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10 Reasons Why Naturally Growing Your Eyelashes is Preferable to Eyelash Extensions


What’s your secret? How can your lashes be so long?

Has anybody ever asked you that question? Or are you still searching for the right way to get long lashes? If you are still searching, you might be considering getting eyelash extensions or may have even tried them already? And sure, they can look really nice. But the truth is that they are a quick fix that soon fades away. Why not try growing your lashes naturally, using an eyelash serum giving you a natural and long term solution which is low maintenance?

Here are 10 reasons why you should grow your lashes naturally rather than going with extentions!

1. Save Your Money

Eyelash extensions are expensive from day one and also, if you want to keep them looking nice you need to go to the salon once a for maintenance. Even if the first time is the most expensive, it never gets cheap. 12 appointments a year cost a lot of money that you could spend on something else!

2. Save Your Time

Going to a beautician to get your eyelashes done once a month takes a lot of time that most people don’t have. And the application process can take a couple of hours! Using an eyelash serum, on the other hand, only takes a few seconds a night!

3. Look Good in the Morning

There are stories of men who have asked to divorce their wives because they never knew what they looked like before the wedding because they wore so much makeup. Sure, these men are absolutely horrible, and no guy in their right mind should care very much about how you look in the morning.

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But if you yourself feel like you would love to be able to look in the mirror without wondering why your beauty sleep didn’t work, you should try growing your lashes naturally. Sure, eyelash extensions do give the same effect, but with your natural lashes, you don’t need to panic when you find a couple of lashes on your pillow!

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4. Make Your Makeup Routine Easier

Are you not able to leave the house without mascara? With natural, long, luscious lashes, that won’t be a problem anymore! And when you do use mascara, it is much easier to get a nice, natural-looking result than if you are wearing eyelash extensions, that do tend to look a bit over the top.

Another con when it comes to eyelash extensions is that they make wearing eyeshadow and eyeliner trickier because when you remove the makeup, you rub your eyes. And as you probably know, rubbing your eyes when you have fake lashes is a big no-no.

5. Kind to Your Eyes

Some people are allergic to eyelash glue and others simply feel like it doesn’t make any sense to smear weird chemicals so close to your eyes. Using an eyelash serum with natural ingredients feels like a much safer and kinder option for your eyes.

6. Natural Beauty

There is something special about knowing that you’re naturally beautiful and haven’t cheated. If you too want to be able to say ‘These are my natural lashes’ (and be telling the truth), then you should do all you can to grow your own lashes long and avoid anyhting fake.

7. No More Hassle

Let’s face it, putting on fake lashes or getting your lashes done by a professional are a lot of hassle that you can live without. Your natural lashes can get long and beautiful without all that hard work!

8. Easier Maintenance

It’s easy to assume that eyelash extensions make your life easier since you don’t have to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara, but there are a lot of other things you might not have considered. For example, you need to blow-dry them after you’ve showered and clean them with a special cleanser in a certain way.

9. Perfect for Holidaying

Many people get their lashes done before they go on holiday, but natural lashes are not as sensitive to water and you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

10. Works for Every Lifestyle

When you work out, shower and go swimming a lot, the eyelash extensions’ glue is weakened and you might need to replace them more often than usual. Growing your lashes naturally, on the other hand, works for every lifestyle.

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