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9 of the biggest beauty trends S/S 2022

The 2022 beauty trends are here and we here at Xlash Cosmetics have checked out the Fashion Week catwalk… It looks like it’ll be a fun year for all beauty nerds. We’re seeing everything from glitter, gloss and neon to natural luster with a lot of blush!

Hair and makeup trends for 2022

The 2022 beauty trends are reflected in Gen Z’s explorations in the past year that has revived both fashion and beauty trends from the early 2000s. So if you’re a little older than a teenager, you can dig out your old wardrobe, accessories, and make-up techniques because they’re making a comeback!

Glitter, glamour & gloss

Glitter makes a strong comeback… Everywhere. And we really mean everywhere. Body glitter, eye shadows, in the hair, glitter eyeliners and we even saw glittering ears (yes, ears!) on the catwalk. If you aren’t ready to go all-in with glittering shoulders and legs, you can use a cream to add glow to your body during the summer months. Another way to incorporate the trend is glittery eye shadow.

The middle part

Another trend from the early 2000s that’s made a comeback is middle-parted hair. Gen Z predicted it already last year! The straighter the better. Works great in both a sleek updo, a short pageboy style, or luscious waves. A perfect trend that’s easy to try out without any major commitment.

Natural glowy skin

Put your full-coverage foundation away and pick out a day cream with color in it, a BB cream, or a light foundation — if you want to follow 2022 trends, that is. Several designers chose a natural look with a lot of glow. Invest in good skincare, moisturizing, and a cream highlighter to get the look.


This started already at the beginning of 2021, but we’re now seeing an increase. The trend is fresh, natural but clearly visible. You also don’t just have to wear it on your cheeks but sweep it over your nose or up to your temples for a natural and fresh look. Here we see that cream blush is a very good alternative — choose one in a color that suits your skin tone and apply (at least) twice as much as you usually do!

Metallic hair accessories

Designers love to complement their looks with statement hair pieces. In recent years we have seen scrunchies, pearl hairpins and hair clips. This year metallic that sets the tone. Both smaller, discreet clips but also tiaras! If you like to go all in with your hair, this is your year.

Glossy lips

The glossier the better! Works both on its own on naturally colored lips or on a statement color like a beautiful red or pink. You can also add gloss to the eyelids for a wet and glossy look.

Peach lips and shadows

Every spring and summer we see an orange trend shade and this year it’s peach. A super fresh look whether the color is applied to eyes, cheeks or lips. It goes well with the glowy natural skin we’re seeing a lot. The color is also flattering on most skin tones!

Neon details

Replace your regular winged eyeliner with one in neon! Pink, orange or maybe green? The perfect way to add some color without it being too much! You can also play around with a more graphic look.

A sleek hairstyle

In 2022 we’ll see a classic sleek ponytail but also other variations… Add one of the other trends such as glitter, statement accessories, or a 00s middle part to maximize the trend!

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