Xlash Xlash Eyelash Curler
Xlash Eyelash Curler

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Xlash Eyelash Curler

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Curl like a pro with Xlash Eyelash Curler

For longer-looking, lifted lashes in seconds

Makeup artist favorite, Xlash Eyelash Curler is professionally designed to create captivating curls in seconds.

  • Stylish, safe design
  • Easy to use
  • No-slip grip handles
  • Creates curls in seconds

    Xlash Eyelash Curler is a safe, simple way to curl your lashes - just open the curler over your lashes, close, hold for a moment and release for instant lift. The luxurious, velvet-touch handles are easy to grip for precision curling and the central hinge regulates pressure for enhanced safety.


    Is Xlash Eyelash Curler safe to use?

    Xlash Eyelash Curler has been professionally developed with safety in mind. Designed with luxurious, velvet-touch handles to reduce the risk of slipping and a central pressure-regulating hinge to prevent pinching, Xlash Eyelash Curler is safe to use for all eye shapes.

    How can I curl my lashes with Xlash Eyelash Curler?

    Use Xlash Eyelash Curler before applying mascara. Simply open the curler over your lashes, position near to the lash line and squeeze shut. Hold for a moment and release. For a more pronounced curl, continue to open and close the curler at intervals further down your lashes.

    How long will the curl last for?

    Xlash Eyelash Curler creates temporary curls that will drop out naturally over time, usually by the following day or when you remove your makeup. Apply mascara immediately after curling to set the curl.


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    Xlash Eyelash Curler

    £ 18.95 GBP