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Zodiac makeup

How you should do your makeup in 2021 – according to your horoscope

HOW YOU SHOULD DO YOUR MAKEUP IN 2021 – ACCORDING TO YOUR HOROSCOPE Do you need inspiration for your 2021 makeup? Don’t worry, Xlash Cosmetics has found the perfect look for you with the help of your horoscope for the year. Will it be colorful lips, a classic winged eyeliner, or maybe faux freckles? Aries […]



Get Ready for Party Season – Party Prep

[ARTICLE CATEGORY] GET READY FOR PARTY SEASON – PARTY PREP BY: CLAIRE – DAYS [DAYS SINCE Today] AGO It’s that time of year already! The bikinis have been put away until next year and the gloves have come out. It’s time for mulled wine and long wintery walks. Christmas lights and crisp mornings are upon […]

Feeling and Looking Awake

[ARTICLE CATEGORY] FEELING AND LOOKING AWAKE BY: CLAIRE – DAYS [DAYS SINCE Today] AGO Sometimes being awake and feeling awake are two different things. Add looking awake to the mix and you’ve got yourself a triple whammy of challenges to deal with on a daily basis. There’s an awful lot to be said for a […]

Halloween Makeup – Tricks and Treats

[ARTICLE CATEGORY] HALLOWEEN MAKEUP – TRICKS AND TREATS BY: CLAIRE – DAYS [DAYS SINCE Today] AGO It’s coming up to that time of year again where we swap our summer wardrobe for cosy jumpers and welcome the colder nights as they draw in for the winter. But before we all start getting too excited to […]

Hottest Eye Makeup Trends Right Now!

[ARTICLE CATEGORY] HOTTEST EYE MAKEUP TRENDS RIGHT NOW! BY: CLAIRE – DAYS [DAYS SINCE Today] AGO For a long time, you had to look no further than a fashion magazine to find out what the latest trends were, these days you are more likely to see the hottest looks all over Instagram as the models […]

Time Saving Beauty Hacks

[ARTICLE CATEGORY] TIME SAVING BEAUTY HACKS BY: CLAIRE – DAYS [DAYS SINCE Today] AGO Life can sometimes get in the way of everything including how much time we dedicate to ourselves. You go to work, you try to enjoy a social life, you deal with family commitments, all while remembering to eat and stay hydrated […]

Autumn Eyes

[ARTICLE CATEGORY] AUTUMN EYES BY: CLAIRE – DAYS [DAYS SINCE Today] AGO As summer quickly fades away faster than it even arrived this year, it is time to say goodbye to certain trends and accessories that we so heavily relied upon to keep us feeling and looking cool over those hot, sunny days and hazy […]

Make your Eye Shape and Colour Work For You

[ARTICLE CATEGORY] Make your Eye Shape and Colour Work For You BY: CLAIRE – DAYS [DAYS SINCE Today] AGO I don’t know about you but when I look on Instagram or the various makeup bibles on the internet, I see these girls in perfect makeup and their tutorials make it look so easy to repeat […]

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