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Are you not into dating or is that when you have the most fun? In any case, it can be difficult and we have tried to make it a little easier and list common mistakes you can easily avoid.

1. You’re talking about your ex

Leave the past in the past and don’t bring up your ex or your latest fling. Of course, you shouldn’t hide anything, but if you often feel that you want to talk about your ex you should perhaps consider whether you’re really over them. If you’re not, then maybe you should focus on yourself for a while.

2. Your expectations are too high

You may have talked a long time before you met or it’s a person you already knew and in your mind there’s an engagement ring on your finger — before you’ve even been on your first date. You may be attributing qualities to the person that they lack or they have other traits that you miss because you’re busy fantasizing. Try to drop it all!

3. You don’t ask them anything

It easily happens if you’re a little shy or new to the dating game; maybe you expect the person you’re dating to take command or that what you want to know is a little too personal? Forget it! Basically everyone likes to talk about themselves. It’s not a job interview and hopefully you’re genuinely curious about the person you’re meeting.

4. You are (very) unclear about what you want

It can be difficult to be straightforward about what you want and need but it will make the rest of your relationship much easier. Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t want the same things as you, rather take the discussion at the beginning so you can avoid surprises along the way.

5. You don’t trust your gut feeling

Your gut feeling is almost always right. If you feel that something is off, it probably is. Maybe you ignore red flags because you so want it to work (back to point 1!)? Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel good!

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