Our story started with the humble dream of bringing longer lashes to the world. Way back in 2012 (yeah we’re that old) we noticed the lengths people went to to make their lashes pop.

Let's face it. Achieving long, beautiful lashes through traditional methods has always been a hassle. Whether it's the tedious application of false lashes that never seem to stay in place, expensive lash lifts or the constant need for mascara touch-ups throughout the day - the struggle to enhance your lashes has been a never-ending battle.

We knew there had to be an easier and more effective way to get longer, fuller lashes. So we did the research, talked to the experts, and learned everything there is about lashes. What was missing? Our goal was simple. Create an at-home lash lengthening treatment with active ingredients that makes your lashes naturally longer and fuller, naturally.

In 2012, we launched our first Xlash Eyelash Serum. The serum ticked all the boxes. It was safe, easy to use, and with active ingredients that showed real results. We sent the serum to millions of people across the world. The verdict? They loved it. Over time, we built a community of beauty enthusiasts, lash obsessed, and yes, even a few influencers. Xlash had become a staple in the bathrooms of some of the biggest names in the world.

Works like magic, powered by science.


As a part of the beauty industry, It’s also our responsibility to create and show a more inclusive environment, where our differences and diversity make us strong, where all souls and bodies are welcome and a planet where we can create beauty together.

We’re not here to reinforce beauty standards– in fact, we don’t even believe in them. Longer lashes can be nice– but if that’s not what you’re into–we get it. Maybe check out our eye gel pads—they’re pretty terrific. But no one should tell you what beautiful is.

But, if you’re in the market for the kind of just dropped my iphone when I looked in the mirror, lash goals sort of thing you’ve come to the right place. A place that’s spent the last decade perfecting a formula that’s amassed over 10,000 five-star reviews. A vegan alternative that is clinically proven and dermatologically tested. If that is the sort of thing that’s got you reading a little bit closer– nice to meet you.

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We are committed to doing better. Today's choices have a lasting impact on our climate and future generations. Our goal is to work with suppliers, partners, and distributors who take responsibility both for the environment and for their employees’ working conditions.

Pourquoi magasiner avec nous?

Nous fabriquons des produits qui répondent à leurs attentes.

Pourquoi magasiner avec nous?

Nous fabriquons des produits qui répondent à leurs attentes.

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