyelash lift, but this is mainly to give shape to your eyelashes on a more permanent basis than say just using your eyelash curler. I never thought I would see the return of the perm, but here we are, a perm for your eyelashes! The top tip is just to never neglect them when you want your eyes to shine brightly, they are key to giving you the added sultry vibe to any look.

Bold Brows

I cannot stress enough how much a good brow can set off a pair of eyes that are trying to sparkle. Our eyebrows are a key part of our expression and they can change the shape of your face if sculpted well. Complimenting your natural contours and angles, you can use your eyebrows to their advantage by grooming them to frame your eyes and eyelashes perfectly.

• Identify your eyebrow shape vs. your face shape. This might seem a bit far fetched to someone just trying out a few grooming techniques for the first time but it can really have a massive impact on your look by either softening a square or rectangular face or by adding more definition and smooth lines to a round or oval face. It is easy to find out what category you fall into by following our guide to Finding the Perfect Face Shape for your Eyebrows. It might just change how you think your eyebrows should look to how much they flatter your face shape instead.

• Invest in a good pair of tweezers. Now a lot of the time, we find we go for an appointment to get waxes or threading rather than pluck at our eyebrows ourselves. This is fine, but you will find times in between appointments where you have a few strays that need taking care of. If you are confident enough with your eyebrow shape and that you won’t just keep plucking until there is nothing but a thin line there, then grab a pair of tweezers that are angled to allow for more precise clutching of individual hairs and that have a sold grip so you don’t end up pulling at eyebrows without removing the hair and leaving the skin read and inflamed. Its not a good look, nor does it feel too good either!

• Keep the skin moisturised. Normal moisturisers will work on the face and skin and will keep it from drying out. The areas around and under the eyebrows are very delicate and moisturisers with soothing properties such as aloe vera, cucumber extract and honey extracts can do wonders for your skin to make sure it is ready for any makeup application.

• Keep the hairs nourished. We talked earlier about providing naturally occurring fatty acids so that your eyelashes can feed off of them and stay strong, the same works for your eyebrows, so think about what foods, vitamins and minerals you are including in your diet to ensure that your eyebrows stay nourished all year round.

• Pick an eyebrow growth serum that works for you. Similar to an eyelash growth serum, this will help give your eyebrows a boost to becoming thicker and fuller the natural way. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you will need to start booking your wax in twice as much, but it will make sure that you don’t have to rely so heavily on make up to get you through the day with a full set of brows! Eyebrow growth serums work by stimulating the follicles which also means the natural growth cycle of your individual eyebrow hairs can be prolonged. Fantastic news if you need that extra boost for some fuller and thicker brows, and also great for maintaining hydration and nourishment without having to carry around another big pot of moisturiser. Most serums come in a handy little tube so you can take it anywhere with you.

Eyebrows aren’t as simply to extend as eyelashes unfortunately, or maybe that is fortunately depending on how you look at it! I don’t think eyebrow wigs will be taking off anytime soon anyway! But we can use make-up very cleverly to define our brows once we have done a little grooming and are happy with the shape we want as a base.


It is pretty normal these days to wear make-up. There was once a time where it was just for the rich, or people high in social status. Nowadays, make-up is so readily available that the choices are changing every day. When it comes to making the eyes shine brightly again, here are my top tips.

1. When choosing what make up you need to brighten up those eyes, check the ingredients and make sure it is not something that will irritate your skin, lashes or brows. There can be a lot of fad make-up kits advertised and while it might work for some people, it won’t for others. So get the boring part out of the way and then you can safely apply your new shadows or mascaras and get the best out of your new item.

2. Experiment with colour! There are so many great eyeshadow kits now that are really high in pigment so they are vibrant and will last on your skin. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different colour combinations to really bring out that sparkly in your eye.

3. Choose a mascara that doesn’t clump and switch brushes if you need to. The key to applying mascara is to start off with a small amount that evenly spreads over your lashes individually and you can then build a few layers to really make them stand out. Sometimes the brush is what makes the mascara so get the brush that gives you the best outcome. Don’t re-use old brushes as they can contain bacteria that can cause infections if too old, so always try to keep your make-up fresh and replenished at the right time.

Your eyes have a huge mart to play in how confident you are. Of course, you can’t see them, but they are the first thing everyone else will see when you meet them, so it is important to not be afraid to show your true style and groom for the occasion. If you follow some of the top tips like getting enough rest, treating your eyes to a mini spa day, and keeping up with a great diet, you are already most of the way to breathing new life into your eyes. When you are ready to embrace the serums, moisturisers and even the tweezers, you’ll never look back!


How to get the perfect eyebrows: The newbie guide to fuller brows!


Just like a painting looks much better in the right frame, thick, well-shaped eyebrows can complement your face to make you look your very best. The opposite is true as well; thin, weird brows draw the attention away from your eyes and so does a unibrow.

The eyebrows have often been neglected but are finally experiencing a renaissance. Now, new brow products are released all the time, all promising you amazing brows. But the truth is, there is only so much you can do if you don’t have good eyebrows to begin with. If they are too thin, there is no product that will fool people. And of course, the shape is very hard to fake as well.

So what can you do to give your brows that little extra attention that they deserve? Here are the most important things to think about!

Put those tweezers down now!

Are you guilty of using your tweezers too much? In that case, you are far from alone. But remember one thing: there is no way that you can ever pluck your eyebrows fuller. It just doesn’t work that way. Of course, plucking is necessary to a certain extent, but it’s not as important as you might think.

Overplucking your brows can also make it hard to get them to grow back again. This happened to many a few years back when really thin brows were trendy. So do be careful about following the fashion trends too much. If there is a chance that they will change the way you look forever, avoid following them! But there is a trick that has helped many that have suffered from thin brows: eyebrow serums. More on that soon!

Back to plucking! It’s also incredibly important to pluck in the right way, from underneath the brows. That way, you can shape them and remove little hairs that are in the way of your eyeshadow or highlighter and the effect will be that you look more alert.

The mistake of plucking from the top of your brows is very common, but it often does nothing for the shape.

You don’t want to pluck hairs from within the brow shape either, there is another solution for long hairs!

Scissors are more useful than you might think!

The thought of using scissors close to your eyes can freak some people out, but trust me, it’s not hard and the results are great. There are special eyebrow scissors that make the job much easier. Comb your brows upward so that you can cut them at a good length. Follow the top line of the brow, that’s usually enough. Don’t cut them too short, or they will look patchy.

If you don’t trust yourself with a pair of scissors, there are little tools that look like little scissors with a comb that are easy to use and very hard to go wrong with!

Be kind to your brows

Just like you always use conditioner in your hair, you should use an eyebrow serum to take care of them.

Sure, your eyebrows don’t go as dry and fragile as your hair does if you run out of conditioner since they’re so short and the hairs fall off quicker, but they can really benefit from receiving some love. Treating them with natural, nourishing ingredients will make them much fuller and sometimes even darker!

Results come slowly but surely!

Of course, your brows won’t grow thick and amazing overnight. Depending on how fast your brows grow, it will take three or four weeks before they’re completely renewed. By that time, you should notice a big difference, but only if you have been very careful with the tweezers.

In fact, if you can bear the thought, it might even be a good idea not to pluck your brows at all for an entire month. Then you can really choose how you want your brows to look and only pluck the bare minimum.

The best thing to do, though, is to turn to a professional that can pluck them for you so that you get a good shape that you can maintain yourself in the future.

Have patience and your brows will reward you

Growing thick brows does take some extra effort and willpower. It’s true that it adds an extra step to your night time routine (that is, applying the eyebrow serum) and you will spend an entire month resisting the urge to go bonkers with the tweezers, but it’s totally worth it.

In the meantime, if you feel like your brows look rubbish, try wearing a nice red lipstick or a cool scarf that makes people, and yourself, look elsewhere. And for days when you just feel like you can’t take it anymore, there are always big sunglasses to hide behind. Remember that the reward is worth waiting for and that you will have thick, gorgeous brows in less than a month if you keep going!


Enhancing Eyelashes Q&A: How to combine extensions with Xlash


Can’t get enough of long lashes? Then you might be wearing eyelash extensions. And we get it, of course, you want amazing lashes to show off to the world. They sometimes seem like the ultimate fashion accessory. The result is natural-looking (sort of), they are instantly beautiful, you look gorgeous without makeup and your Instagram-posts will make everybody jealous.

Many believe that eyelash extensions are the answer to every lash question. You don’t need a curler or mascara and your lashes will live happily ever after.

But before you decide that you don’t need an eyelash serum, think again. Here are the two most frequently asked questions regarding using Xlash in combination with eyelash extensions. The answers might surprise you!

What do the Lash Artists Say?

We work closely with a bunch of amazing lash artists who recommend that their clients use Xlash. But why would they do that if they sell lash extensions? Why would anybody need both?

It turns out that since Xlash makes your lashes stronger, it s actually the perfect combination since extensions do tend to damage your natural lashes. In fact, some people are horrified when they see their own lashes after using extensions for a while, as they can get really short and thin.

Using Xlash while wearing extensions is actually recommend. Lash artists also claim that your lashes become easier to work with if you combine the two as extentions alone can get tricky.

Does Xlash Harm or Damage the Eyelash Extensions?

As a wearer of eyelash extensions, you may know that they are quite fragile and you need to be careful with them, mainly because of the glue. This might make you believe that an eyelash serum, that you apply like an eyeliner at the root of your lashes, could be damaging to the extensions.

However, this is not the case, as Xlash is a water-based product as opposed to oil-based (which would be bad for them).

In other words, you can safely use Xlash without worrying about how it affects your expensive lashes!

How Long Should I Use Xlash Combined with Eyelash Extensions?

One tube of Xlash lasts for about a month, sometimes more. Most people notice good results after this period of time. Some of them reason that they’ve reached their goal and their own lashes are longer and healthier. Others choose to continue using it for as long as they have their extensions.

Most people benefit from having using Xlash during the period the wore extentions after the extensions are removed as the impact of wearing and removing extentions takes a toll on the natural lash beneath!

How Often do I Need to Apply Xlash?

The best way to get quick results is to apply Xlash every evening before you go to bed regardless of if you have extensions or not but always make sure that you have removed your makeup before application.

The application is quick and easy. Just remember to add it as a final step of your skincare routine every night and your lashes will be long and strong before you know it.

Can I Use Xlash before I get Eyelash Extensions?

It is always a good idea to make sure that your natural lashes are as healthy as possible before you get eyelash extensions. Ideally, you would use Xlash about a month before you get your extensions. That gives them plenty of time to be nourished and grow healthy and long making them resilient to the wear and tear of day to day extension usage.

Can I use Xlash Instead of Getting Eyelash Extensions?

Extensions are expensive and time-consuming, so we understand why you would want to find an alternative. Whether you should get extensions or only stick with Xlash and mascara is up to you and depends on what kind of results you want.

Many of our customers say that people have asked them if they are wearing fake eyelashes when they have been using Xlash for a few weeks.

If you feel hesitant about getting extensions and are thinking of trying Xlash instead, we say: go for it! Trying Xlash doesn’t mean that you can’t get extensions later on, in fact, it will only be good if your lashes are as strong as possible when you get the lashes done!


How to best use Xlash and get the most out of it?


Okay, so you’ve placed your Xlash order you’re waiting for it to arrive. This is when the fun starts! You are about to begin an exciting journey in which your eyelashes will transform into longer, fuller and more voluminous versions of themselves! Every each week you use it, you’ll notice a difference. But one step at a time! In this article we’ll explain how to use Xlash in the best possible way and get the most out of it.

Perhaps you bought Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum because you were intrigued by those before and after photos? Maybe you ordered it because you’re tired of your short lashes and want to encourage them to grow longer? No matter the reason, once you have the serum in your hands you’re now ready to embark on the journey for amazing long lashes. Check inside of the box, there is a special message for you!

First of all, something we have to be realistic about: don’t expect to wake up with incredibly longer lashes the morning after using Xlash for the first time. You won’t notice a significant difference overnight, but be patient. The first seven days of using Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum mark the beginning of something beautiful. Although it is clinically proven to be both safe and effective, it’s not a miracle product. Xlash can give you 45 percent longer, fuller and stronger lashes. However, in order for it to work its magic you need use it regularly and in the right way.

I’ve recently bought Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum – does it really work?

Yes! By applying Xlash directly to the roots of your upper lashes the formula of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals is distributed directly to the roots of your lashes. This in turn enables the product to stimulate the follicles’ cell renewal process as well as promoting growth. Apart from this, Xlash can also help to strengthen the condition of your lashes and protect them against damage and breakage.

Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum has in several clinical trials been proven to be an effective and safe product. This is mainly due to the fact that Xlash is scientifically formulated with natural and active ingredients, without using any harsh chemicals. Two of its key ingredients are Biotin and Myristoyl pentapeptide-17. Biotin is a vitamin that effectively boosts healthy hair growth, at the same time as it strengthens and improves the condition of dry or weak lashes. Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 on the other hand has been clinically proven to stimulate keratin production. Thanks to this powerful ingredient you’ll get thicker, fuller and longer lashes by using Xlash.

I’ve just started using Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum – how long do I have to wait until I can see any results?

Welcome to the world of Xlash! Shown in several clinical trials, it takes about 4-6 weeks of usage until you’ll notice the full results of Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum. For best results the key is to apply the serum once a day for at least 28 days. Unfortunately, you can’t rush the results by applying the product more often than that. How long it takes also depends on how your individual growth cycle works. That means that some people might experience the same result much quicker than 4-6 weeks. For now, all you should do is start applying it every night and patiently wait for the serum to give you longer, richer and more beautiful lashes.

A basic guide to how to get the absolute most out of Xlash

1. Perform a patch test before using the eyelash growth serum for the first time

Better to be safe than sorry, right? Although Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum has been clinically proven to be safe and kind to the eyes, it’s wise idea to perform a patch test before applying it for the first time. Especially considering how sensitive the eye area is. Apply a small amount of Xlash on your forearm and then wait 24 hours before applying the product to your lashes. Don’t use the product if it has caused any allergic reactions during this time (but we are sure you will be okay!).

2. Remove contact lenses before applying Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum

If you’re wearing contact lenses, it’s important to remove them before applying Xlash. Then wait 15 minutes after you’ve applied the serum before re-inserting your contact lenses.

3. Cleanse your face

For best results, make sure that you’ve removed any traces of mascara and makeup before applying Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

4. You’re now ready to apply Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum to your lashes!

Use the applicator and apply a thin line of the serum along the upper lash line in a single stroke. Make sure you’re not getting any product into your eyes. Apply Xlash about an hour before going bed. This allows the serum to be fully absorbed. Repeat these steps every evening for at least 28 days. When you’ve achieved longer and fuller lashes you can reduce the usage to 2-3 times per week.

Share your progress with us: take before and after pictures

Purchasing Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum doesn’t just mean you’re getting a product that does what it claims. You’re also joining a worldwide community with more than three million people who love and trust Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum. We love when our customers share their progress and results with us. Why not you do that yourself? Take a before photo of your lashes before using the serum for the first time. Then take an after picture when you’ve accomplished the look of longer, fuller and thicker lashes. Don’t hesitate to send the photos to us as a direct message to our Instagram account: @xlashscandinavia. Welcome to the Xlash family, we promise you’ll love your “new” and amazing longer lashes!


Love Your Eyelash Curler


Whether you love them or hate them, fear them or embrace them, eyelash curlers are a major tool that when used properly can give you instant confidence in your lashes. You’ll want to show them off to the world and wonder why you never picked up a pair before.

So lets have a look at the ins and outs of the elusive eyelash curler and see if we can get to the bottom of their exact purpose and with any luck, put those fears of this weird contraption to bed once and for all!

The Invention of the Eyelash Curler

Back in the days when moving picture was gaining huge attention and the Hollywood starlets of the 1920s were beginning to make their statement on screen, make-up was every actress’s best friend. The trends of the time meant that eyes were a huge focus and with a lot of movies being shot silently, it was the eyes that emoted to the audience and conveyed the mood of the script. So of course, the “less is more” rule hadn’t really taken effect back then.

Make-up counters were appearing more locally and available to women everywhere and there was no longer a stigma attached to women who wanted to wear make-up. The femininity was being embraced and there were now fabulous stars to iconise and model after. That didn’t just stop at fashion, make-up trends were making their way into the mainstream and still to this day, the likes of Hollywood actresses, rock stars and supermodels pave the way in fashion, accessories and make-up.

So it is no shock to learn that the eyelash curler was developed and patented during the roaring twenties as mascara was doing the job on screen but on close ups or in person, the eyelashes needed a little more to bring the “Wow” factor. It was a great device as it showed off the person’s naturally enhanced eyelashes and was attainable to everyone that wanted to bring that Hollywood drama to their eyes. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t!

How does the Eyelash Curler Work?

The first eyelash curler actually hasn’t changed that much over time and you will see the same designs in most curlers on the market today. Well I suppose, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The device usually looks like the handles of scissors but with two angled pads at the end that are designed to clamp onto the upper eyelashes and give them more lift. There are heated versions, but these of course carry more risk and can cause damage to the lashes as well as the surrounding skin or the eyes if used improperly.

Now although the eyelash curler relies on pressure to create un upward lift of the eyelashes, being gentle is the only way forward with this device or the only outcome will be loss of some eyelashes and pinching if you use it too close to the eyelid. So remember to clamp the lashes as close to the lid as possible for about 5-10 seconds and then slowly release. Continue this motion until you are nearer the tip of the eyelashes and the end result will be a classic upward curl ready for you to apply your favourite mascara.

The thing with all unfamiliar routines like this is that you may not get it right the first time. Your angles may be off and you may have to get past that initial blinking reaction when getting closer to your eye with this strange contraption! But as with everything we do, practice makes perfect and once you get to grips with your eyelash curler, you will become an expert in no time.

The DOs and the DON’Ts

DO invest a decent eyelash curler. I’m not saying to spend through the roof on a new device but make sure you are investing in quality as you want your eyelashes to appear longer, not lose them.

DO learn to work with your eyelashes. All lashes vary in shape, some are more curved and some are straighter. Work with your angles so you end up with a natural looking curve and not harsh looking eyelashes.

DO read the instructions before use! It may seem quite simple to use but different eyelash curlers do slightly different things depending on how they are made. If they have little pads to cushion your eyelashes, find out what they are made of.

DO clean your eyelash curler properly. They will collect oils and residue and the pads in the curler will need changing from time to time. More-so if you don’t look after them properly. Bacteria can collect in the pads of the eyelash curler too, so cleaning will help prevent any nasty infections.

DON’T Apply mascara before using your eyelash curler. This is the fastest route to damaged eyelashes. If you forget to use your curler before applying mascara and are dead set on lifting those lashes, gently remove your mascara, condition and start again. It will be worth the extra time when you see how healthy your lashes remain to be.

DON’T forget to condition your eyelashes. Using an eyelash conditioning serum to keep your lashes looking and feeling healthy as well as encouraging growth and strength will pay off massively in the long run, especially if you are putting your lovely lashes under the strain of an eyelash curler.

DON’T be afraid of your eyelash curler, hold it right and get to grips with how much pressure you need to apply and you will avoid catching your skin when clamping.

Curling Your Eyelashes for Different Eye Shapes

So, this may not have even crossed your mind, but your eye shape is very important when thinking about curling your eyelashes. As much as we would all love naturally longer and fuller looking eyelashes, none of us want to end up with that plastic doll look where eyelashes end up looking like a huge block above the eyelid! So if you are already very wide-eyes, curling all of your lashes up to the lid could mean you end up with this exact look.

You could also end up buying the eyelash curler that doesn’t fit your eye shape, and therefore cause more damage or at best, just not reach the lashes that matter. It’s good to be kind and fair to your lashes by understanding your own personal eye shape and what you should do with your curler to give you the best enhancement without ending up looking over the top and keeping those eyelashes in top form!

Almond shaped eyes tend to have a naturally longer lash line and are more angled toward the outside edge. A lot of curlers are symmetrical and have a basic curve with a “one size fits all” selling point. But if your eyelashes already have the outer length, you may find these difficult to use as you won’t be able to grab all of your lashes at once or may accentuate the curve in the wrong place.

If you have rounder and larger eyes, then buying an eyelash curler with a deeper and smaller radius should be your option to avoid pinching of the skin in the middle and also so you can catch even the smallest outer/baby eyelashes. Deeper set eyes would suit the opposite as the length of lashes may already be there, but a deeper curve may end up missing the main bulk of the eyelashes toward the centre of the eye.

If you are buying an eyelash curler that is universal, consider whether your eyes have a more typical shape or not, if your eyelashes already have length and curl or if you need your curler to do more for you. A great universal eyelash curler is the Xlash Eyelash Curler, which combines velvet soft grips, a wide radius and a sleek look and is a fantastic option for all eye shapes.

Curl Your Way to Fantastic Eyelashes

I barely leave the house without adding a little move curve to my eyelashes these days. So I definitely think that given the change to read through the right information and make sure you are doing it properly, curling your eyelashes is the best way to enhance them temporarily The best thing about it is that if you go wrong, it doesn’t last forever!

The key is to keep those lashes nourished and conditioned throughout any make-up or enhancing routine you have. It is like moisturising your skin each day. You know it keeps your skin in healthy condition and that the natural ingredients are there to help and not hinder. So treat your eyelashes the same before reaching for the curler.

And remember, it make look like a medieval torture device the first time your get on in your grips, but it can become a staple in your make up kit if you let it, and soon enough you will have the lashes you deserve!

Eyebrows Through the Ages

Eyebrows are fascinating, aren’t they? We all have them in some shape or form. Some thick, some thin, some curved, some straight, some light or dark. But no matter what kind of brows sit above your eyes, they are part of who you are and are some of our most expressive features.

Sure, you can smile to show you’re happy, but your eyebrows are the perfect tools for expressing so many other emotions and through the ages you will have seen them used in movies, in advertising, music and art to convey a specific message. So, lets take a walk through memory lane to see what those messages were.

The Roaring 1920s

Think of an old silent movie from the 1920s, and the ever-glamourous Clara Bow starring with her perfectly thin and rounded eyebrows. At this time, using make-up allowed actors and actresses to visibly emote and create drama without using words to convey the emotion on screen. Clara’s eyebrows were always arched very low toward the side of her face, so it was always easy to see what she was feeling at any given time. Or maybe that was just her great acting! I still believe her eyebrows were her most powerful feature.

This particular style of thin and drawn on eyebrows has seen its day a few times over the decades, however it was the roaring 1920s during the height of flapper fashion that this really came to the forefront of female make-up trends. Women were starting to discover heavier make-up following the invention of modern for its time mascara and lips sticks, and they weren’t afraid to show their personality through use of clever shading and shapes.

With revolutionised make-up now becoming widely available to women everywhere in the form of kohl, mascara and retractable lipsticks, is it really any wonder that this fresh and independent generation of women were keen to experiment with their look? Clara Bow would certainly have been a front runner in the inspiration for thin and drawn on eyebrows using that fresh kohl liner that was all of a sudden, the hottest trend!

The 1930S and The Golden Age of Hollywood

Almost as fast as the flapper era arrived, it disappeared again making way for more demure Hollywood glamour with the likes of Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis paving the way in the 1930s and bringing yet more style and iconic glamour to the forefront of make-up.

The 1930s again saw the prominence of thin eyebrows, however starting to look more natural than theatrical and with eyebrow pencils becoming widely available, women of all backgrounds, not just the rich and famous were able to copy this trend and represent themselves in their own way. Jean Harlow and Greta Garbo kept this slim eyebrow trend alive and oozed the glamour that most envied.

Katherine Hepburn’s make-up style was my particular favourite from this era, while she comfortably carried off the thinner eyebrow trend, she would pencil in over her own arches rather than draw in a shape that wasn’t hers and it really transpired through her acting. Her natural arch always brought a sense of playfulness. This is why she was epitomised as the modern woman of the twentieth century and was the star of every room she entered.

Following the latest make-up trend was not just for the Hollywood starlets, it was a time of great depression and women were really starting to become comfortable with their own femininity, so make-up and fashion helped all women embrace their inner Hollywood glamour.

The Trailblazing ’40s

When you think of the 1940s there is usually only one thing that comes to mind. While the world was going through a heavy time, priorities shifted, and the way of life changed as the new decade came through. Rationing and conserving resources meant that fashion too was stripped back. With shortages in cosmetics, home remedies were becoming popular in make-up, and women were having to make do and improvise a little more to retain their femininity.

The 1940s saw a more classic and sophisticated way of dress and simpler shapes and the Hollywood glamour ladies had just become used to was out and practicality was now in! Fewer salon visits were perhaps partially responsible for the reason that eyebrow shapes changed. Many women were opting for a slightly fuller shape, with eyebrows being grown back in and now groomed and sleeked using petroleum jelly instead of being plucked away and then drawn back in with heavy make-up.

Women were being encouraged to retain their femininity during this difficult time but by being more resourceful with what they had to hand. This did not mean that eyebrows stopped being fabulous! You only have to look at starlets like Ingrid Bergman, with her natural beauty and fuller eyebrows or Lauren Bacall with her curiously angled arches to know that fashion and glamour was never going to be stopped.

The Rocking ’50s

1950s car

The 1950s saw the rise of the hipster, the glamourous housewife and of course rock and roll! Music was a huge influence on the fashion in this decade and it did not hold back. An era where the electric guitar was starting to dominate, and posters of Elvis Presley started to adorn teenage girls’ walls everywhere.

This was the decade where life started to begin again post-war and women were not afraid to set their own trends and dress or style brightly simply because they could and not out of any necessity. Red lipsticks were bought to match the perfect red handbag, bright eyeshadows were worn to compliment a new scarf. It was a really fun time in fashion and make-up, and it was seen more in day to day women and not just the Hollywood glamour actresses.

That isn’t to say these actresses faded into the background, their style just became more achievable to the modern woman with make-up evolving yet again and becoming more widely available after the shortages of the 1940s.

Elizabeth Taylor was just one of these beautiful and inspiring women. She went from being a teenage actress just starting in the business to a young and successful woman who commanded her career as the 1950s went on. Her strong and iconic look is still epitomised today, and her eyebrows always stood out. Her timeless style proved that eyebrows really always have been and always will be a woman’s most expressive feature.
Elizabeth Taylor really rocked those full eyebrows and with such dark hair, instead of shying away from them, she used them to her power and kept them thick and groomed and filled in to accentuate her dark lashes and raven hair. Her high arches were not aggressive as the fullness took away the sharp edges and softened her face to absolute perfection! What an icon!

Local girls and housewives were not afraid to experiment with their own style, and ensuring their eyebrows were groomed was a natural part of their make-up routine. Whether it was to host a family dinner or to head to their local dance hall to jive the night away, the 1950s woman used her make-up to ooze femininity and eyebrows were never forgotten!

The Swinging ’60s

Wow! Where do you start with the 1960s? It feels like three decades rolled into one as the styles changed, political movements mapped the way and technology progressed. There are many names you would associate with style in this era. Jackie Kennedy’s style reigned during the early parts of the decade, the mod movement took over in the middle and hippy culture was largely seen through the late 1960s and through to the early 1970s.

Make-up styles changed and a more androgynous way of dress became more acceptable for women, as opposed to long A-line skirts and high button shirts.

Eyebrows in this era tended to look more natural as models like Twiggy made it fashionable to accentuate eyelashes and not overkill the look with a heavier brow on top! Blondes were more likely to leave their eyebrows slim and pencilled in with a similar shade to their hair, if pencilled in at all. Brunettes favoured a less polished look and focus instead went to hairstyles and colourful eyeshadow.

The best thing about the 1960s is that it was a free time to experiment with looks, so young women had plenty of icons and history to draw influences from and a lot of the style they had already seen through the 1950s stayed fashionable. Eyebrows didn’t disappear, they just simply toned down to allow the eyes to sparkle.

The Scandalous ’70s

Known for so much scandal rocking its very core, the 1970’s trends evolved yet again and gone were the Hollywood starlets, the coy housewives and The First Lady copycats of previous years. The 1970s were a lot more liberal and so too was fashion and make up. It was a time where convenience to the cause took precedent over obsessing over groomed lines and perfect pouts.

Eyebrows, much like in the 1960s started to take a back seat to bigger hair and even wider trousers! Disco music was on the scene, the mod era was limited to specific groups and eyebrows had a mind of their own. There was no pressure to pencil in dark lines, there was no necessity to define one’s femininity, individual styles rocked the scene and every woman started to make things work for her rather than follow one specific trend.

Eyebrow waxing was becoming popular but the shapes being drawn back in varied. The beginning of the thin eyebrow was returning, but coveting a bushy brow was also seen as trend setting so it really went either way. You only had to look at the two completely different styles of Joanie Mitchell and Cher to see how this decade separated the thin from the thick eyebrows and was heavily influenced by the music of the time.

If there’s one thing I have learned from the 1970’s is that fashion really was freedom, and no one was afraid to show their true colours by donning even brighter ones! Eyebrows or no eyebrows, it was certainly a decade to remember!

The 1980s MTV Generation

MTV Generation

Where do I even begin with the 1980s! I may have yearned for early Hollywood starlet frocks or Marilyn Monroe curves, but the 1980s was my decade and I will forever admire the fashion that came from this time.

Eyebrows were back with a vengeance and there was no stopping the likes of Madonna or Brooke Shields when it came to their bushy brows. Women were realising that their eyebrows didn’t need to be smaller to define their femininity and were embracing luxuriously full and wider brows, so actresses and the new age of the supermodel set trends that made it easy for everyday women to follow. Of course, this meant growing them back in if they had been plucked or waxed for the last ten years, but for young teenage women, these trend-setters paved the way for fresh eyebrows to remain firmly in place and tweezers to be discarded.

When you think of Madonna in her early years, you think of her peroxide white hair and her jet-black eyebrows, she helped set the trend when bleached locks and heavy make up was a woman’s prerogative and no one could tell her otherwise.

Marilyn Monroe was the original trend setter and her influence has not faded over time, just become more pronounced and for that, we thank you Ms Monroe!

Debbie Harry was never afraid to keep her brows dark and her hair blonde and this punk style emanated in teenage girls all over the world.

Brave pops of colour were seen on many faces throughout the 1980s, with eyeshadows in blues, pinks, greens and glitters being the most popular. What was so new about this trend is it wasn’t tidy. The make-up in the 1980s was not about distinctive lines and sharp corners on wing-lined eyes. Eyeshadow would take over the whole eyelid even up into the brow where lower hairs had grown in and it really made a statement that no decade had seen before.

If only this brushed and beautiful trend had hung around forever. Unfortunately, thin eyebrows were about to make a comeback and tweezer sales were about to skyrocket into the stratosphere!

Girl Power in the nineties

Having a fun-filled 1980s childhood had to pave way for my painfully adolescent teenage years in the 1990s and the memories I carry are most likely cringefully similar to most women, of that I am absolutely certain! Scrunchies, frizzy high ponytails, daringly high platform trainers a la The Spice Girls and unfortunately… the ultra-thin eyebrow.

Now, it wasn’t all doom and gloom, after all, the glamour squad of the 1920s and 1930s managed to pull this look off so its inspiration definitely drew its roots from the best of them.

The only problem this time round is a thin brow was not complimented with pouty rouge lipstick and a Chanel gown, our generation teamed this look with some wide leg denim jeans and a crop top and some loosely applied glittery lip balm.

Think Drew Barrymore, Courtney Love, they plucked their eyebrows to within a millimetre of life and then pencilled over them to accentuate their heavy make-up. It wasn’t always bad though, Kate Moss was one of the most up and coming supermodels of the time and although she sported a very thin eyebrow, she at least learned to keep the natural shape and cleverly follow her arch which actually gave way to her stunning eyes.

We can’t all be supermodels though and I doubt many women in the 1990s were experts in tweezing, which left a whole new generation wondering what to do with these new thin brows above their eyes that now refused to grow back in from a decade of torture.

The Nostalgic Noughties

The turn of the new millennium was one of the most exciting times. Technology was booming, girl power had made its mark and was here to stay, and the fashion industry had so much inspiration to draw from, that everywhere you looked was a new “It girl” or supermodel that teenagers all over aspired to be. So, with that came trends and make-up was definitely no exception!

Frosted shadows and lip balms were everywhere, foundations started getting darker, and eyebrows were starting to grow back in. The thick and full brow was still not back on trend, but rather sleek, thinner brows with enhanced curves under the arch were favoured by most celebrities. Highlight under the eyebrow arch was seen on Britney, Christina, Rihanna to name a few. It meant that the brow bone had to be immaculate and those strays were plucked while keeping the main shape of the eyebrow curvy to really draw attention to the eyes.

The noughties were an interesting decade as it seemed that fashion trends evolved faster than in previous years and nothing specifically lasted right through the whole 10 years. I remember turning up at college in the year 2000 wearing bootcut jeans with a scarf or light skirt planted firmly over the top, relying on lipsticks I got free with magazines and always bumping into girls in the bathroom frantically tilting their faces toward the light to spot any stray eyebrow hairs and tweeze them away before class started again.

But don’t forget, the noughties were a decade where hair removal in general became the norm for young women. If we couldn’t leave the house with one day old leg stubble under our jeans and skirt, how would we ever face the world with a teeny stray eyebrow hair under our freshly cut fringes!

Toward the end of the decade, it was starting to become obvious that women didn’t want to painfully extract eyebrow hairs every day, and natural looks started to take over. Pencil colours were lighter, and eyebrows started to finally look thicker!

The 2010s and the Return of the Eyebrow

So, who do we have to thank for this? Our first thoughts go to Cara Delavigne for seeing in the new decade with bushy eyebrows at the start of her modelling career. Eyebrows were back and here to stay! Thank you, Cara!

We also have the likes of Emilia Clark of Game of Thrones fame to thank. Not only for shunning the tweezers but also bringing back the dark eyebrow and blonde hair look. The statement eyebrows are now making says it is not just about having the right mascara or eyeliner anymore, brow styling is firmly a part of a woman’s make up routine.

Of course, like the noughties before it, there is not just one single fashion statement for the whole decade but many different styles depending on what suits each individual. Bleached eyebrows are widely seen on catwalk models, thicker brows and thinner, but less perfect brows are also everywhere. With amazing advances in science and technology, we are also in a fantastic position where we can have our eyebrows shaped, micro-bladed or implanted to suit our need and there are also some brilliant products on the market that encourage growth and re-growth, much to the relief of my generation that could not put down the tweezers 20 years ago.

With the rise of the contoured make-up look, so came the perfectly shaped, shaded and arched brow. RuPaul and her drag race is a staple series amongst my generation and it is no secret that fabulous drag queens from the show have been a massive inspiration on today’s generation when it comes to eyebrows. It is definitely all about that high arch and highlight!

As we have become more experimental over the decades, it is no surprise that other eyebrow trends have started to shine, whether I could rock them or not is a different story. But you can turn the pages of a fashion magazine now and see feathered eyebrows, brushed and angled eyebrows, or even eyebrows shaped into actual waves. I personally am happier with a thicker brow that arches slightly to suit my face shape, and with naturally brown hair, I tend to always still go a shade or two darker with my eyebrow pencil.

So, we have almost come full circle in our exploration of eyebrow trends over the last 100 years and hasn’t it been an eye opener! In less than a year we will be in a different set of 20s, and I for one, cannot wait to see if they are as roaring as the first-time round.

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