How to Make Your Eyes More Noticeable


Eyes that stand out can really incite a double take when just walking down the street. You may want eyes that really pop every day, or maybe eyes that don’t just sink into the background at an event or big party, but either way there are a few fantastic tips to get you on the road to eyes that give you confidence every time you step foot out of the door!


How to Make Your Eyes More Noticeable


Eyes that stand out can really incite a double take when just walking down the street. You may want eyes that really pop every day, or maybe eyes that don’t just sink into the background at an event or big party, but either way there are a few fantastic tips to get you on the road to eyes that give you confidence every time you step foot out of the door!

Like everything in life, nothing good comes easy and nothing easy is really that good! So, when you want to put work into making your eyes more noticeable, you need to maintain and keep up with your routines in order to make effects last. Makeup can only do so much so if you really want eyes that sparkle… keep on reading!

Reduce Puffiness Around Your Eyes

It would take a lot of early nights and stress-free work lives to completely get rid of any hint of puffiness around the eyes and for the modern working woman or man, this may not be possible, so how else can you help keep puffy skin at bay?

Sleep is a big factor though, for all parts of the body. It needs a lot of rest and recuperation to be able to function properly and this includes your skin, and the skin around your eyes is thinner than anywhere else on your face. A build up of fluid tends to be more obvious or noticeable in this area and a change in the blood vessels will be more prominent so it is always a tell-tale sign when someone hasn’t caught enough sleep the night before.

It isn’t just a lack of sleep that causes it though, stress, ageing and crying can result in a couple of puffy looking eyes or even a higher intake of salt and lack of hydration can do the deed. To reduce the chances of this happening and to eliminate dark circles, you would have to check your diet, can you get rid of some high salt content in your food? Can you add another litre of water into your daily intake? These things while small changes, can have a great impact on your skin and can set you off on the right path to reducing the swelling in the skin around your eyes.

Eating foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, grapefruits, raisins and dates can help banish any excess fluids from under the skin, so over time you may notice positive changes to the areas around your eyes.

Putting cucumber slices over your eyes is the age-old trick that everyone knows about, but why does it work so well? Well the secret is in the content of cucumber. First of all, it has cooling properties and basically acts as a cold compress which can constrict the blood vessels and prevent or reduce fluid build-up. Along with its high water content (over 90% water), the hydrating powers would be just what you need after a hard day’s work to maintain the sparkle in your eyes. Cucumber slices over the eyes will also help with puffiness from sunburn, as an anti-inflammatory it can help with the pain as well as the overall look of the skin, so it is definitely a good tip to always keep a cucumber in the fridge during summer, or even through any season really. Pop a could of slices over your eyes when you wake up to start your day off just right!

Reduce Cark Circles Around the Eyes

Dark circles can sometimes come hand in hand with puffiness around the eyes although not always. But it is important to get it under control if you start to notice them before you get stuck with them. Making your eyes stand out for the right reasons is what we want to achieve here so there are a few simple things you can do to either prevent or eliminate dark circles.

Sleep will always come up top when it comes to the skin around our eyes so getting plenty of it and at the right times will help almost immediately. Sometimes even the position in which you sleep can cause your skin to wrinkle up or even having your pillow low down. Try sleeping with an extra (but comfortable) pillow can help eliminate fluid from forming around the eyes as it keeps it down away from your head.

Caffeine is big contributor to dark circles as it dehydrates the skin. So instead of reaching for that coffee when you need a bit of a wake-up, try switch over to green tea to hydrate you, and reap the benefits of its antioxidant properties.

Keep Skin Around the Eyes Moisturised

To keep your eyes bright and noticeable, you want to make sure the skin around your eyes is smooth and clear or imperfections. To do this you must keep the skin happy and not pile layers and layers of creams and magic lotions that claim to turn back the clock.

Cleansing is important to take care with as your eyes are very delicate and almost anything getting in them can cause irritation or a horrible reaction. Perfumed soaps and cleansers will do this, I’m sure we have all been there once or twice too. Getting soap in the eye once is enough to remember to not do this again! Cleansers or soaps containing menthol or lavender can easily be the culprit when it comes to sore eyes, so avoid these especially if you are prone to longer lasting irritations.

On top of this, certain cleansers can have drying properties so you may find that the skin around your eyes becomes flaky or dry from time to time. Its best to switch up your usual cleanser or eye makeup remover and use plenty of water to keep the skin fresh, hydrated and clean.

Moisturisers for the skin around the eyes are usually sought after for the purpose of reducing wrinkles and fin lines. While there are a lot of moisturisers that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, they aren’t miracle workers that can fix this problem alone. But if they contain ingredients that help to plump up and smooth out the skin, you can see the effects of an anti-aging cream after a couple of weeks. Wrinkles will never magically disappear, but you can start to feel confident in your eyes once again and feel good about them finally standing out for the right reasons.

Use an Eyelash Growth Serum

Once you’ve got your cleansing routine and moisturising habits down, you will start to notice the skin around your eyes has a certain glow that it may never have had before. So its time to concentrate on your eyes. To start with, you may not put a lot of thought into your eyelashes, especially if your routine consists of applying the same mascara every day and cleansing with the same eye makeup remover each night. What you don’t notice instantly is the effect excess makeup applications, daily exposure to the sun or other elements and the act of using harsh cleansers can have on your eyelashes. Over time they may start to look sparser, lack-lustre and even not as long as they used to.

If you are in the game of making your eyes more noticeable, it’s a great idea to incorporate an eyelash growth serum into the mix. Easy to apply and with results that you can see in a matter of weeks, you’ll be winning the game for sure once you realise the potential of your eyelashes. The best part is you don’t have to look very far. Xlash Eyelash Growth Serum does just the job and even increases the appearance of thicker and darker lashes so when you are ready to step out the door you may not even want to coat them in mascara!

The benefits of using an eyelash growth serum is that it won’t harm your lashes, but promote growth and strength deep in the follicle and stays kind to the skin directly around the eyes, so you can eliminate redness and go about your day knowing that you are only doing them the world of good.

Groom and Style Your Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are the perfect face framers. Think about how different your face looks when you get a little pencil or tint going on them, it can be the difference between blending into the background or standing out to the crowd.

Eyebrows definitely need a little love and care though before you should start the makeup process. Gone are the days when over-plucking was on trend and tweezing eyebrows to within an inch of their life was all we knew, but don’t throw those tweezers away just yet, sometimes eyebrows just need a little attention to get rid of unruly strays and give you a more defined look. You may not want to rock an angular brow and you don’t have to but if you can find the main shape to your eyebrows, you will be able to see just where to fill them to really add the definition to your face.

If you are one of the many that likes to be in control of their own eyebrows rather than booking a regular appointment to get them waxed or threaded, make sure you keep a few things in mind before you embark on your eyebrow grooming mission:

• Try to let your eyebrows grow out for a couple of months, the follicles will stay stronger for starters, so regrowth won’t be a future issue – trust me, you’ll will be thankful for the regrowth when that starts to slow down! You will also be able to grab the individual hairs easier as you can see the direction of the growth and you won’t run such a risk of nicking the skin. Ouch!

• Pluck after a hot shower, it helps to open the pores and keep the skin nice and soft for the hairs to loosen more easily, so less irritation and less pain. Speaking of pain, Aloe Vera is always handy to have around for post-plucking moisture. It has soothing properties to make sure the skin under your brows doesn’t stay red and sore, so it is definitely worth keeping some around.

• If you have eyebrows that have already had a little too much tweezing or waxing over the years, you may start to notice they aren’t growing back as fast or as thick as they did before. This can just be part of the ageing process, which is not something you can reverse overnight, but you can also try an eyebrow growth serum to get more out of your brows and start to get them back to the fuller and thicker face framers they were before. In doing this, like with eyelash growth serums, you should see results after a few weeks, and you’ll be able to see the definition above and around your eyes to finally make them noticeable!

Less Makeup is More

Of course, the way to make your eyes really pop would be to pile on the eyeliner and mascara and draw on heavily lined brows that scream “fierce” at everyone you encounter. And we know it can be tempting to go overkill to try and get the results you think you want. This guide is not to tell you how to wear your makeup, as each person has different eye colours, shapes and sizes, so what might make your eyes stand out might not work for others. But as a rule of thumb, start with less, then build up to find your ideal look and just the right amount of sparkle to help your eyes stand out!

To really go for subtle beauty and keep your eyes looking wide and awake, eyeliner can really help as long as it compliments the shape of your eye and doesn’t try to overpower it. With eyeliner, you should start nearer the inner corner and with a liquid liner or sharp pencil, work your way toward the outer corners with a smooth continuous line to add definition. To really make those peepers pop, let the line run thicker toward the outer edges of the eye and curl upward in the direction of the water line for a sultry flick that will widen and lengthen your eyes. What you want to avoid is a thick line that surrounds your eye as it will enclose them and make them look smaller.

If you have smaller or more deep set eyes anyway, making them look more open and wider can be achieved with white liner on the waterline. It tricks us into thinking your eyes are bigger than they actually are and can really give baby blues a pop of colour that might just make the difference!

Add a Pop of Colour

Gone are the days where the choice of colour was every shade of brown and pastels. We have come so far in what is available to us, so why not experiment with a little colour to find out which shade suits you best and compliments your eye colour.

Brown eyes are very versatile and can where most shades comfortably. Purples and bronzes work really well with some metallic highlights as brown eyes usually have flecks of lighter colour within them which stands out when matched with a smiler tone. Blue eyes go well with more orange tones as it is the opposite end of the colour spectrum. This doesn’t necessarily mean to go straight in for bright orange, but then hey, if you really want to stand out then give some brighter colours a try and see how it works for you!

Colours high in pigment that really create a vibrant tone, can be worn in every day life, but I always find those sorts of colours are best experimented with for a night out, or a party when you can pick out a colour or shade in your outfit and compliment it with bright eyes to match! Maybe less is more, but more is sometimes needed. Don’t let the rules bog you down, have a play around with your colour palette and keep your eye out for a great tutorial that will show you just where to add the right dash of colour to make your eyes more noticeable.

Treat Your Lashes Kindly

So now you’ve got your eyelash growth sorted, your colour palette down and your eyes lined to perfection, to really frame them and add the final finishing touches, you should be feeling ready to try something new with your mascara.

Have you ever tried curling your eyelashes? So many people are scared to even think of doing this as that confusing looking contraption does not look like something that should be so close to your eyelashes, right? Wrong! One you learn to embrace your eyelash curler you will never look back. It may not be a permanent miracle worker, but it will definitely add the real shape and definition your lashes need for that extra noticeability factor!

Once you have invested in a great eyelash curler with soft pads you are good to go. Your eyelashes will have been through strengthening and conditioning through daily use of your eyelash growth serum so will be ready for a good curling. For best results get your upper lashes in between the curler as close to the root as you can. Yes, this may be daunting for the first try so just take your time and get it right. Close the curler down on your lashes lightly and start to pulse or walk the eyelash curler upward to the tip of your lashes. You can repeat this a few times if the results don’t instantly look as dramatic as you want but be gentle and kind with them as you don’t want to catch your skin or pull any lashes out.

When you start to see that perfect upward curl, it’s time to reach for the mascara! Now, remember, you may not want to go heavy on this especially if you are seeing fantastic results of growth from your serum, but it is good to hold your lashes in place now that they have a stronger curl to them.

Mascara wands come in all different shapes and sizes these days so it can be difficult to know what to pick. But mostly depending on what shape you want to achieve; you should pay attention to the mascara you are buying and the shape of the wand if you want your eyes to truly stand out.

Thinner and shorter bristles are usually good for separating the individual lashes which is good is they tend to stick together and will give your eyelashes a more polished and pointier look. Thicker and rounder brushes are brilliant for adding volume and thickness, but the trick is to apply thin coats one at a time and not go heavy on the first coat. By building up the layers you can start to see the length and thickness without clogging your eyelashes full of mascara that you will eventually just want to remove anyway. But whether you choose the subtle or the standout, make sure your mascara is free from harsh chemicals and will cleanse without damaging your eyelashes. Whatever you do, make sure you remove it before going to bed and give your lashes time to breathe. They will thank you for it!

Eyes that Stand Out from the Crowd

If there’s anything that can be taken from this, it should be about caring for your eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. They do so much for us, so it’s time we start to do so much for them. The skin around your eyes needs just as much attention and you can do this just by changing up your routine just a little and add a few extra serums, moisturisers and cleansers into your beauty bag. Make your eyes stand out from the crowd and give them a little TLC along the way, you won’t look back!

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