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How to get rid of dry lips

Dry lips are the worst! Sore, chapped lips are both uncomfortable, painful, and make it difficult to apply lip makeup. Xlash Cosmetics has collected the absolute best tricks to avoid dry lips!

The best for dry lips

Scrub your lips

If you have dead and dry skin on your lips, it can keep the moisture from reaching the area that needs it. You can buy a lip scrub, mix your own with oil and sugar or soak a terry towel with warm water and scrub gently. Be careful and scrub too little rather than too much. Instead, do it a little every or every other day when you have very dry lips so that you don’t damage the thin and sensitive skin by being too rough.

You can also do a lip scrub as a preventive treatment once a week. Make it a little lip routine and a moment for self-care.


Instead, choose a product with a lot of oils, seed butter and vitamin E. Xlips Cacao Lip Mask contains cocoa butter that moisturizes and prevents dry and irritated skin, Vitamin E contains soothing antioxidants and murumuru seed butter that provides long-lasting hydration. It also feels magical on the lips! Apply a thicker layer on the lips and wear overnight or use as a regular lip balm during the day.

Prevent chapped lips

Don’t lick your lips

Licking your lips is a bad habit you need to kick! It might feel soothing at the moment but it actually makes your lips even drier because it strips the lips of all their moisture and dries them out.

Drink plenty of water

Moisturize from the inside out. Being dehydrated is one of the most common reasons for dry lips. You become dehydrated when your body uses more fluid than it receives. The amount of water you should drink depends, among other things, on age and activity level. Other symptoms of not drinking enough water may include dizziness, dry mouth and headaches.


You may be careful to apply SPF to your face and body, but what about your lips? The skin on the lips is very sensitive, thin and can easily get sun damage. Using SPF not only protects them from getting burned and starting to peel, but also builds a barrier against sun damage and prevents chapped and dry lips.

Why you get dry lips

Dry lips can be due to a variety of things.


Dry, cold air outside and warm and dry air indoors can make the lips dry and irritated because they’re always exposed. There isn’t much to do about this except protect them with lip balm—especially during the colder months of the year!

Lip inflammation

If you often have extremely dry lips, you may have an inflammation in the lip. They can occur for several different reasons, including you licking your lips a lot. If your symptoms are long-lasting, talk to your local pharmacy or doctor.

Vitamin deficiency

If your body doesn’t get enough vitamins and minerals, it can affect your lips! Maintain a versatile diet for better skin, hair and lips.

Medication and treatments

Many medications have dry skin as a side effect. Make sure you give your lips the best conditions if you’re on medications that can cause dry skin.


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