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Enhancing Eyelashes Q&A: How to combine extensions with Xlash


Can’t get enough of long lashes? Then you might be wearing eyelash extensions. And we get it, of course, you want amazing lashes to show off to the world. They sometimes seem like the ultimate fashion accessory. The result is natural-looking (sort of), they are instantly beautiful, you look gorgeous without makeup and your Instagram-posts will make everybody jealous.

Many believe that eyelash extensions are the answer to every lash question. You don’t need a curler or mascara and your lashes will live happily ever after.

But before you decide that you don’t need an eyelash serum, think again. Here are the two most frequently asked questions regarding using Xlash in combination with eyelash extensions. The answers might surprise you!

What do the Lash Artists Say?

We work closely with a bunch of amazing lash artists who recommend that their clients use Xlash. But why would they do that if they sell lash extensions? Why would anybody need both?

It turns out that since Xlash makes your lashes stronger, it s actually the perfect combination since extensions do tend to damage your natural lashes. In fact, some people are horrified when they see their own lashes after using extensions for a while, as they can get really short and thin.

Using Xlash while wearing extensions is actually recommend. Lash artists also claim that your lashes become easier to work with if you combine the two as extentions alone can get tricky.

Does Xlash Harm or Damage the Eyelash Extensions?

As a wearer of eyelash extensions, you may know that they are quite fragile and you need to be careful with them, mainly because of the glue. This might make you believe that an eyelash serum, that you apply like an eyeliner at the root of your lashes, could be damaging to the extensions.

However, this is not the case, as Xlash is a water-based product as opposed to oil-based (which would be bad for them).

In other words, you can safely use Xlash without worrying about how it affects your expensive lashes!

How Long Should I Use Xlash Combined with Eyelash Extensions?

One tube of Xlash lasts for about a month, sometimes more. Most people notice good results after this period of time. Some of them reason that they’ve reached their goal and their own lashes are longer and healthier. Others choose to continue using it for as long as they have their extensions.

Most people benefit from having using Xlash during the period the wore extentions after the extensions are removed as the impact of wearing and removing extentions takes a toll on the natural lash beneath!

How Often do I Need to Apply Xlash?

The best way to get quick results is to apply Xlash every evening before you go to bed regardless of if you have extensions or not but always make sure that you have removed your makeup before application.

The application is quick and easy. Just remember to add it as a final step of your skincare routine every night and your lashes will be long and strong before you know it.

Can I Use Xlash before I get Eyelash Extensions?

It is always a good idea to make sure that your natural lashes are as healthy as possible before you get eyelash extensions. Ideally, you would use Xlash about a month before you get your extensions. That gives them plenty of time to be nourished and grow healthy and long making them resilient to the wear and tear of day to day extension usage.

Can I use Xlash Instead of Getting Eyelash Extensions?

Extensions are expensive and time-consuming, so we understand why you would want to find an alternative. Whether you should get extensions or only stick with Xlash and mascara is up to you and depends on what kind of results you want.

Many of our customers say that people have asked them if they are wearing fake eyelashes when they have been using Xlash for a few weeks.

If you feel hesitant about getting extensions and are thinking of trying Xlash instead, we say: go for it! Trying Xlash doesn’t mean that you can’t get extensions later on, in fact, it will only be good if your lashes are as strong as possible when you get the lashes done!

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