New Year’s Beauty Resolutions


It’s that time again when we say goodbye to the last year and bring in new one, and what a tumultuous year 2020 was! With so many people adjusting their lifestyles to fit in with the new normal, it seems fitting that at the start of 2021 we do the same with our beauty, health, self care and lifestyle choices.


New Year’s Beauty Resolutions


It’s that time again when we say goodbye to the last year and bring in new one, and what a tumultuous year 2020 was! With so many people adjusting their lifestyles to fit in with the new normal, it seems fitting that at the start of 2021 we do the same with our beauty, health, self care and lifestyle choices.

But even though this year may not have the glitz and glamour we are used to, there are still ways we can change up our routines and bring in the new year with some amazing resolutions that are about self-care, self-confidence and wellbeing. We should also get into the habit of looking out for our planet too by thinking green when it comes to our products. So, let’s start with a few new year’s resolutions that will go a long way and well into 2022 if we play our cards right.

Use More Sustainable Products

What can you do to do more for the environment when it comes to your makeup and products? Is that something you have really thought about? If not, then it’s probably time to learn about what part you can play even with the little things. When thinking about sustainable products you want to go in covering all bases, but great places to start are checking your product ingredients and especially the packaging.

These days there are so many manufacturers out there that create and utilise recyclable materials to house their products, and previously recycled materials to package them. This goes from glass bottles that can be returned directly to the manufacturer for reuse, to soaps and lotions packaged in recycled paper or biofilm.

When ingredients are involved, many beauty brands are proud to manufacture products free from palm oil with organic extracts that have been ethically sourced. In order to do big things for the environment, we all have to start somewhere, so a great resolution for 2021 is to start seeking out these friendly and sustainable products, do our part for recycling and be sure to recommend them to our friends and family.

Produce Less Waste

On the same token, waste is always going to have a negative impact on the environment as well as our pockets. The average household produces more than a tonne of waste per year, which is easier to bring down when we are actually conscious of what we are wasting.

So, when you buy brand new beauty products, do you ever think twice about disposing of the half-empty older ones, or do you make a conscious effort to minimise your waste? There are a few ways to do this. The first is of course to recycle existing packaging and pots. Glass jars are perfect for housing new creams and homemade concoctions. Plastic is mostly recycled as long as its clean. But we can also reduce waste by using all the product up in the first place.

As different makeup items have their own shelf life and use by dates once they have been opened, it doesn’t make so much sense to buy things in larger containers as you may end up losing most of the product. It also isn’t very cost effective to buy products that you won’t use very often or won’t get through quickly enough, so in the interest of producing less waste and saving that hard-earned cash, check your favourite product’s use by date – which can be found on most packaging as a symbol with an open jar and the number of months it is good for over the top.

Proper Cleansing Routine

We are all guilty of it, but none of us want to admit it. Forgetting to clean our faces of makeup is forgivable every now and then, but it shouldn’t become a habit. But with that in mind, it isn’t just makeup that needs cleaning from our skin, a day of normal activities from cooking, working out, going to work or just being outside can be the bearer of all things grimy and leave these deposits on our skin.

Falling into a really good cleansing routine should therefore be one of our top new year’s resolutions for 2021. Now, I know these things can get expensive and time-consuming, but when your skin is clean and clear it makes sure that you don’t end up with nasty, unwanted breakouts when you least expect them and overall, makes you feel good. Having a clear palette to lay the makeup on the next day is also just a great feeling and so it makes the time spent on cleansing so worth it.

You should always start by removing makeup with an actual makeup remover, not cleanser. The difference is that a makeup remover has been formulated to break down the oils and particles in makeup and remove them from the outer layers of your skin. A facial cleanser breaks down the particles that have sunk deep into the skin, getting rid of unwanted oils and dirt. Soft cleansers should be used as a little oil is good for the skin’s health and we shouldn’t be eradicating it completely.

Once you have cleansed at night, you should feel sparkly clean and your skin will enjoy a great night’s rest ready for all you can throw at it the next day.

Up Your Skin Care Game

Of course, cleansing is only part of a good skin care routine, and if you are going to make the most out of your new year’s resolutions then adding a decent moisturiser and skin care to your daily regimen should also fall in your top ten.

There are so many different skin types which means there are also many different moisturisers, so it can be hard to know which one you need. Day creams, night creams, creams with SPF, creams with tint, and creams that boost collagen and prevent wrinkles. If it could all be swirled up into one pot that would be fantastic, but for now we have to aim for something that is targeted at our specific needs and skin types.

What you might find is that you have oily or combination skin, in which case you don’t think you need moisturiser to add to the mix and create even more oil. But in this case, moisturisers actually help hydrate the skin so it doesn’t produce as much oil as it would if it were left alone. Seems weird but it works! Also, if you have dry patches, you should be targeting your dry areas with a different moisturiser or hydration cream to keep the balance. If you have skin on the dry side, it can be tempting to slather on moisturiser as soon as you have finished your cleansing routine, but you should allow your skin some breathing room first and if you do feel too bare without one, be sure to use something light and hydrating overnight.

Sleep More

Is this possible? Does it seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day? If you aren’t finding the time to sleep right, then your body and skin will start to feel the effects. Even though they say we should all be getting 7-8 hours sleep a night, I’m not sure how often that becomes a reality. With heavy workloads, lifestyle changes and homelife activities to balance, sleep sometimes falls by the wayside. If this applies to you, then one of your new year’s resolutions should definitely be to sleep more!

Maybe the time you allow yourself to sleep is spot on, but you find you’re not actually sleeping during those allotted hours as much as you should be. Worry and anxiety are enough to keep a lot of us awake at night and can cause really restless sleep night after night. So, start thinking about your routine and how you can change it to help make even the smallest difference to your sleeping amount.

For example, are you on your phone aimlessly searching pages of social media to get your fix before bed? Do you take your work home with you and tend to stay up till all hours on your laptop? It might be time to switch off from technology and give the brain as much time as it needs to wind down so that you can get your sleep rhythm in order. Blue lights emitted from screens can inhibit sleep and cause not only drowsiness in the morning, but dehydration, dry skin and even unwanted weight gain. The body needs to shut down in order to remain healthy, so see where you can make some changes in 2021.

Wash Those Makeup Brushes

If you’re already doing this regularly, you’re ahead of the game and you should stay that way for 2021 and the years to come. If you aren’t doing this as much as you should then there is no better time to start than the present.

Makeup brushes are never better than the first day they have been used and this is because over time they start to harbour bacteria hiding away caused by clumps of makeup that have been in contact with the skin. As this stuff is so invisible to the naked eye, it can become harmful to the skin without you even knowing and before you know it you could end up with breakouts or skin irritation that become sore and unsightly.

Cleaning your makeup brushes should be a regular routine and done sometimes as often as every week but at least every few weeks. The same goes for your beauty blenders but try to remember that even cleaning them won’t keep them new for long and it might be time to say goodbye to them once and for all and purchase some new ones. Just keep in mind sustainability with your next purchase and look for environmentally friendly brushes that are presented in recycled or biodegradable packaging to keep up with doing your part for the planet.

Treat your Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Not all your resolutions have to be bout necessity or doing your part, you are allowed a few treats as well and if you are going to treat yourself in 2021 why not make it about your eyelashes and eyebrows? After the year we’ve all had there will probably be a few things that you neglected and thought it wouldn’t make much difference. Eyebrow grooming may have come to a complete halt and eyelash care became non-existent and when outings with friends and family became a thing from years past, I suppose it didn’t matter at the time.

But this is the year to get these things back into shape, this means a bit of tweaking to those unruly brows and getting those lashes strong and ready for the life of extensions or mascara that lies ahead of them. And it will actually be quite simple to do – ensure your cleansing game is strong, keep your skin around your eyebrows and eyelashes moisturised for no dry patches, invest in an eyelash and eyebrow serum and keep up with daily applications to watch the difference in only a few weeks.

Eyebrow serums and eyelash growth serums are great for enhancing each hair, promoting fast growth and above all increasing the strength of each one. Which is especially great for eyelashes if you are planning on using lash extensions or if you already are as it gives a stronger base for them to sit on.

Your eyebrows are probably grateful for the break in grooming, lets be honest, but now is the time to get them back to full health and perhaps even revisit your shape and do what you need to to achieve your most flattering shape. Just don’t overdo it with the tweezers or you’ll have to wait for 2022 to make a new resolution!

Above All, Self-Care

The main resolution for all of us this year should be to look out for ourselves a little more and take time to make sure that we are mentally and physically in great health. Even on the bad days, having a little self-care time can help. So, stock up on your cheat foods, make sure your bubble bath is overflowing and take even 15-30 minutes a day away from everything and everyone to regroup and organise your thoughts.

Self-care is really important right now, and while it feels good to look great, we also look great when we feel good, so keep that in mind when making your own new year’s resolutions.