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East Eyeliner tutorial

Xlash Eyeliner

Create the perfeCt eyeliner with Jackie

Applying eyeliner has never been easier thanks to Jackie’s 5 simple steps!

Jacqueline Aranguiz is a makeup artist with over ten years of experience. If you want to see more of Jackie’s creative makeup looks, we recommend that you take a look on her instagram, @jackie_makeup83.

Step 1: Use tape

Jackie’s first step in creating the perfect wing is to use tape — yes, you heard right! Using tape under the eyes is the secret to creating the defined eyeliner look. Place the tape underneath the outer corner of your eye and angle it as you wish. Make sure that the tape sits evenly on both eyes to get a uniform result.

Step 2: Make two dots

In the next step, you need to bring out your eyeliner and make a small dot on your upper lash line, where the eyeliner will be the thickest. Then make another dot where the eyeliner should end. The dots will guide you where to apply eyeliner.

Tip: Raise your chin

Then lift your chin and look down when applying eyeliner to prevent the applicator from coming into contact with the lashes. To create a defined wing, Jackie recommends using an eyeliner that has a pointed and thin felt applicator similar to Xlash Eyeliner.

Step 3: Work vertically

The fourth step is to take out your eyeliner! Remember to work in a vertical direction and meet the point when applying eyeliner.

Step 4: Connect the dots

The next step is to bring the dots together! Start by applying the eyeliner from the starting point (the dot on the upper lash line) and paint gently to the end point, where the wing should end. Repeat the step on the other eye.

Then remove the tape and voilà — now you have a sharp and perfect wing! If the result is uneven, you can always use a dry cotton swab or a little concealer to fix the wing.

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