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What is Xbrow tweezers?

Achieve perfectly defined brows with Xbrow Perfect Brow Tweezers. These stylistically pure tweezers are made from the highest quality steel, making them durable and never in need of sharpening.

With its perfectly slanted tips and strong grip, Xbrow Perfect Brow Tweezers is the beauty staple that you wished you’d discovered years ago. Xbrow Perfect Brow Tweezers has ultra-precise tips, which makes it a perfect tool for removing any unwanted, stubborn hair, and even the thinnest hair.

The tweezers close both evenly and firmly thanks to the tension calibration. Due to this, these tweezers will come close enough and get a good grip of the hairs when you pluck them. Thanks to the precision and strong grip they won’t sheer the hair off like other tweezers can do, resulting in hair growing back quicker.


  • High quality steel
  • Slanted and sharp tip
  • Even and firm closure thanks to tension calibration

How to use

Xbrow Perfect Brow Tweezers allows you to groom your brows like a professional, without even stepping out your front door. Here’s a couple of tips on how to get the best results with Xbrow Perfect Brow Tweezers:


Take a warm bath or shower, which will open up your pores and give you a smoother plucking experience as well as minimising discomfort.


Brush your eyebrows upwards, as this will make it easier for you to see where to pluck.


Make sure to only pluck one hair at the time. Place the tweezers close to the root and pull it in the direction of the hair growth carefully but with a firm grip.

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