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Xlash Mascara is the perfect ultra-black mascara that will dramatically frame your eyes and provide great lift all at the same time. Its proven formula multi-tasks to treat each individual lash with care while giving you a longer, darker and thicker set of eyelashes for that subtle day-time look or sultry evening glamour.

Add drama to your lashes and experience that WOW-factor with this carbon black mascara. Its unique formula is rich in pigment to give you a darker and more intense look, so when you combine this with its volumising properties, you’ll have to pinch yourself to believe your lashes are real!

Let its combination of vitamins and natural ingredients do the work to make sure you have the healthiest eyelashes with every use. Xlash mascara uses a waterproof formula which won’t let you down in heat or the rain, which means it is absolutely perfect for every-day use.

With real staying power, Xlash Mascara has always got your eyelashes covered.

  • Vitamin-rich formula
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Cruelty free
Key ingredients

Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant


Rich in vitamin A

Carnauba wax

Gives a long-lasting effect

Aqua, pigment black, butylene glycol, polyvinyl acetate, carboxymethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose-­ pathenol, tocopherol, preservayives.
Key ingredients

Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant


Rich in vitamin A

Carnauba wax

Gives a long-lasting effect

sharp eyeliner

Eyeliner for breaking hearts

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Your product is absolutely amazing!!! Makes my eyelashes look longer and healthier! Loads of people have said how nice my eyelashes look and ask what I use all the time!

Sasha P

I love this mascara! It’s just incredible how good my lashes looks after applying it. I’m in love.

Emilia S.(verified owner)

Love this mascara! I usually don’t use mascara cause I don’t like the outcome of it but I really love XLash, it applies great and looks so good. I definitely will be trying out other products from this brand! ❤️


I have used this Mascara for a while. I really like it. The effect it gives to my eyes is second to none. Definitely one of my favourites. Hope to try other products soon! 🙂

Diandra Orodan(verified owner)

This mascara is the best!!! It applies so well and my lashes look longer than ever when I use it!
Can I also mention that I am absolutely in love with the brand because of their #crueltyfree values?!! Keep on going! You are the best!



Xlash Mascara gives long, full and separated eyelashes and is enriched with vitamins E and A to create a nourishing formula. The gentle formula contains carbon black pigments that ensure a rich and deep color that lasts all day thanks to the mascara’s water-resistant ability.

Thanks to the modified oils, it is easy to remove the mascara with warm water (40 degrees or warmer) or using a makeup remover.

Yes, Xlash Mascara is water resistant and can resist water penetration to a certain degree. Xlash Mascara contains modified oils with special polymers to ensure moisture resistance during the day.

Xlash Mascara helps your eyelashes get more volume, length, elasticity and shine.


Yasmine applying Xlash PRO

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