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Beauty boost your brunch—5 simple additions

If there’s one thing we love when the weather (and mood!) gets a little better, it’s brunch! Xlash Cosmetics lists what you can add to give yourself a real beauty boost on the inside that will show on the outside. Luster, strong nails and better beauty sleep? Yes thank you!


Blueberries really are super berries. They don’t just contain heaps of antioxidants but also vitamins C, B, and minerals that help the body’s functions. Vitamin C has quickly become a must-have in the bathroom cabinet due to its luster inducing and smoothing properties, so make sure you get it from the inside as well!


The super-ingredient collagen is best absorbed with vitamin C. Therefore, mixing 1-3 teaspoons of collagen into the juice is perfect. It can also mask any flavors. Our skin is made up of approximately 75% collagen which is broken down by aging and external stresses. Therefore, using it in skincare and supplements has become very popular.

P.S if you don’t want to take collagen powder, our Hair Growth Formula contains both collagen, biotin and lots of other vitamins and minerals for hair, skin and nails.


Don’t be skeptical of spinach! It’s a good and easy way to get your greens — just mix it into the smoothie. You basically can’t taste it along with banana, berries, and your other favorite ingredients. Spinach contains a lot of good vitamins and minerals, but the ones you usually talk about are Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and folic acid. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system, vitamin K strengthens the skeleton and folic acid is needed to produce protein.


The ultimate sandwich must be avocado, salmon, and egg. Not only incredibly tasty but also contains lots of healthy and necessary fats and proteins that take care of your skin, hair, and nails. Salmon contains omega-3 which is said to give luster and moisturize from the inside out, avocados contain vitamin E which is a real skin hero, and eggs contain antioxidants that contribute to young and healthy skin!


Yogurt (both dairy and vegan!) contains lots of good bacteria for the stomach. Add seeds for a simple beauty boost! Pumpkin seeds are good for a lot but help, among other things, beauty sleep. It’s the tryptophan that’s converted into the sleep hormone melatonin.

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Futuristic Faces


What is the first thought that comes into your head when someone asks you to think of the future? Flying cars, metallic clothing, and robots in every home? Well 30 years ago you would be forgiven for thinking that this was all the future. Today it feels like we are already in the future when we consider all the advances in technology, transport and clothing. So why not add make up and cosmetics to the mix?

We have come so far in all cosmetic advancements that the products we put on our face and body are carefully formulated to make us look younger, make our skin feel smooth and even to plump up our lips! So, we all wish we could stop the clock, but if we could jump even further into the future, I wonder if we would be able to reverse the effects of ageing even more than we can now with just a couple of applications of the latest skin moisturiser or lip balms.

Eyes are another matter altogether; some say they are the window to the soul and they can tell our secrets. Well as long as they aren’t telling people my age, I don’t mind! But seriously, with everything that goes on in and around our eyes, they really are a tell-tale sign of our health and well-being, so I’m thankful that the future has brought along some great advances that keep some of my eye secrets hidden.

Makeup Trends

When I was younger, I imagined everyone would be walking around with wonderfully weird neon hair styles and silver make up adorning their eyes in the future. Now, while you may see these trends on the catwalks or in editorial fashion magazines, it is a rare sight to see in the majority of the population and in fact “futuristic” makeup is more to do with making it look like you aren’t wearing much makeup at all! Contouring and highlighting are skills that have been picked up quickly and there are now more than just a few shades of foundations and cover creams to ensure skin tones are matched perfectly.

The options with eye shadows are near endless and with ingredients that add high pigment content to make them last longer on your eyes means that the future is about staying power. I remember having to top up my make up every couple of hours just to get that “freshly applied” look whereas nowadays I barely need to carry my makeup kit around with me.

Lipsticks are no longer just lipsticks; they are creamy and luxurious with added moisturisers and even SPF to protect your lips from the sun’s harmful rays and keep them smooth and silky throughout the day. You can even buy lipsticks and stains that last the promised 24 hours they say on the tube – which can be much to your dismay when you try to remove it. Perhaps they are too far in the future!

Lip liners are no longer used to create a distinctive line around that pout that could give a circus clown a run for their money! They are now beautifully crafted to match your chosen shade of lipstick and compliment it while defining your lips to really accentuate their shape. Nude lipsticks and lip liners are amazing, as they definitively give you that “I woke up like this” look while really drawing focus to your lips which is a great tip if they are your best feature.

Eyeliners are no longer limited to pencils that leave you searching high and low for your precious eyeliner pencil sharpener just when you need it – we’ve all been there! But the future brought us liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliners and pen eyeliners to name a few and this is perfect for those with a steady hand who favour the cat-eye or the wing or even those who love a bit more of a helping hand and the convenience of a pen but still get the sharp lines associated with gel and liquid eyeliners. I have my own little collection of eyeliners depending on the occasion but love a good old kohl pencil for casual smudges or the smoky effect as well as my Xlash Eyeliner carbon black pen for those days where I want to ooze sophistication but with the ease of a pencil. Maybe the eyes can keep secrets after all!

And we can’t forget to mention eyelashes and eyebrows. Wow, the future really did us proud in those departments! How did we all cope with plastic looking false eyelashes that fell off at every convenient opportunity? Why did eyebrows go from one extreme to the other? They were either in the form of two very furry caterpillars comfortably sitting above the eyes or two painfully obvious drawn on lines that got just got thinner by even looking at a pair of tweezers! The future of makeup has worked miracles for eyelashes, false eyelashes are more common in non-synthetic forms these days and the adhesives are kinder to the skin on your eyelids while at the same time holding them in place for the duration of the day. And now even more popular are the eyelash extensions! The best thing about them is they look enhanced and natural at the same time, so you won’t have to worry that you look like you just stepped out of a time machine from the past!

Eyebrows finally came into their own and the future proved to us all that you can rock the natural look with a little taming here and there, some colour to fill in the sparse areas and bucket loads more confidence that that suit your face shape and your hair colour.

Say Goodbye to the Past

It’s amazing how much things have changed when it comes to what we put on our faces. I know I’m certainly happy to have more choice when it comes to eye makeup especially. But I don’t just want to bash the makeup of the past. We should all show our appreciation for the concoctions and inventions that gave women the chance to exude femininity through the decades.

Eyeliners and mascaras used to be a lot trickier than they are today. If you take it all the way back to the earliest days of eye makeup, you will find out that in their beginning forms they were made from soot, charcoal and other dark substances mixed and applied around the eyes to either protect from the sun and harmful dust particles as well as a representation of stature and wealth within their community. It can be seen in classic representations of early Egyptians and ancient Greece and Rome on both men and women who wore more dark “makeup” around their eyes in such a fashion that hierarchy could be seen easily. Social class determined the wearing of makeup for many centuries to come and it was never a mainstream desire to wear mascara or eyeliner until post Victorian times where it started to become packaged and promoted and the need to have longer looking lashes and stand-out eyes became the new status in society. Hollywood Starlets were preened and polished and encouraged to make their look more visible and relatable and so copycats yearned for the opportunity to look just like their favourite actresses and singers.

Mascara initially came in smaller tins containing a cake of dyed soap like substance that was applied using a wet brush. It was very messy and time consuming. Eyeliner came in kohl form for many centuries and although that’s how it is marketed today, it is without the harmful substances that were actually contained.

As the trends came and went each decade throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries so did the old ways of making and packaging eye makeup, but we must thank these trials for how far they have come today to ensure that people everywhere have the opportunities to wear what suits them in a safe way. As we say goodbye to the past fondly, now it is time to really embrace the future of makeup.

Future-Proof your Face

I don’t know about you, but I see faces are starting to look younger and younger as people get older these days. Cosmetic enhancements aside, there is a whole new wave of 30 and 40 year olds that could pass for someone in their 20s and that can largely be down to how much effort has been put into products that keep us looking and feeling younger, available at every beauty counter in the country!

But future proofing your face isn’t just about looking younger, it’s about keeping your complexions as clear as they were ten years ago, about keeping your lips as plump as ever, and about keeping your eyes looking clear and sparkly and not tired from years of work and commitments that can start to wear you down. Future proofing your face can be about using as little effort as possible to achieve all of those things, not putting in hours of work each day to make it look like you haven’t put any in at all!

So, how do we do it?! Impossible, you might say! But the reality is it is easy to look after your features without waking up an hour earlier each day to apply a cupboard full of lotions while panicking that you can’t find your shoes or you’ve spilled your breakfast down your top and you’re going to be late for work. No one needs that stress added to a workday!

I’ll bet we all know that feeling though, waking up after a broken night’s sleep, the alarm won’t shut up and you just want an extra half hour of sleep before you have to face the day. It’s a horrible way to start the day, but it happens to the best of us. The lack of sleep ends up causing redness and puffiness and dark circles decide to set up home right under the eyes. Concealer just won’t cut it over the long term and in fact trying to hide the puffiness can only make it worse if you don’t do the right thing and try to help or correct it. Water is your best friend when it comes to helping your complexion, so keep your body and your skin hydrated and start the day with a nice cool glass of water instead of a coffee that can end up dehydrating your skin. If you crave a hot drink first thing, then try to switch up the Americano for an herbal tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants that help clear out all the bad stuff to make room for the new good stuff you are about to replenish the body with… right?

Stick with me here, because once you have mastered how to keep your skin hydrated, you might swap the caffeine addiction out for the smooth skin addiction and think “what more can I do to future proof my face?” Well, next up comes a bit of sage advice that I cannot stress enough: Remove that eye makeup at night! This should be the only real effort that is required of you each day. I know it lacks the same excitement of applying your brand new lipstick and trying out a few eyeliner techniques with your new gel liner, but removing makeup is so important to do before you go to bed as that is the time where your body needs to recuperate and cells regenerate. This is impossible if your face, eyes and lips are coated in oily makeup and grease that will eventually just clog your pores and leave you with unsightly blemishes and areas of irritated or dry skin in the morning. If you cleanse properly each night and leave the skin clear, your face will start feeling smoother and your skin less dull, giving you just the right positive feelings in the morning, so even if you are running late for work, your skin will look perfect anyway. Makeup who?!

Ok, so we have hydration and cleansing down, we are on our way to future proofing our faces. So now we can start thinking about little enhancements that don’t involve any surgery or appointments that can get costly. First… eyelashes. Eyelashes are the perfect facial accessory that we can decorate and enhance to really show off our personality. So, whether you are going full futuristic with your makeup or just looking to stay ahead of the game, the perfect product for you exists.

Have you ever thought of using an eyelash growth serum? Maybe you aren’t too familiar with them or haven’t heard much about what they can do so up until now haven’t bothered. So, let’s clear this up for you. Eyelash growth serums are amazing little formulas that work in the background while you carry on with your normal beauty routines to give your individual lashes a boost, making them grow faster, longer and stronger. Eyelashes don’t grow like hair, so don’t worry, you won’t get comically long eyelashes but those extra few millimetres can be the difference in your eyelash confidence that will make you wonder why you haven’t used a growth serum before.

The way they work best is to apply at night (after you’ve removed that eye makeup!) and then go to sleep and let the power of rest do the work for you. It seeps deep into the follicle and promotes healthy growth so that you can carry on with your normal mascara application in the morning and not even know a thing until a few weeks later when you see your lashes are looking long and may not even want the mascara anymore. Xlash do a great eyelash growth serum and it is compact and easy to carry around with you if you need to take it on holiday or away for the night. It uses natural ingredients and contains antioxidants that rid your follicles and surrounding skin of any dirt or buildup of infection, meaning you can have eyes that glisten without the added worry of redness in the morning.

Eyelashes that stand the test of time is the ultimate future proofing for your face as any trends can come and go but one that has lasted ever since the starlets of Hollywood were gracing the silver screens are darker, thicker and longer lashes and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

Another way to get your face to stay ahead of the present is to really look after those lips. You can get the future on speed dial by embracing the fact that lips need just as much, if not more TLC than anywhere else on your face due to the type of skin that covers them and the exposure to elements, food and drinks that they are put through daily. Lips can tell a lot about your overall health and there are tell-tale signs that you should look out for, so you know when to step up and take care of them. If you don’t do it now, then the future of your lips can start to look a little bleak.

First of all, you should look to keep on top of your lip care and not just look at moisturising them as a chore that you may or may not be bothered to do every day. Luckily, the future is calling you this time and it has brought you just the right products to make sure your lips stay kissable and stand the test of time.

Now, people swear by different balms and remedies to look after their lips, from coconut oil to keep them moist to a sugar and honey scrub to keep them smooth and really whatever works for you is good as long as you are taking time out to use it. But sometimes things like this can get messy and homemade remedies are not for everybody so now it may just be more convenient to try out an intensive care lip balm that does everything in one go. Xlips EGF Intensive Care Lip Balm is a brilliant example of what you can use to get soft and kissable lips that don’t flake or falter under really dry conditions in winter or summer and as it smooths out the skin, it can give the appearance of a plumper and fuller set of lips without the added pain involved with lip fillers or injections. They also do a lip plumping balm if you really want to go to town on those lips and enhance your pout with the added bonus of being able to throw on your favourite shade of lipstick over the top. Is this the future? I think so!

Face the Future

We don’t all have time to think about the present, let alone the future. With busy schedules and hectic lives, it can be hard to keep up with the latest in moisturisers, creams and lotions and then on top of that to find the time to fit applications into the day, so preparing for the future can be tricky. That’s why these little handy tips come highly recommended as they involve little to no effort to apply to either your eyelashes or your lips and they can replace big tubs of homemade concoctions completely, so no more lugging around a big bag of creams that just end up taking up unnecessary space. Invest in a few new little features that will fit in nicely to your skin care routine, not take up any more time in the day to apply and end up with results that can hold back the years and let everybody know that you have faced the future.


Top 10 Reasons Why Eyelash Growth Enhancing Products Are So Popular


Have you ever tried an eyelash serum? Xlash, for example, is a product that has become incredibly popular all over the world. But why is it that so many feel the need to use an eyelash serum? And why do they stick with it? Here are the top 10 reasons why many love eyelash growth products (and why you probably want to try it too!).

The Results

Long eyelashes that look amazing with or without mascara, can it get any better? The results are often clearly visible within a month and last for a good while. Don’t be surprised if people start asking you if you are wearing fake eyelashes as this has happened to quite a few of our customers!

1. The Simplicity

Using an eyelash serum like Xlash couldn’t be simpler. Every night, you apply it just like you would a liquid eyeliner, close to the roots of your lashes. But unlike liquid eyeliners that you need to apply perfectly, you just do a quick swipe and you’re done. I literally takes a few seconds to apply it!

2. The Price

Using an eyelash serum is an inexpensive way to get longer lashes. It’s much cheaper than getting lash extensions and if you divide the price with how many nights you can use it, you quickly realize that it’s actually really affordable.

3. The Natural Ingredients

Natural skincare has become extremely popular over the past few years, simply because we’re fed up with weird chemicals we don’t even know how to pronounce the name of. Xlash is made from natural ingredients that you can trust and that are good for the skin and your lashes.

4. The Fact That You Look Better Without Makeup

Have you ever had second thoughts about leaving the house because you weren’t wearing makeup? Perhaps you thought about if buying some milk really was worth the effort of putting on mascara? Nobody should feel like they can’t leave the house without looking a certain way. Having long lashes naturally can boost your confidence and make you prouder of how you look without makeup.

5. The Lashes Look Fuller and Darker

Even though long lashes would be reason enough to use Xlash, there are two other things that it will do for your lashes. It will make them fuller and darker. This is perfect for those who are hesitant to dye their lashes, as they don’t want to use hair dye so close to the eyes, even though there are products that are safe to use on your lashes.

6. The Lashes Look Amazing with Mascara

Even though you don’t want to stop using mascara, you can still use an eyelash serum. Having nice lashes without mascara = absolutely amazing lashes when you do apply mascara.

7. Say Goodbye to Fake Eyelashes

Many of us agree that there is nothing more annoying than putting on fake eyelashes. Either, you end up with too little glue or too much. And you never get it right on the first try so then you have to move them about. Sure, it does get easier with some practice, but it’s much nicer to have such long, luscious lashes that you don’t even need to use fake ones.

8. Perfect for Holidaying

If you go on holiday, chances are that you don’t feel like using much makeup, especially if you go to the beach or to the pool to go swimming and working on a nice tan. Using an eyelash serum a month before you go gives the lashes enough time to grow long so that you can look beautiful and feel confident on your holiday.

9. Heals Damaged Lashes

If your lashes are extra short and have been damaged in some way, an eyelash serum is the way to go. It nourishes the lashes and gives them a chance to sprout once more. Many people who, for one reason or another, have started out with thin, short lashes, have experienced a dramatic change after a few weeks of using Xlash. Your lashes usually have a natural cycle of 3-4 weeks, so that’s about the time when you will notice results.


Microblading Pros and Cons


Don’t you wish to have bold and thick eyebrows that you always dreamed about? Thin eyebrows are definitely not trendy at the moment, so what to do if you have almost non-existent or sparse brows?

One method of eyebrow enhancement that has become quite popular during the last couple of years is microblading. It’s very similar to tattooing and permanent makeup. Small needles and pigment are used to mimic natural hairs and add volume to your brows.

But many people are wondering how safe is this method and what are some of the risks including it?

So in this article, we’re going to discuss some of the microblading pros and cons which will give you a greater insight into this eyebrow procedure as well as some alternatives.

Microblading Pros

So let’s start with the pros. There are many positive things about microblading, here are the most important ones.

Appearance of Thicker Brows

If you want to have bold and bushy brows, but your natural eyebrows are very sparse, then you might be tempted to try microblading. You can definitely get thicker eyebrows with this method regardless of how thin your natural brows are.

3D Brow Effect

What makes microblading different from similar procedures is that it really looks like your real brows, if it’s done right. Experienced microblading artists are able to create a 3D effect which creates the perfect illusion of real hairs. So you don’t have to worry that your eyebrows will look fake and unnatural.

Even and Shapely Brows

Almost everybody has at least slightly uneven brows. Sometimes is just natural, and sometimes it may be a consequence of over-plucking. Microblading can correct that much better than makeup. This eyebrow technique can also make your eyebrows shapelier and accentuated which is definitely a plus.

No Need for Eyebrow Pencils

Once you get microblading done, there is really no need for eyebrow pencils. That can save you a lot of time when putting on makeup.

Perfect for People Suffering from Hair Loss

Some people experience hair loss due to diseases like alopecia or even hormonal changes. It’s very sad and can have a really bad effect on someone’s self-esteem.

So if you suffer from any kind of hair loss and you have lost your eyebrows completely, microblading is a very good option. You can recreate your natural eyebrows which will definitely boost your confidence.

Microblading Cons

Although microblading is a great technique for eyebrow enhancement, there are many negative aspects to it that you should be aware of before you decide whether you want to do it. So let’s take a look at some of the microblading cons.


Nothing lasts forever, including microblading. After a couple of years, the full eyebrow effect starts to fade away and you need to repeat the procedure if you want to keep your full brows.

Long Healing Process

One of the worst things about microblading is that it has a very long healing process that lasts at least four weeks. That’s quite a long time. The reason is that microblading is a pretty invasive technique where needles are making cuts into your skin after which pigment added. So your eyebrows need a lot of time to heal, just like regular tattoos do.

So definitely take this into consideration if you’re thinking about getting microblading.

Complicated Aftercare

Another big con of microblading is that it requires extensive and complicated aftercare. Eyebrows after microblading go through many different healing processes which require different type of care.

When the procedure is done, you need to keep the area dry at all times for the first week. After that, you will notice flaking and shedding. During that time, you need to apply oil to your eyebrow area to avoid dryness.

The aftercare is not something that you can skip or avoid because if you don’t do it diligently, your eyebrows will not heal right and they might be completely ruined.

May Cause Infections and Allergic Reactions

Microblading includes a lot of risks like infections and allergic reactions. And you definitely need to take that into consideration if you’re thinking about getting microblading.

Since needles are used to make small incisions on the skin, the risk of infections is really high. But if you do decide to go ahead with microblading anyways, you need to make sure that it is done by a professional.

Not Advised for People with Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin or any type of skin disease, you really shouldn’t get microblading done.

Requires Touchups

If you decide to get microblading, you also have to be prepared to have regular touchups. Otherwise, you’ll end up with faded eyebrows really soon.


If you’re on a tight budget, then microblading might not the right option for you. It can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000, which is really a lot of money.

Can Be Painful

Microblading can be quite painful, just like tattooing is so definitely take that into considerations, especially if you have a low pain threshold.

Eyebrow enhancing serum

Microblading Alternative: Eyebrow Serums

As you can see, there are many microblading cons that might change your decision of getting microblading done. Although the results can be great, there are a lot of risks and negative side effects that might occur. Not to mention that the procedure is very expensive.

So if you don’t want to risk it, but still want to enhance your eyebrows, I suggest you try eyebrow serums like Xbrow.

Xbrow Eyebrow Serum is made out of powerful ingredients that stimulate the hair follicles which results in your eyebrows growing quicker and becoming bushier. But most importantly, there are no risks to using Xbrow and this is a safe and natural method of eyebrow enhancement.

So if you want to get those bold eyebrows, definitely Xbrow Eyebrow Serum – you’ll see amazing results in just four weeks!


Although microblading is very popular at the moment, it’s definitely not for everybody. The healing process is very long and you have to take really good care of your eyebrows if you want it to heal properly. Not to mention risks like infections and allergic reactions. It’s a lot.

That’s why I suggest you first try Xbrow Eyebrow Serum – the natural and safe method of eyebrow enhancement.


What Your Lips are Saying About You


I think the saying goes something like… Loose Lips Sink Ships! Of course, this isn’t meant in the literal sense, it is describing that person, lets face it we all know one, who cannot keep a secret. Someone who divulges too much information which can eventually become their undoing. But I like to think of it in the literal sense, our lips are our number one communicator both verbally and visually. It doesn’t always have to be what we say that gets us in trouble, it can be a look, a smile, or a smirk! Lips give everything away sometimes whether we want them to or not, they can even tell others about our health and our habits which means even when we can keep a secret, our lips cannot!

What Secrets do Lips Hide?

So, our lips are a key indicator to our overall health, if they aren’t right, then usually this means something isn’t right. We all know our own bodies better than anybody so when something is off, even as small as our lips, we can spot it a mile off. The good thing is, using lip health as an indicator makes it easier to find out what is wrong as the signs for various ailments are crystal clear. They are fantastic at warning us that something isn’t quite right and means we are a step ahead so we can do something about it.

Dry and Chapped Lips

This is usually nothing too serious and, in most cases, just means you are dehydrated. Skin on the lips is actually so much thinner than that on the rest of our face. With between three and five cellular layers (the rest of the skin on our face having typically up to sixteen!) the skin can be so thin and in fair or light skin especially, lacking in pigment which causes the blood vessels to be more visible. So if you ever wondered where lips get their pink hue from… there you have it! Lips don’t have sweat glands either, so they massively lack in the area of producing oils. No one is happy when they have oily skin but it is does serve a purpose, and when that’s one major thing the lips lacks, it goes hand in hand with dehydration! So instead of reaching for the lip balm, grab yourself a bottle of water and take sips throughout the day. Problem solved!

Whatever happens when your lips are feeling a little dry or chapped, and no matter how tempting it is DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS! It is a common misconception that saliva is wet therefore must be hydrating. This is so wrong as our saliva contains salts and other enzymes that remain on the lips when the water in the saliva evapourates. This then restarts the cycle of dry lips and the need to lick them. It might not cause any damage instantly but over time you will start to experience even sore lips and stubborn cracks that may be harder to repair.

Discoloured lips

It can be a temporary thing, or it can last over a longer term. Initially lips that have changed colour in full or in part may not be anything of concern, it could be simply you have consumed too much of something unhealthy, alcohol consumption or even too much sun exposure. But usually this kind of discolouration will go hand in hand with dry lips and again can fall mostly down to dehydration. If you notice lips change colour with no other apparent issues, it can be a warning that something else is going on, it could be hormonal, to do with medication you are taking or an underlying health issue. So remember to listen to the warning your lips are telling you and if concerned go and get this checked out for peace of mind.

Lighter lips

Now this may not be anything to be worried about, paleness can usually be seen in our skin when we are not well, when we haven’t been outside in the sunshine for a long period of time, or even when we haven’t been eating properly. It can also be a vitamin deficiency. So if you experience pale lips, its time to re-evaluate your diet and make sure you have a balance of vitamins and minerals that promote healthy blood flow and cell growth renewal. If this doesn’t improve your lip colour after you have gotten over a bout of illness, again it is best to get checked out for peace of mind.

Cold Sores

Everyone’s least favourite. Cold sores are the result of the herpes virus. You may start with that tell-tale tingling or acute stinging in the spot where the cold sore will form at the edge of your lip. Unfortunately they can hit at any time but the good thing is there are lots of topical creams and antiviral lotions that can hit cold sores where they hurt before they break out. If you are unluckily prone to cold sores then you will know it isn’t usually a sign of anything serious, but perhaps that you have just started to get over a cold or illness or maybe that your triggers were too tempting, for example excessive amounts of time in the sun, certain foods or drinks and again that good old lack of H2o and hydration. I think we are starting to see a pattern here!

Swollen and tender lips

This is usually a sign of an allergic reaction. It is a really obvious warning sign and should be treated seriously. Help should be sought if this is the case as swelling can spread and cause difficulty breathing. As much as we would all love plumped up lips, this isn’t the way to go so definitely listen to what your lips are telling you on this one and take action straight away.

So our lips can tell us an awful lot about our physical health and serve as a great reminder to drink some water or lay off the salty foods! So please listen to them as they have a lot to tell you.

What do Healthy Lips Look Like?

Healthy lips generally speaking should be a nice pink colour, but dependent on skin tone this colour may vary. You know your lips better than anybody and you can recognise when something has changed so pay attention to the colour and make sure that they are still rich in the colour you have always known. Lips should look moist without looking like they are dripping wet and should have a smooth texture from top to bottom. We all know lips can come in different sizes, some thin, some thick, some wide and some round but their daily condition should not change dramatically no matter what their shape or size. If you start to develop dryness and cracks in winter, it is something we can all say we have gone through and they will just need some TLC to get them back in to shape after being out in the elements. If they are dry and sore after a long summer holiday, they are most likely sunburned and need to be restored back to health carefully, so you don’t cause anymore damage. Lips will not hide this secret, so it is important you do something about sunburn to prevent more damage and more secrets spilled!

How to Get Your Lips to Stay Quiet

They are clear as day for everyone to see so we all want our lips to turn heads for the right reasons. And there are simple steps we can all follow to make sure lips are healthy. This is more about damage control and things you can do to make sure you are doing the basics for lips to look their best. We’ll get onto the good stuff later!

First and most important and I will keep saying it, DRINK WATER! Your body requires water to regulate its temperature and allows you to sweat to keep cool as well as flushing through toxins and carrying important nutrients to different parts of the body. Your lips are no different. They need hydrating to keep cells regenerating, to keep moisture travelling around and regulate their temperature. When your lips start feeling dry, go and get yourself a big glass of the good stuff, and no, I don’t mean wine!

Which brings me on to my second point, avoid alcohol! Now, I know it can be impossible to resist that nice glass of wine with dinner, or a crisp gin & tonic on a summery afternoon so I can’t say avoid it completely but remember everything in moderation only. Alcohol is another one of those dehydrating goodies and it can be a trigger in cold sores if you are a sufferer as well as causing an imbalance in the body’s natural PH levels. If you are already feeling the effects of dry or sore lips, alcohol will definitely not help matters so it is best to steer clear until you feel good again.

Keep your mouth covered in winter and protected during summer. In winter the cold air is not as good as holding moisture as the warm air, so that’s why you find on a cool wintery day, your lips start to dry out and even shrivel up slightly. Covering them up in the first place should help you avoid this problem but if you find you are already in the thick of it, it may be time to invest in a good lip balm that will keep lips moist and protected without locating them completely so they can’t get any air!

In summer, the destructive UV rays of the sun can cause more damaged to our skin and lips than we even realise at first. We don’t usually feel or see the damage until later on when the sun has gone down, and we hop in the shower. It will start with a tingly and sore sensation, potentially some mild swelling too, then before you know it… sunburn all over. Lips should be protected using a balm that is high in SPF and should be applied at least 30 minutes before going into he sun, and then throughout the day. You’ll be left with a nice shine and smooth lips all evening long.

Try different lip balms or petroleum jelly based balms that work for you. You may find that different balms don’t give your lips the hydration and moisture you need and some balms that are scented or contain fragrances can irritate certain skin. The last thing you want is to keep applying it thinking you are doing your lips wonders and then in a few weeks time, find out they are even drier than before.

So there are the basics in lip care. Follow those steps and your lips should be kept quiet for a little while. They may seem like quite obvious hints now that you have seen the logic behind them, especially when most of it comes down to hydration, but you will be forgiven for thinking you have been doing the right thing by exposing them to sunlight or switching to caffeinated drinks.

Aesthetically Pleasing Lips

Once you have mastered the art of figuring our what works for your own lips and what doesn’t, you can start to think long-term and even bigger improvements. Think about when its time to re-decorate the house, everything can be functional and look just fine, but it feels like the look has grown a little stale and could do with a little spruce or injection of colour to brighten things up. When it comes to aesthetics, our mood can be instantly lifted by having some new furniture to look at or by adding a lick of paint, so why can this not apply to our lips? The answer is it can!

Our mood, stress levels and lack of enthusiasm for our appearance can actually be one of the factors that makes our skin look duller, our lips seem dryer and lack-lustre and our hair to fall flat. There are no rules when it comes to what we can do cosmetically to enhance our features and there are a lot of options now to enhance them surgically, so lips are always an easy target for both. And why not? If our mood is better and stress levels lower, we start to feel better in our own physical health and are therefore more motivated to keep being healthy so we stay in the best shape we can.

There are basically three things to consider if you want to enhance your lips:

1. Do you want to enhance your lips subtly (non-invasive)?

2. Do you want to enhance your lips temporarily (cosmetically)?

3. Do you want to enhance your lips permanently (surgically)?

In exploring these options, you may come across information that can be confusing and if you are looking for something of a more permanent nature, it is always best to seek consultation from a trained surgeon who can recommend whether it will work for you. If your lips are already quite thin, then you may not be able to achieve a fuller lip without ending up with a duck-like pout! If you don’t want your lips to spill your secrets, then this is definitely not the way to go, as it can look quite obvious that they have been enhanced.

So, lets look at the basics for now…

1. You want to improve your lips’ appearance subtly and without any procedures, so its time to consider what it is about your lips that you want to look different. Is it colour? Is it size? Is it definition? Or is it just so they look healthy and shiny every day?

Well colour and definition are quite easy to solve; liners and lipsticks are really advanced these days so they have staying power without compromising your health. Look for a good lipstick with moisturisers that can be easily washed off with cleaners and water. The longer lasting lipsticks can coat your lips, preventing air or oils from getting in and can then cause a bout of dryness when removed.

Look for a tutorial on how to line your lips properly, you don’t want to go overboard and end up with a different shade to your lipstick and end up with lips so overly defined that it looks like a face-paint competition. All lips are different shapes and sizes, but sometimes with clever overlining and matching shades, you can make your lips appear fuller with no risk. It is definitely worth a try before you go for anything surgical so you can get a good picture of what your lips will look like enhanced.

Balms are available that have the ability to instantly plump your lips, such as Xlips Instant Lip Plumping Balm. It is filled with natural ingredients and plant extracts that make your lips tingle, waking up the blood vessels to give you a plumper pout instantly and will last a few hours. This is great for boosting confidence and also keeping your lip size a secret so you can wear it without anyone knowing your little trick to bigger lips.

2. You want to look into temporary lip fillers. These injections are placed very carefully by somebody trained in the field and can increase the volume of your lips and even smooth out unwanted lines to give your lips the full and smooth appearance you have always desired. Good fillers will last between 6-12 months before dissolving naturally. But of course, any procedure carries risk and you will need to make sure you carefully take care of that newly plumped pout after the fillers to keep the hydration and moisture going through them. Look for an intensive care balm that is safe to use with fillers, that provides your lips with the moisture they need that fillers take away.

The good thing is, after fillers, you are free again to play with your lip colour palette and enhance your lips even further. Afterall, this may not be a secret you want your lips to keep! Be proud of your enhanced features and show them off to the world with all the confidence!

3. You are looking for something more permanent that you don’t have to think about too much. Then maybe implants are what you are looking for. Consider into this that it requires stretching of the tissue to place them and may put a lot of strain on your lips. It also will require some recovery time of a few days while your lips settle down and for any bruising to disappear. Incisions will be made at the corners of the mouth the place the implants, and it is usually performed under local anaesthesia, so this one is definitely not for the squeamish. Make sure you seek proper consultation before getting the procedure done and again, keep your lips hydrated afterward. This kind of trauma can reduce moisture and you may need to work even harder to maintain that shiny and plump pout.

Implants are designed to give lips the look of extra fullness but are not designed to smooth other any wrinkles or lines so depending on what you want, they might not be the right enhancer for you. Removal of lip implants is another surgical procedure that can be performed but will again require some down-time and some extra TLC to keep the lips healthy.

Are Your Lips Keeping Your Secrets?

Now you know the options, and you know what basic things you can do to keep your lips looking and feeling healthy, its time to decide which enhancement route is for you. There are plenty of ways to make sure your lips look how you want them to, but it does involve a lot of dedication and nurturing if you want them to stay looking great. And above all, now you know what your lips are saying about you, treat them with care so you know they will only say positive things!


Self-care That Makes You Feel Good


Life is, to put it mildly, hectic. Many of us feel like there is always something important to do or someplace we need to be. But to be able to keep going, it’s important to take some time to relax and unwind. We need to make sure that we don’t get caught up with everything that must get done only to make ourselves suffer as a result.

Everybody needs a moment to reflect now and then, and both our bodies and minds need a break. We will now take a look at what you should do to regain your strength. But let’s first find out what you shouldn’t do!

The Problem with Relaxing on the Sofa

At the end of the day, there might be nowhere you’d rather be than in your cosy sofa. You just want to put your feet up, wear pyjamas, eat some sugar and watch something mindless. And sure, that can be really nice sometimes. But there are a few problems with this type of relaxing that might actually make it counterproductive.

Firstly, watching TV isn’t really relaxing. You probably think that it is, and we get it, it totally feels like it is. But the brain is actually not resting at all when you watch your favourite shows. If you do feel like watching something, limit it to one episode of something you really enjoy watching. Wasting an entire evening watching stuff that isn’t even any good only makes us depressed.

How would you feel if you never had any breaks at work but had to think constantly for, say, five or six hours? You’d be exhausted! Remember that the brain needs to process information when you watch Netflix too, but most people don’t take breaks to do something else.

Chilling on the sofa is, of course, quite relaxing for your body, and it’s true that it is important for your body to get some rest. But staying in a slouching position for hours isn’t good for the body, so this is another bad thing about this common method of relaxing.

Lastly, the time we spend in front of the TV could be spent learning something new, taking care of your body and mind, or spending meaningful time with your family.
So now that we know what you shouldn’t do, let’s see what kind of self-care you can do that will make you feel more relaxed and happier.

Get Some Exercise

Moving your body might be the last thing you want to do after a long day at work, but it might also be exactly what you need. Depending on what you do for a living, you might sit still for most of the day or use the same muscles over and over. Think about what parts of your body that need to be activated and do some light exercise.

You don’t have to feel like you need to go to the gym if you don’t want to, a walk, some Pilates or some stretches might be everything that’s necessary.

Exercising regularly will give you more energy in the long run. It also releases endorphins so that you feel happier straight away.

Read a Book

Reading is often much more relaxing than watching a movie, partly because it can be done in a nice, silent environment. There are many other benefits to reading, for example, that you learn so much from it.

When you read, you can easily be transferred to another world, which can help you endure stress during difficult times in life. Your empathy and interest in other people are also activated, which can help you to think positively. For example, if you read an autobiography about somebody else’s problems, you get a new perspective and it helps you, not only to see how they dealt with them but to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Create an At-Home Spa

Light some candles, apply a lovely facemask and soak in the bath for a while. Listen to some soft music or even a podcast you enjoy. This is a simple way to take care of your body and mind at the same time.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but when people are stressed, they often just take a quick shower because they feel like they don’t have more time to spare. If this is you, make sure to schedule a spa night. Buy a new body scrub, a bath bomb, and a sheet mask and tell yourself that the spa night is important.

Having a good skincare routine every day will also give you a mini break to look forward to. Treat yourself to some nice products that make you feel beautiful, such as creams, perfumes, and an eyelash serum.

Try a New Hobby

Learning about something new gives your brain a chance to focus on something completely different for a while. Try painting, playing an instrument, knitting, or something else that you would like to become good at. Perhaps you would like to learn a new language.

Pick something that you will be able to do without depending on others, remember, this is your self-care activity. You should be able to do a little bit of your new hobby whenever you have some time to spare.

Practicing your new hobby is only part of the process. Let’s say that you want to learn how to paint with watercolor. Of course, you will need to sit down and actually paint a few times a week. But what about those times when you don’t have enough time to take out your paint and brushes, or you simply feel like you don’t have enough energy? Well, then you can watch YouTube videos that teach you techniques and provide inspiration. Or you can read a book on the subject.

Having a hobby like that will give your mind something to escape to that doesn´t have to do with work, picking the kids up at the nursery or helping your mum with the shopping.

Put Away Your Phone

Our phones can make us much more stressed than what is healthy for us. Just having it within reach is a stress factor in itself. When we use our phones, there are lots of things that make the brain happy. Flashing lights and sounds make us happy at first, but it soon turns into anxiety. Many people are addicted to their phones, and as you probably know, addictions are rarely beneficial.

Out of sight, out of mind. Put the phone in another room or even behind something where you can’t see it. This will help you to stop checking it every five minutes and your brain will be able to calm down and focus on more important things. And if you haven´t already, turn off the notifications from apps that only stress you out. If you’re the type of person that can’t leave an email unopened and unanswered, don’t make life hard for yourself, turn off the notifications and start living!

Tidy Up

Tidying can have a massive effect on your wellbeing. Most of us feel much better when our homes are clean and organised, so try to come up with a good cleaning schedule that works for you. And when you notice that the same stuff ends up in the same wrong place, find a good storage solution. Things most often end up in the wrong place when there is no right place for them to go. All your things should have a home where they belong. This sounds simple but will make a big difference.

Drink Water

When we are stressed and tired, it’s easy to reach for the fifth cup of coffee or an energy drink. But staying hydrated by simply drinking water is a good way to become more alert and healthier in general.

Keep a water bottle by your side at work to make sure that you sip some water during the day. Aim for at least two litres of water every day and you might find that you start feeling much better about pretty much everything.

To know if you are drinking enough water, check your urine. It should be pale yellow. Basically, the more yellow it is, the more water you need to drink!

Hopefully you will be able to implement some of these tips and find new energy and happiness in your everyday life!


Are Serums the Fountain of Youth?


They say 30 is the new 20 and now 40 is the new 30! And I don’t even think it stops there. Today’s woman is more empowered than ever to own how she feels and how she looks and no longer has to conform to stereotypes of a 1950s housewife ready to do her duty as a wife and grow old whilst embracing the natural ageing process.

These days there are so many options for retaining our youth and owning our personal choices of fashion, makeup and hair that it isn’t even just women who look toward the beauty counters for inspiration on maintaining their youth. The cosmetic industry is absolutely huge and getting bigger through use of surgical procedures as people get nervous about ageing and rely on these methods to keep their youthful glow as soon as they see their first wrinkle!
So, what is it about the skin and hair that suddenly seems to play for the older team when we least expect it? You could be in your early twenties and find that first grey hair or you could be mid thirties and see those laugh lines stop disappearing when you’ve stopped laughing. It can be quite daunting and a sign of lost youth, but it can also have health implications that can be quite minor but easy to manage if you can recognise the signs early enough.

For example, we may see dryness in our skin and assume it is the gods of old age coming to claim us already, when in actual fact, we are just lacking moisture and hydration and may need to improve our skin care routine! So, don’t panic yet, there is an awful lot we can do to fix these temporary blips in our skin, lips, eyebrows and eyelashes and usually the best way to fix damage is to prevent it in the first place.

So, lets see what we can do to slow down this scary ageing process and see if we can beat time at its own game!

Signs of Ageing in the Eyes

Our eyes are not very good liars, they tell a story whether we want them to or not and the skin around them is so delicate and thin that it is the fist place that the signs of age can settle in. As beautiful as eyelashes are, they are there to do a very important job too, so they can also see the negative effects of ageing just by doing their job every day. But we’ll get onto eyelashes later!

Fine lines are the first sign of ageing before wrinkles appear and luckily, they are called fine lines for a reason. So even if they aren’t noticeable to the rest of the world, to you they can be the only thing you see when you go to put your make up on in the morning and then cause immediate lack of confidence.

So, what causes them? Lines and wrinkles are unfortunately something we will all experience at some point or another, through natural ageing or diet and lifestyle choices. The sun is a major factor in the health of skin around the eyes, as it causes the area to dehydrate and as the skin is so thin there, its doesn’t have room to lose moisture quickly like the rest of the face. Sun burn is also something that may seem temporary, but it has lasting effects on the skin around the eyes as it is essentially damaging the skin. The sun is a funny one though as it does have its health benefits and promotes Vitamin D in our skin, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing!

Makeup is of course what we use to enhance our features, cover up blemishes and just give ourselves the confidence to step outside and be who we want to be. But one big no no is sleeping with makeup on. This can completely dry out the skin near our eyes and also with shadows and liners caked on without giving your skin a chance to breathe it reduces the chance of hydration getting in and those natural oils your skin contains from getting out. Eyes and the surrounding skin are easy targets for infection as well so using old make-up or make-up brushes can add to the early signs of ageing. It is best to keep your make-up fresh and brushes clean when using liners, eyeshadows and mascaras as it will be that delicate skin that pays for it in the end.

So, protect and moisturise your skin and especially the skin around your eyes in order to maintain the moisture and hydration it needs to retain its elasticity, therefore always looking tighter and a healthy colour. Hey presto, we’ve started to beat the signs of ageing already, and it required next to no effort!

Signs of Ageing in Eyelashes

So back to the eyelashes then, they have been a sign of beauty for thousands of years. Mascara, even in its earliest forms has been used on eyelashes for centuries, for reasons varying from increasing protection from the sun and dust particles from getting in the eyes, to declare status within society and now to just enhancing our eyes and making them look the best they can to flatter our features. Whatever the reason for making up our eyelashes, I guarantee this has put them under serious amounts of strain over time and where they may have experienced neglect, they may very well start to neglect you in your quest for a youthful appearance.

Mascaras have come so far, lets face it. Gone are the days of relying on your favourite teen magazine to provide you with your latest fix of free tinted or glitter mascara that you knew was causing more damage than good, but still used it anyway!

Nowadays there are so many different types or mascara from waterproof to lengthening to volumising and so on. Brushes come in all different shapes and sizes and the gel comes in different tints and shades to suite your lash colour. But importantly the ingredients are what we should be looking at to make sure that our eyelashes are being protected while we coat them with this black sticky stuff for the day. Afterall, our skin and hair needs to breathe, so if our lashes are being covered in mascara then wouldn’t it be a relief to know that the ingredients in the mascara are helping to soften and moisturise them so when you actually remove the mascara, you are left with a full and smooth set of eyelashes.

Eyelashes fall out often and this is nothing to be worried about as it is all part of the eyelash growth cycle, and our upper lashes contain around 150 individual eyelashes at any one time so you won’t notice when one or two fall out. But if you see that more are falling out that usual or they have patches where they are slow to grow back in, it may be that you have been over-doing it with the mascara or it may be a sign of ageing. Hair naturally tends to get thinner as we age and unfortunately our eyelashes are not exempt from this, so the best thing to do is act now, prevent more damage from happening and to fix the damage that may have been done.

So, this is where a great eyelash serum and a healthy mascara will come in handy. You can take control of the situation, help your eyelashes to grow quicker, say hydrated and make them up to enhance your eyes all at the same time!

Signs of Ageing in Eyebrows

Eyebrow health might not have even crossed your mind before now, but one day you may notice that your brows are a lot thinner or sparse than they once were. The panic sets in again as you realise that the ageing process is starting to take hold, so its time to do something about it.

Eyebrow grooming is not a new process, but I would say more popular now than ever. The thing with eyebrows is that the trends change over time. Thin, thick, unruly, polished, you name it, eyebrows have been there! So, we haven’t helped them much by tweezing them furiously every week or frantically colouring them in, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, right?

You don’t need to feel guilty about this kind of grooming at all, you just need to recognise that hair grows back thinner as we get older, so the more we pluck, the more likely it will take longer to grow back in. As it said earlier, the best protection from ageing is prevention, so maybe think twice before reaching for those tweezers!

Serums are now around to help this ageing curse we all have to face, though they aren’t instant miracle workers, they are designed to help speed up the growth process, encourage eyebrows to grow back thicker, enhance colour and keep the skin and follicles healthy and hydrated. It has to be worth it! Remember what we’re fighting here, a little serum could go a long way in our crusade to stay looking youthful!

Signs of Ageing in the Lips

What’s that? Lips experience the effects of ageing? Unfortunately, it is very true. Our lips are like our eyes, we put them through their paces and they have very thin layers of skin that can become easily damaged and therefore start to look older before their time.

When you think of all the hot food and drinks that pass through them, the dryness in the cold air, the burning heat of the sun and if you’re like me the amount of talking they do, it is all enough stress on our lips to cause cracks, loss of brightness and fine lines. As much as I love a 24 hour lip colour, all they are doing is coating your lips with a layer of synthetic ingredients that are designed not to budge, which stops any source of hydration from getting in or out. You may even sometimes notice the days after using one of these stay-on lipsticks that your lips are very dry and wrinkled and need a little bit more TLC than usual.

Lips that lack hydration can be easily put down to the effects of ageing and if not looked after they can start to look droopy and colourless and no amount of lipstick will help cover it up in the long run.

Again, we are lucky that cosmetic science has come so far that we can do something about it with a vast array of serums and balms, but importantly, the ingredients are what you should be looking for when choosing the right one for you. Natural ingredients that promote the collagen in our lips are something to look out for. Collagen is what provides the elasticity and bounce and with products that enhance this, you will find your lips not only look more youthful but fuller too!

Ingredients that promote increased blood flow are essential to give you that perfectly pink pout, you could be twenty, thirty or forty and your lips will never give away your true age if you stick to this plan. So, do yourself a favour and incorporate a healthy balm into your routine to beat that old foe, time!

Natural Oils in the Skin, Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Of course, we may not need to keep looking so far in search of the fountain of youth, our skin produces natural oils that help protect our follicles and pores and keep the production of new cells in growth. Now, this is not to say that cleansing isn’t important, but there should surely be a balance in getting this right so that we can reap the benefits all round.

The correct term for the natural oils the skin produces is sebum. Sebum is our body’s natural defence system that provides natural moisture and a barrier against the natural elements. It starts under the skin and into our follicles which is what make sure hair doesn’t initially grow dry and brittle. Of course, too much sebum can be a problem and can be responsible for blemishes, but the right balance is good for your skin and hair and we should be careful not to keep ridding the skin of these important nutrients with powerful cleansers.

If the skin is too oily, then it can be easily fixed by cleansing gently with oil-free exfoliants and making sure to remove make up before bed time. Dirt and unnatural oil can be harmful to the skin and add to the ageing process.

If the skin is too dry, it is more likely to be a sign of ageing, and even if it isn’t, it will give the appearance of ageing, so its best to avoid it and if it starts to take hold, then treat it easily by following a few simple rules: Only pat your hair and skin dry after a shower and don’t vigorously try to dry it with a towel, this is taking all those healthy oils away and can lead to irritation and redness. Afterward, use a light moisturiser to keep the skin looking healthy and smooth, and as tempting as it may be, don’t reach for a thicker moisturiser especially for the face as it can be the enemy when it comes to your pores! Clogged pores lead to imperfections and we are trying to keep the balance of healthy and youthful skin, remember!

Can we Reverse the Effects of Ageing?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could turn back the clock and rid ourselves of those pesky wrinkles and that dull, tell-tale hair in a snap? Unfortunately, the methods to do this are usually saved for the rich and famous. Botox, lips fillers, hair transplants, face lifts, they are all procedures that people turn to in the quest to hold onto youthful hair and skin. Nowadays, some of these cosmetic procedures can be done on a lunch break from work by trained cosmetic technicians and you don’t necessarily need to go under the knife to try and obtain perfection.

The thing to take note of is that with every cosmetic procedure comes great responsibility! You can’t just pay for a quick fix and expect it to last if you don’t take care of your new features, whether it be a skin peel, an eyelash lift or dermal lip fillers. Any cosmetic procedure or foreign object can attract infection, as well as removing hydration from specific areas. Eyelash extensions are definitely not as risky, but then when you have paid good money for them, you will want to make sure they last and do the job you intended!

Lip fillers are usually temporary and can be dissolved, but they require you to keep your lips moisturised due to the thin nature of the skin on the lips. Dry and cracked lips at the best of times is not fun but when you have tried to enhance that pout, the last thing you need is for them to look dry and aged instead.

One of the best things for this is a serum called Xlips EGF Intensive Care Lip Balm, it is perfectly designed to keep the lips hydrated and moisturised on a daily basis and works wonderfully on lips that have been enhanced surgically or cosmetically. If you are on the quest for youthful looking lips, a serum that contains natural plant extracts, hydrating nutrients and fatty vitamins is just the ticket!

So, what about the eyebrows then? I mentioned earlier that they can look thinner and lacking in shine, and they way a lot of people are choosing to combat this is with a relatively new procedure called microblading. In a similar way to getting a tattoo is does involve a needle but is less painful and less permanent. Although it is now quite common to get this procedure done, like all procedures, always go with a trained technician and someone with proven work. Once you are happy, it is so important to carry out proper after care, especially immediately afterward. It is usually recommended not to get the area wet or to apply moisturisers or creams for a week after getting this done and most of all, to stay out of direct sun! So if you’re thinking of getting your eyebrows tattooed the day before your summer holiday, think again!

So, the compromise with eyebrows is a tough one. There is either the option of microblading, which will look great, but you can’t apply serums or moisturisers afterward. And I really champion the use of serums when it comes to the skin and hair, although it is not an instant fix to my ageing eyebrows, it certainly feels noticeable after a couple of weeks when they start to feel and look thicker.

Have we Discovered the Fountain of Youth?

It’s a tricky one to confirm, but I definitely think that with what we have available to us in this day and age, we are in a powerful position to breath new life into our skin, our lips, our eyelashes and eyebrows. We can’t reverse the effects of ageing overnight, but we can give it a good go! With a little improvement into our diet, our lifestyle and a few little additions to our make-up bag, we are able to use serums and balms to our advantage. Reducing fine lines and hydrating the skin might seem like tedious work but I can promise you, look after your lips, eyebrows and eyelashes now and they will repay you with youth for years to come!


How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa


What does the word ‘spa’ make you think of? Relaxing, self-care, beauty, and peace might be some of the things that come to mind. But isn’t it weird that we go to a place where all of those things cost money when we actually could achieve the same feeling right where you are- at home?

Here are some of the best ways to transform your bathroom from a place full of toothpaste spots and dirty socks to a wonderful at-home spa that you can’t wait to get home to!

The Hardware

Not everyone has the opportunity to renovate their bathroom, but if you do, try to go for materials that are durable, but luxurious. Generally speaking, natural materials such as marble and glass are much more spa-like than plastic.

Also, try not to use too much colour. Grey and white are timeless and will help you to achieve the right spa feeling. It’s better to use colourful accessories than buying a pink bathtub only to realise a couple of years later that you can’t bare to look at it anymore.

Try to go for a deep tub that your whole body can soak in (yes, that includes your knees!). And if you have a significant other you want to take a bath with now and then, make sure that both of you fit.

When it comes to showers, there are many luxurious alternatives. A rainfall shower is always a good idea, but make sure that you also have a regular showerhead. They are not as luxurious, but come in handy from time to time!

White Towels

We know, colourful towels can be fun, but let’s face it, they don’t exactly make you think of a spa. Having similar white towels is an easy way to make your bathroom look less like a chaotic place for your children to have a bath before bed and more like a place where adults relax and unwind.

It’s All in the Details

Even if you might not be able to change your bathroom completely, there are many little things that you can change to make it look nicer.

A nice soap dispenser instead of the regular plastic stuff from the supermarket is a good place to start.
Clear your bathroom from clutter so that only the necessities are on display. Finding good storage solutions might be part of this step.

Try to think about ways that you can make it easier to keep the bathroom clean. It could be removing a bathmat that only gathers dirt and grows bacteria. Or maybe keeping the cleaning equipment in the bathroom so that you can deal with dirt straight away. You know your bathroom best and how it gets dirty, so think about what you can do about it! Having a clean bathroom is super important if you want it to be an at-home spa.

Hooks, door handles, taps, mirrors, and shower curtains can all be replaced by something more luxurious-looking. Go for the same metal to get a cohesive look.

When you do think about your details, try to think of the bathroom like you would any other room. Artwork and other nice details that you would use to decorate other rooms in your house can go there as well, as long as you keep them away from water.

When it comes to lighting, it is certainly nice to go for cool lamps, but remember that they must be light fixtures that work in wet environments!

Find the Right Beauty Products

Now that your bathroom is becoming a spa, it’s possible that you will need to buy a few more beauty products.
Think about what kind of treatments you would like to get if you went to a real spa. Here are some suggestions for products you might want to consider that we think every at-home spa should have.

Essential Oils

Lavender, citrus, peppermint, or whatever you prefer will make your bathroom smell like the real deal. You can use them to simply smell for a while to relax, put a couple of drops in your bath or use a diffuser that will spread the smell. Some people even put some on the inside of every toilet roll to make the whole room smell better!

Body Scrub

A body scrub is a powerful tool in the battle against dry, dull skin. There are many good ones out there, for example, coffee scrubs are brilliant in the morning!

Oils, oils, oils!

There are so many amazing, natural oils on the market that you can use to moisturise your skin, put in your hair or use as a bath oil. Shea oil, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil are some examples.

Face Masks

What kind of spa doesn’t offer face masks? Stock up on a few different ones so that you always can pamper your face a bit extra with whatever it needs at the moment!

Your Everyday Products

Of course, your bathroom will still need to contain all other products that you use on an everyday basis, such as facial cleansers, eye creams, eyelash serums, and moisturisers. But why not try to splurge a bit when you buy them so that every day feels like a spa experience? The point of having an at-home spa rather than a boring bathroom is that you should be able to have some time every day to take care of yourself and rewind. But if you open the cabinet and find it full of bad products, that spa sensation can quickly fade away. So try to invest in good products that you use every day, rather than buying lots of different cheap products you only use once in a while.

Music Sets the Tone

When you go into your new spa and want to escape the stress of the outside world, you need to have the right soundtrack! Make sure that you have some kind of water-resistant speaker that you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth so that you can listen to music that makes you calm when you soak in the bath. There are lots of good playlists with spa music on Spotify, YouTube, and other music sites.

The Oh So Important Candles

Is it possible to set up an at-home spa without candles? We would certainly not dare to risk it! Candles are the perfect complement to your bathroom. They provide you with a cosy, natural light and they smell good! Go for high-quality candles with natural ingredients, the cheap ones tend to have smells that are too overwhelming.

Candles are absolutely wonderful, however, be careful with using too many at the same place. They need some space in between. It can be potentially dangerous to have many tealights, for example, on the same plate.

Another thing that many do wrong when it comes to candles is that they let them burn for too short periods at a time. Imagine your regular scented candle in a glass jar. The first time you light it, you should let it burn for about four hours or more. If you don’t, you risk ending up with a candle with a deep hole in it, the wax never has time to melt off the sides properly. This means that your candle will be used up much more quickly.

Also, make sure that you trim the wick every time you light your candle. You need a wick trimmer for this, scissors are really difficult to reach with. If you don’t trim the wick, the candle will produce more carbon particles than the flame can consume, which means that soot will form.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas that you can implement so that your bathroom becomes a wonderful spa where you can recharge your batteries so that you have the energy to live your life to the fullest.


Enhancing Eyelashes Q&A – How Long will The Effects of Growth Serum Last?


You might have been using Xlash for a while and realized that there are some questions you don’t know the answer to. Or perhaps you are thinking of trying it but want to read up on everything worth knowing before you make up your mind. Let’s find out some of the answers to the questions you might have!

Love your new lashes but wonder how long they will last?

The truth is that it’s hard to say exactly how long it will take before your lashes go back to how they were before. It depends on your natural cycle as well as other factors such as if you often rub your eyes, use mascara, etc.

Eyelashes have a natural lifespan of 3-4 weeks before they fall off and are replaced, so you should at least be able to enjoy your lashes for a month. But most of our customers notice that their lashes stay long and nice for much longer, some even up to a year!

The truth is that how long the positive effect lasts is very individual and you will just have to wait and see.

What Happens if I Forget to Apply Xlash One Night?

Missing one night is not a problem, but you should really try to apply Xlash every night to make sure that you get good results fast. This is a product that is designed to be used every day.

If you would happen to forget to apply it one night, it’s not the end of the world. There is no need to try to compensate by applying double the next day, just keep going as if nothing has happened.

Does Xlash Expire?

Just like all other beauty products, Xlash does expire. There should be an expiration date on the box. If you don’t have the box anymore and you purchased your serum not too long ago it is probably safe to use it. This is a product that should be used for a month after purchase, but does last for longer than that. If the product has changed texture or smells, replace it.

Can I Apply Xlash in the Morning Instead of In the Evening?

The reason why we recommend that you apply Xlash before you go to bed is because this means that the product has the whole night to work without interruption. You aren’t supposed to apply any makeup the hours after you have applied the serum. If you don’t wear makeup, there is not really any reason why you can’t apply it in the morning.

What Happens if I Accidentally Get Xlash In My Eye?

Of course, you should try to avoid getting the product in your eyes, just like everything else. Still, Xlash is a product that is designed to be used very close to your eyes and is not especially harmful. Just rinse the eye with water, pat it dry and apply Xlash more carefully next time!

Can I Use Xlash For More Than One Month?

If you would like to use Xlash for more than one month, you can do so. The reason why we recommend one month is that this is the period of time after which most people have reached satisfying results and simply don’t need to continue using the serum anymore.

However, some people that have very short, thin lashes to start with may find that they need to use it a bit longer, which is totally safe.

Can I Get Eyelash Extensions While Using Xlash?

Yes, you can safely get eyelash extensions without worrying about how the serum will affect them. The glue of eyelash extensions doesn’t mix well with oil-based products, but since Xlash is a water-based product, there is no reason why you can’t use it together with them. In fact, some lash artists recommend that you do use Xlash when you have extensions, since it nourishes your natural lashes and makes them easier to work with. It also makes it less of a shock when you stop getting extensions, as your natural lashes will still look great. 


How to Create the Perfect Winged Liner Look?


A perfect winged liner look elevates your eye makeup game and makes you look dramatic and sexy. It emphasizes your eyes perfectly and goes great with all kind of different eyeshadow styles.

But as we all know, a winged liner look is notorious for being extra hard to do right. Your hands are trembling while you’re trying to draw on perfect lines and then you end up with weird looking wings that are everything but symmetrical.

The struggle is real.

But I invite you to tackle it head-on and learn once and for all how to create the perfect winged liner look. You will find all of the information you need in this beginner’s step-by-step guide to flawless winged eyeliner, but also be prepared to do some practice.

Are you ready?

First things first. There are many different eyeliner types you can use to create a winged look, but some are better and easier to use than others. For example, regular eyeliner pencils are not the way to go when going for a winged look because they’re not precise and you simply cannot create a nice, straight line with pencils. There are also eyeliner gels that you apply with brushes, but they also might be too advanced for a beginner.

So what I suggest is using a nice liquid eyeliner with a pointy felt tip like Xlash Eyeliner. It’s so simple to use and very precise, which is what you want when trying to create a flawless winged look. Also, Xlash Eyeliner is easily removed so great for beginners since you can easily start again if you mess up!

Prepare First

Before you simply go in with the eyeliner and start drawing lines, you need some preparation first. What you want to do is map out where you want the wings. All of us have different eye shapes, so the wings shouldn’t look the same either.

A cool trick is to notice the angle of your bottom lash line and imagine it continuing up to the end of your brow. This is the angle you want for the eyeliner wing. What also helps is to make tiny dots that you can trace later with the eyeliner. It’s much easier than free-handing it.

Start drawing

To avoid trembling hands, place your elbow on a table or any hard surface. Start with a thin line at the inner corner of your eye and continue to the outer corner. Now continue doing a thin line that connects the outer edge of your eye and the point where your wing should end. Now, what you want to do is trace a line back from the point where your wing ends to the outer edge of your eye and fill up the empty space inside the wing. Repeat this for the other eye as well.

Check for symmetry

Ok, so the hard part is over. Check that both eyes look the same and make corrections if needed. Also, if you feel that the winged line is too thin, you can go ahead and make it a bit thicker, the key is understanding your own eyelashes. Be careful not to go too thick when correcting mistakes. You can use a q-tip and some makeup remover to correct any mistakes and make the line flawless. Simply drag the q-tip along the lines and make them smooth and straight.

However, if you completely messed up and you simply can’t correct it, don’t hesitate to remove all of it and start again. I know, it can be frustrating, but practice makes perfect. It’s usually easier when you do it the second time because you know what you did wrong the first time and you have a better idea of how the wings should actually look.

You might also check out some of these cool hacks for winged liner look that might help you.

LIFE-Saving winged eyeliner tricka and hacks

Sometimes drawing straight lines and perfect wings is simply not your forte. Luckily, there are some cool hacks you can try.

Use Tape

If you struggle with getting that wing perfectly straight, apply sticky tape at an angle, where the wing should be. Now simply follow the sticky tape with your eyeliner and you’ll end up with perfect lines!

Make a Stencil

If tapes don’t help, you can even make a winged liner stencil. Take a card that you’re not using anymore, draw out your wing, and cut it out with scissors. Now you have a cool stencil for your wings.

Place the card on your eye and align it properly. Now simply use your Xlash Eyeliner to fill up the empty space. Once you remove the card, you should end up with a perfect winged liner look!

Heat up Your Eyeliner

We’ve all had hard eyeliners that feel like they’re hurting our eyelids without giving off much colour. That can easily be solved by heating it a little bit. Let it lie on a warm radiator, next to your cup of tea, or hold it over a tealight to get it to soften. It will almost melt and be much easier to apply!

Apply Makeup in the Car

This hack is great for all those night owls who have trouble getting up early in the morning. Apply your eyeliner in the car, where the light is much better than in most bathrooms! It’s also great for tweezing your eyebrows as you can see all the little hairs more clearly! Make sure to bring along makeup wipes in case everything goes wrong!


Now you know all the tricks for how to create the perfect winged liner look so start practicing. The worst thing you can do is start drawing your eyeliner five minutes before you need to get out of the house. Give yourself enough time so that you can be calm and correct any mistakes you might make.

It also doesn’t hurt to practice it at home a couple of times. This makes it easier to figure out what kind of wing shape you like the most, plus you’ll get much better at applying eyeliner.

And remember that no one was born knowing how to apply perfect eyeliner, so don’t get frustrated. All you need is some practice.

A winged liner look is perfect for many different occasions and you can make it very glamorous and dramatic, but it can also be a great casual look. Also, don’t forget to apply mascara after you apply eyeliner. I recommend carbon black Xlash Mascara with a curved brush.

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