End your Eyelash Envy

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Eyelashes come in different lengths, colours and even shapes to a certain degree, and more often than not you can guarantee that we will all want what someone else has, even when what we have are perfectly fine in their own way. But these days, “fine” just doesn’t cut it; we want “gorgeous”, and eyelashes are some of the easiest things on our bodies that we can enhance to up our game to gorgeous with as little pain and inconvenience as possible.


End your Eyelash Envy

Xlash Cosmetics

Eyelashes come in different lengths, colours and even shapes to a certain degree, and more often than not you can guarantee that we will all want what someone else has, even when what we have are perfectly fine in their own way. But these days, “fine” just doesn’t cut it; we want “gorgeous”, and eyelashes are some of the easiest things on our bodies that we can enhance to up our game to gorgeous with as little pain and inconvenience as possible.

So, what happened to just loving what we have? Afterall, they’re only eyelashes, why do they make such a difference? Well, eyelashes have historically played a big part in beauty and stature, and their presence alone adds a certain softness to any eye by framing and defining them. It makes sense then that we would want to enhance them and make them stand out to help the eyes become a major focal point on the face, especially if it is easy enough to do so.

The History of Eyelash Enhancement

It all started back in Ancient Egypt, when makeup and cosmetic enhancement were just as common for men as they were women, and eyelashes served great importance as well as a sign of beauty. For starters, the scorching hot sun in the landscapes of Ancient Egypt was powerful and any protection that could be offered against it was a necessity, so, mascara in its very first forms was worn to offer the eyes more shelter from the sun. Mixtures of dung and kohl were used to create the coating and brushed onto eyelashes to make them as thick, long and dark as possible.

Throughout history, the eyes have been seen as the windows to the soul, so wearing kohl eyeliner and mascara was a way of protecting themselves from evil spirits, meaning that it was quite common to see men and women wearing this makeup over the times. The way people thought about eyelashes and enhancing them carried on well into recent history, with different concoctions using soot from fires, or the juices of berries to build a coating and even tint them into different colours.

These days, we are fortunate enough to have eyelash enhancement at arms grasp without the need of risking our health or the condition of our lashes in trying to come up with something new. The options are so vast, that it is easy to see why eyelash envy is so common, as we all have different routines and preferences when it comes to enhancing them. So where do we start? Let’s take you on a modern eyelash enhancement journey that will help you to end your eyelash envy.

Eyelash Serum

If you have eyelash envy then the chances are it’s because you don’t have the eyelashes you used to or perhaps don’t quite know how to get them to grow so long and look healthy at the same time. Well, this is where eyelash serums come in. It is such a simple concept and although many concoctions and mixes of ingredients have been used for years on the eyelashes, it is only really recently that eyelash serums have become a thing of their own to a degree where they actually work and promote a healthy way of growing your own set of lashes to perfection.

What does an eyelash serum do? Well, they actually pack a punch and have many purposes for something that comes in such a tiny tube. The main reason people use eyelash serums is for healthy lash growth that accelerates the growth period of the individual eyelashes and leaves them firmly intact in their follicles for longer lasting eyelashes. Of course, eyelashes don’t last forever unfortunately and each one tends to reach a certain point in its growth stage, then rests waiting to fall out so a new one can begin to grow into the follicle. It’s all part of the eyelash growth cycle and is something we cannot get around, but we can use serums to get them that little bit further.

A good eyelash serum will be made up of natural ingredients that are known to promote growth, strength and elasticity of each individual eyelash, allowing them a better chance at staying put without breakage and dryness. Take Xlash Eyelash Serum for example, its ingredients consist of botanical extracts and vitamins that make the growth cycle a longer process giving your lashes a bit more room to grow before they fall out.

It is a great way of enhancing your eyelashes naturally, without spending too much money and without having to wait too long. Okay, so it isn’t instant, and you will have to wait a few weeks to see the results but the pay off is worth it when you see just what potential your own eyelash have before exploring more permanent options or methods that can cause lasting damage to your eyelashes. If you want to start your journey of ending your eyelash envy and having a great set of your own, an eyelash growth serum could be the way forward.

Gentle Cleansing

When you think about having a perfect set of eyelashes, you may not instantly think of cleansing as a way to do this, but this part of your routine should actually be one of the most important things you do to make sure they are in top condition every single day. How guilty are you of not taking your makeup off properly every single day? I can safely say there have been times where I have just been too tired or have completely forgotten to remove my eye makeup before going to bed, and I can honestly say, my eyelashes have paid the price, even when it is just a one-off occurrence.

The problem is makeup is so cakey, oily and sticky that even when it helps you look great, it really knows how to cling on to the fibres and cells that we put it on and is designed to stay put for a long time, so we inadvertently cause more stress on eyelashes by coating them in mascara and other makeup, leaving them not much room to breath and grow if we don’t cleanse it regularly.

The best tip is to not wear makeup or mascara at all if you don’t have to. Those days off are a great excuse to let them just exist without adding any product to them so they have the opportunity to grow naturally and healthily without fighting against mascara particles. If you do love wearing makeup regularly then the tip is to ensure you are cleansing them gently and thoroughly before applying the next round of makeup.

Makeup removers designed especially for the eyes are the most important thing here, to make sure that they are targeted at the kind of tough and long-wearing mascara that we tend to wear, whilst also being kind to your eyes and the skin around them. This is crucial for envious eyelashes as harsh cleansers can weaken the skin and follicles, vigorous rubbing can cause eyelashes to fall out before the end of their growth cycle, and cleansers designed for the cheeks may not be powerful enough to rid your eyelashes of mascara properly.

The balance is important, and once you have a good cleansing routine you will start to notice that your eyelashes feel stronger and less likely to fall out when you wash them. Want to end your eyelash envy? Gentle cleansing is a great place to start!


As long as you are cleaning it properly before each day ends, then mascara is going to be the easiest way to end your eyelash envy if you get the right one for you. Mascara, as we have discovered, goes back millennia, and has always seen as the most normal way to enhance eyelashes without too much effort. So, how will this work for you? Well, the trick is to really know what it is you need and then how to apply it for the best results.

First you will want to make sure your mascara is new or recently bought; there is nothing worse than old mascara, especially if you are planning on putting it near those lashes. The only thing to do in that situation is to close the tube and place it in the trash, before buying a new one. Kiss goodbye to any mascara that is older than a few months or has started to gather any clumps or weird smells. Not only can this cause infection in the eyes, but it also won’t apply well, and the distribution will be way off anything that looks good.

Then you wasn’t to figure out what you need out of the mascara, without going too overboard on decisions. There is of course lengthening mascara, volumizing mascara, waterproof mascara and mascaras that do all three! If your eyelashes are quite thin or sparse, then lengthening them with mascara will only highlight this, so a volumizing one may work better for you. Water proof mascara shouldn’t really be worn regularly as its coating abilities make it more difficult to remove, which leads to excessive rubbing and more eyelash loss.

Sometimes the best mascaras are the simple ones that have a good wand for separating lashes and doesn’t collect product easily. This means you can apply a couple of coats and not get that spidery look. Length and volume can be easily created in this instance with an eyelash curler, by using it before applying mascara, and never after, you can create the perfect curves and the illusion of extra length without having to pay a heavy price at the salon. The issue with this as a method is it can take time each day to get eyelashes to the perfect point and using curlers and mascara every day can get a bit tedious.

False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are another one that take a bit more effort, but when done right it can look exceptional. In terms of ending your eyelash envy, with false lashes you can literally take your pick of how extreme you want to go with this and have your own eyelashes to be envious of. False lashes have certainly come a long way since they first arrived on the scene with really synthetic looking lashes and a one-size-fits-all kind of shape, its no wonder that 20 years ago it was very obvious when eyelashes were fake. These days, false eyelashes can be as subtle and realistic as you would like and once you have got to grips with applying them you will feel confident enough in your own lashes to even worry about anyone else’s.

Feathered lashes, winged lashes, high curve lashes and even individual false lash sets can give you a look that suits your individual needs so they will always have that bespoke element. Individual false eyelash sets are particularly amazing as they can be used to just fill in the gaps where you have them and not actually do any harm to your existing set. This can be a real way to treat your eyelashes, give them a boost in numbers, but not have to worry about a whole strip accidently falling off halfway through your day. Eyelash envy is on its way to everyone else once you have mastered this step.

Eyelash Extensions

You can’t escape hearing about eyelash extensions these days because they are just so easy and convenient in terms of perfecting your lashes. They are a great option for everyday use where you want the look of mascara and a fuller set of eyelashes but without having to actually wear any. Lash extensions are especially great for one off occasions like weddings and holidays that allow you too look and feel your best without worrying about getting them wet – whether that be from being overcome with emotional tears or splashing around in the warm Mediterranean Sea.

If you decide to go for eyelash extensions to end your eyelash envy, make sure you do your research first and pick a recommended technician that will give you a consultation to make sure you get exactly what you need and what you are paying for. Always follow their advice on how to look after them, avoiding certain chemicals in cleansers and makeup and when they need refilling, make sure you know exactly if eyelash extensions are the right choice for you before committing to another few months of them.

So, there you have it, a few simple methods to help rid yourself of eyelash envy, and perhaps even make your eyelashes the ones that people are envious of. Take care of your eyelashes and they will take care of you.

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