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Eyebrows with you through thick and thin

Eyebrows are certainly a force to be reckoned with. The hairs are either sparse and unruly, or thin and barely there. I always feel so jealous of the few women who wake up in the morning with the perfect brow and no need for grooming, but there are products out there to help achieve the perfect brow.

There are some extreme eyebrow treatments making their way into the mainstream but make sure you understand your options before opting for anything drastic or permanent. I’m here to explore a few of the options with you, to make that final choice a little bit easier…

The Option Of Eyebrow Serums?

So, your eyebrows haven’t been the same since it was trendy to have a thin line above your eyes back in the nineties? Or have you always suffered with thin hair? Maybe your eyebrow hairs are prone to falling out easily or, dare I say, age is becoming a factor and the hairs have started naturally thinning out. You have probably spent some time searching online for a miracle cure?

Well, as with most things, there is no one off miracle cure but by sticking to a routine and making self-care a priority, time will be your friend and you will be able to start showing off your results pretty quickly.

Most of the time, when we think of fixing eyebrows we go straight to the serum, dyes and tweezers. I’ll get onto those later, but first it is important to mention how your lifestyle can have an effect on hair growth (all of your hair growth!) and by making a few little changes, you can start the process of rejuvenating life back into your eyebrow.

1. Getting enough sleep is a no-brainer when it comes to the human body. It is when our bodies recuperate and repair, so of course this will promote healthy hair growth. Stress is also a major factor in hair loss or problematic hair regrowth, so by eliminating stressful situations and getting your 8 hours recommended sleep at night, you will be on the path to healthy and shiny eyebrows.

2. Nutrition also plays such an important role in hair growth. Your body needs essential vitamins and proteins to stay healthy, so why wouldn’t your hair? The hair’s natural protein, keratin, needs feeding just like you do in order to maintain luscious and shiny hairs on your brows.

So, after the general health and nutrition lecture it’s onto the serums and other remedies, the most interesting stuff you probably wanted to read about when you clicked on this post, however, I wanted to stress one last time that committing to the above will mean serums, homemade DIY remedies or anything else you try will have a better chance of success and will its job faster!

1. Aloe Vera has re-hydrating properties and is known to soothe skin so can have a real positive effect if you simply can’t put down those tweezers, but it also helps stimulate the hair follicles so by rubbing some of this on at night, it should help with eyebrow hair growth. The down side to this is not everyone has an Aloe Vera plant at home and if you do start breaking leaves off every week it wont last. Gels and creams containing Aloe Vera are available but usually also contain chemicals that may not react well with certain parts of your skin, so patch testing would be recommended before slathering this all over your eyebrows at bed time!

2. Castor Oil on its own has properties that penetrate the hair follicle and encourage growth so in theory this could be an effective natural remedy to get those hairs moving. It is not what everyone needs though as castor oil mainly promotes length but not thickness and a massive down side is that while it penetrates the hair follicle, it doesn’t really absorb into the skin. So, applying make-up such as brow tints or darkening make-up after won’t be effective.

If you are one of the unlucky ones from the over-tweezing generation, you may have some small areas of scar tissue and the properties of Castor Oil aren’t going to help with this so a mix of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera can plus castor oil can help with this. The skin around and underneath our eyebrows is very delicate, and probably even more so now after years of tweezing! So, it is crucial to start treating it right, or encouraging hair growth with any product you choose will render it ineffective.

So, all of the above sounds great right? If we look after our body, it will look after us! And as much as natural remedies in eyebrow growth tempt me, I’m a woman of convenience and I don’t want to spend my days mixing vitamin e, snapping branches off a plant and trying to find a pot of castor oil! If you are a full-time mother or worker, you can probably relate. The daily make-up application and nightly removal routine can already use up enough time as it is, so I like to consider options that will slot neatly into my beauty regimen.

This is where innovative formulas that are designed to condition, thicken and darken eyebrows come into their own as they focus on convenience while also been cost-effective.

Eyebrow Serums have been designed for women like us and have gained massive popularity over the last few years, you have probably guessed by now that I am going to talk about the Xbrow Eyebrow Conditioner. This handy little serum contains natural ingredients that are all known to promote growth and all while being kinder to your skin and eyebrow hair. Not only does it encourage your hairs to grow but it transforms your eyebrows from thin and wispy to thick and full in just a matter of weeks. This gives the appearance of darker brows by making them denser in shape.

The best thing about the Xbrow serum is how easy it is to apply, and you don’t have to go ripping leaves off your brand-new Aloe Vera plant or scour the aisles of your nearest health shop to find various oils and then create your own mixture. It is all there in one tube and only needs a small application each night to be effective.

The options are vast when it comes to eyebrows, but one thing is always clear, and that is we would all feel a growth in our confidence if we had the same growth in our eyebrows. Investing in a product that suits you and can enhance your arches while remembering to look after your nutrition and sleep at the same time, will indeed show results.

And as I always say… Good Brows, good mood, good day!

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