Your eyelashes have been on point ever since you started using Xlash but what about your eyebrows and lips? Our eyebrow conditioning serum and Xbrow tweezers work with you to transform sparse, weak or uneven brows into longer, thicker, full, shaped and healthy looking beautiful brows. As with all our products they are cruelty free and with no unwanted side effects create a truly natural look.

Eyebrow makeup has been around for a long time and it works but it can only do so much. Using your favourite makeup on top of sparse brows will never gives you as effective enhancement as working on top of a strong healthy base. The bold brows that are popular right now need well-conditioned good looking eyebrows to form the foundation, then you can get really creative on top.

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The XLASH COSMETICS collection consists of exclusively selected products that help you to enhance your beauty naturally. With proven results and clinically tested products, we not only bring you safe products but also results. Empower your lashes, lips or brows with XLASH COSMETICS.