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Interview: Rebecca Tries Xlash On One Eye

Before and after pictures are great, but sometimes it’s better to hear peoples’ stories. Rebecca is one of many that have discovered that Xlash really works. In order to find out if Xlash makes a difference, she decided to be her own guinea pig and try it- on one eye. Let’s find out what she thought of the results and if she feels like she can recommend Xlash to others.

Why did you feel that you needed to try an eyelash serum?

My natural lashes are very thin, they’re not very long and they don’t have a lot of color to them because I’m so fair. I’ve always wanted long lashes and I do not wear false eyelashes well at all. I don’t apply them well and then they bother me.

My daughter is fair as well and my husband has dark hair and dark eyelashes. She must have gotten his eyelashes because she’s this fair-skinned, red head, blue-eyed with giant eyelashes and I’m so jealous so I had to do something!

What about Xlash appealed to you initially?

I liked that it was non-irritating. I’ve tried serums for years and I am sensitive, but not to everything but sometimes things can be very irritating and I know within a couple of days and I was so happy that the days, the weeks went on. No irritation, no itching, no redness so that was wonderful.

When I saw other testimonials on the website I thought ‘I’m going to stick with it, I can do this’. But that it didn’t bother me in the beginning, that’s why I stuck with it.

The other serums that you’ve tried, why did they not work for you?

I’ve done a couple of other brands that have a similar application to Xlash. I like when the brush is thin and the Xlash formula goes on so nicely. I did the castor oil method and that is so messy. It was actually my daughter’s friend that was doing it and her lashes were amazing and I was like ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but I have to do it’ and she was like ‘Oh, I’ve just got castor oil’. So I ordered what she ordered and I was putting that stuff on and it’s mascara, it’s all over the tube- it was just a mess. I didn’t see any results after a month and then I just thought ‘I’m not doing this’.

I’ve tried several different formulas and with the mascara wand you just don’t get the results because you have to really coat everything. You want to get it at the root base where your lashes are growing.

How did you go about trying Xlash?

When I do before and after pictures for other products, I often find it difficult because it’s good to have the same lighting, the same time of day, and to have both the before and after samples in the same situation so that the audience can really see that it’s not a trick. So I thought my audience would enjoy being able to see it without having to look at an old photo or something that might not be as dynamic but to just see it for themselves.
So I thought ‘It’s not going to hurt’. So I have short lashes on one side- big deal. So I just went about it and kept with it and then it was kind of fun.

After one month I felt like I needed another month.

So it took you two months before you noticed the results you were looking for?

Yes, and I think that’s just because of my biology. My hair doesn’t grow very quickly, my nails don’t grow very quickly, that’s just how I am.

After the two months, they sprouted it was just like BOOM! And then being able to put on mascara and play with them, being able to show it… I just felt like that was the best example if somebody wanted to try it. They could say ‘that worked on her’ and not just think that it was just a picture or that it was because she was wearing mascara before or after. I just felt it was the most honest, easiest way to see the difference.

Doesn’t it feel weird to have long lashes on one eye and short on the other?

It didn’t occur to me before, it was just kind of fun. Now I’m just looking at the other side and there’s really a difference, I cannot wait for them to start growing! Thank goodness there is mascara! I’m doing what I can, but it’s fine.

I love experimenting. I have no problem with trying something. I won’t cut my own hair but I’ll pretty much do anything else. It’s fine, it’s just eyelashes, it’s no big deal.

Who would you recommend Xlash to?

Everyone! Especially people with sensitive eyes, people that are like me with short lashes that have never really seen any difference with anything else they’ve used. And also people who don’t have the time or money to get lash extensions and don’t want the up-keep or like me don’t want to wear false eyelashes and just want to rely on a really good mascara and natural lashes and then boom, that’s it. Enjoy it. Boys, girls, young old, whoever. I say: go for it!

Is there anything else you like about Xlash?

I love that it’s an international product, because I’ve seen some makeup artists from London on social media that are sharing things that are only in the UK. It looks so amazing and you want to get it but you can’t.
I also think it has such a good social media presence. I really think it’s really convincing and you can feel confident about it and so I’m happy to just continue and be on board. It feels genuine to me.



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