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5 mascara mistakes you’re making – and how to fix them!

Do you often find that you get bad results when applying mascara? We have highlighted the five most common mascara mistakes you’re making – and how to fix them!

Mascara mistake #1: It ends up all over

This mistake is a real classic! We’ve all at some point managed to get mascara on the nose, eyelid or even on the eyebrows. To avoid this mistake the mascara needs to be applied carefully, but even then, the hand can jerk unexpectedly and cause a mess. In such cases, wait until the mascara stain has dried completely, which will make it easier to remove the stain without the risk of smearing it and making it worse. Then bring out a dry cotton swab or a clean mascara brush to gently scrape off the stain.

Mascara mistake #2: It doesn’t stay in place

Is there anything worse than a mascara that won’t stay in place during the day? Here, the mascara itself can be the problem. To prevent the mascara from smearing, you need to prime it with a primer that can help the mascara stay in place all day, or replace your mascara.

If you’re ready to replace the mascara, choose one that provides both nourishment and moisture to the lashes. Xlash Mascara is a waterproof mascara that gives carbon black and full lashes – perfect if you want the mascara to stay in place all day.

Mascara mistake #3: You never get a lump-free result

A common reason why you can’t seem to manage a lump-free result may be that you’re using an old mascara that needs to be replaced, or that your mascara brush catches too much product. Before applying mascara on your lashes, be sure to wipe off the excess using a handkerchief or mascara tube to avoid lumpy lashes.

Mascara mistake #4: Your lashes stick together like spider’s legs

This usually happens when you want to apply another layer of mascara as it causes the lashes to stick together and look like spider’s legs. A look you’d rather avoid! To avoid spider lashes, apply a thinner layer of mascara. If the accident has already occurred, you can use an eyebrow brush to gently comb through the lashes once they’re dry to separate each lash.

Mascara mistake #5: It makes your lashes dry

If you usually apply many layers of mascara or if you even sleep with it on (a big NO NO), it can result in your lashes becoming drier and weaker. The lashes need rest and should not be subjected to unnecessary damage. Start by skipping the mascara completely for a few days so that the lashes can rest and recover. If you’re not comfortable going without mascara, you can use a caring mascara or an eyelash serum!

Xlash Eyelash Serum naturally gives long and fuller lashes in 28 days. The eyelash serum contains caring ingredients that add moisture and nourishment to the lashes. By boosting your lashes with an eyelash serum, you also reduce the risk of your mascara making your lashes dry.

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