Eyeliner Trends Summer 2021


The summer months are fast approaching, and new trends are on the horizon, and after a weirdly quiet spring there will be nothing quite like the feel of something different on the eyes to make this summer kick some serious butt and show the world you are ready to go out once again!


Eyeliner Trends Summer 2021


The summer months are fast approaching, and new trends are on the horizon, and after a weirdly quiet spring there will be nothing quite like the feel of something different on the eyes to make this summer kick some serious butt and show the world you are ready to go out once again!

It’s still all about the eyes at the moment as most of us are still wearing masks when we go out, so they have become the big focus in 2021. This is really a blessing in disguise for a lot of people who want their eyes to really shine and for those who love a daring trend. The world could use a little bit more brightness right now and that is just what this summer’s eyeliner trends have to offer. So, let’s delve into some of the hottest trends that we’ll all be dying to try out over the next few months!

The batwing

Oh my, this one has been a long time coming and we’re glad it has finally landed, giving girls with hooded eyes the chance at sustaining a gorgeous eyeliner look that doesn’t smudge all over the lid straight after applying it. I’m getting way too ahead of myself though, first we need to discuss the batwing and what it is exactly.

So, the good old trusty cat-eye, or winged eyeliner has been around for so long that is has become the norm to fall back on it for most makeup looks, check out the Xlash Semi Permanent Eyeliner, but the batwing is a different take on it that allows different eyelid shapes to take advantage of winged eyeliner without having to actually do it.

Yes, we all have different shaped eyes and eyelids, so why has it taken so long for the recognition that not everyone can wear the cat wing properly? A lot of people have been swearing by the batwing for years, but only now is it making its way into the mainstream through the fabulous worlds of Instagram and TikTok, where tutorials are literally changing the face of the makeup world and satisfying women all over the world, where the standard wing was just not working for them.

The issue with the cat-eye is the main crease on the eyelid and where it falls or ends. This crease can be thin, short, angled upward or barely even there for a lot of people, but for many this crease causes a fold to appear and any makeup that sits there disappears into the fold, only to create uneven lines, start smudging and even gathering at the crease to cause unsightly makeup residue. No one wants this, especially after spending hours perfecting a particular makeup look.

The batwing allows the aesthetic of the cat-eye or winged eyeliner but with a little bit of trickery to get the vibe. To do this, start by drawing your line upward and outward from the outer corner of the eye in the direction and length that you would usually draw a cat-eye. Next draw another line starting from the crease or fold nearer the outer edge of the eye and join the two lines together in a point, so it looks like an unfinished triangle. Then you want to tilt your head upward while looking straight at the mirror to flatten out the eyelid, making the crease disappear and start drawing your line from the inner corner of the eyelid to ward the outer lid but stop below the crease. You are then going to want to join your triangle to this line with a near vertical line.

Ok, so this shape is going to look weird at first, but if you put your head back down to reveal your natural fold in the eyelid, you should see that the vertical line disappears and your triangle joins nicely to your upper lid liner, looking like you have just drawn on a cat-eye. If you are happy with the shape you have created – that by now should look like a bat wing – then you are ready to fill in the line and go about your day knowing that you will be smudge free and have accomplished one of this summer’s hottest trends!

Colourful liner

Black eyeliner is always a staple item to have in your arsenal, but even as a classic it can be so tired and dated when you just use it to do the same style over and over again. This summer is all about fun and vibrance so its time to ditch the matte black eyeliner and start injecting some colour into that makeup kit.

The best thing about different colour eyeliners is you don’t necessarily have to do anything different in regard to the style if you don’t want to, you can stick with the classic wing or a thin line over the top lid, or even vamp up the bottom lid or waterline with a splash of colour and still get a great summery effect.

Yellows and oranges are always a good summer shout, but those colours don’t always sit well with a lot of skin tones, so great options are heavily pigmented peaches and lighter reds, aquamarine blues and greens which look amazing on any skin tone and even deeper blues and brighter violets and purples work really well for anyone. Blue eyed people will really find the benefit in using these blue and purple shades as they really make the eyes pop with a good dose of mascara to finish off the look. Brown eyes love peaches and oranges as the boost of colour helps draw out the lighter flecks in the iris for an all-round brighter look.

Colourful eyeliner is always a favourite in summer, but don’t be afraid to carry this style on through autumn and winter and save black for those times where it calls for it, such as work meetings or formal events that require a toned-down look.

Graphic eyeliner

Now this is where summer eyeliner can get really interesting, not only with an injection of colour but also some added graphic shapes to really spice things up. It is no new concept to the catwalks, but graphic and statement eyeliner is making its way into the mainstream and is a definite win for festivals and parties.

Graphic eyeliner is not for the faint of heart though and requires some steady hands and a wild imagination to carry off well, but anyone can give it a go and find their level of confidence in wearing graphic shapes on their eyes. A super sharp eyeliner pencil with extreme staying power or a gel liner with a super-thin brush will be needed to apply eyeliner in such a fun way, keeping it as symmetrical as you want it to be and vibrant as colours allow.

Think zig-zigs lines instead of the standard cat-eye, blocks of colour over the eyelid, lines through the crease of the eye socket, or even some carefully placed dots under the eye to create a futuristic pattern that uses pops of colour to draw others to. The list if endless when it comes to graphic eyeliner and if you know your eye shape and what sort of shapes suit you then it could be a fun way to experiment with something new, even if it is just a little pop of colour in a different place than you would usually apply it.

Floating lines

Similar to the graphic eyeliner trend, floating lines over the top lid is such a look and can really modernise the standard cat-eye or winged eyeliner bringing it right into 2021. The concept is actually really simple with floating eyeliner as it doesn’t change much from the way you may usually do your eyes but adds just that little bit extra and is absolute fire when executed well.

This looks great using monochrome palettes as well as coloured eyeliner and only requires you to prime your eyelids without worrying about your eyeshadow as it works best on a neutral lid without adding eyeshadow to the mix. Less is more when it comes to floating eyeliner.

All you have to do with a gel eyeliner brush is draw a line so it sweeps across the top lid from the inner corner – you can start this line a few millimetres higher or inward of the line for a bolder look – and draw outward following the natural curve of your eyelid. If you want to you can stop at the end of your lid for a graphic statement, or you can continue the line upward toward your eyebrow for a more romantic and softer look.

If you have a heavy crease or fold, this line may not sit right as with winged liner, so you may want to follow the same rule of the bat wing eyeliner, by connecting outer lines to lid lines with a vertical line to create a new shape. There are no rules about how many lines you can draw, you may want two or three, and even swap colours, but either way, this statement look is definitely one of the saviours of 2021.

Blurred lines

Have you ever smudged your makeup accidently and thought it actually looked great? Well, this look may be for you, although it can be harder to create an accident on purpose, it never seems to go how you want it to when you actually want it to look a little rougher, but it will be worth it and is great teamed up with some false eyelashes or a heavy does of mascara.

The best way to achieve this is to draw your eyeliner as you usually would but use a short brush to smudge out the sharp lines and then apply another layer just under the smudge line for some definition. You want to think of the smoky eye, but without the smoky eyeshadow to go with it. Blurring your eyeliner is definitely a bold look but it can look amazing especially when you use brighter colours to get the full effect.

White eyeliner

When you think of white eyeliner you probably just think it’s mainly for the waterline. And while this can really help to open up smaller eyes, white eyeliner can be quite harsh to apply to a blank waterline and it may be best to opt for a nude eyeliner to brighten up those peepers.

White eyeliner is in facts a great colour to wear as general eyeliner and creates a real summer statement when applied of the top lid. If you want you can still wear your winged eyeliner with white, but a bold statement is to go heavier with the line and ensure you have primed to perfection beforehand to get the most out of the bold white colour.

A thin white line will give off a different sultrier vibe though, so if you want to create a statement without the extreme boldness, follow the top lid line with your white, ensuring it is super sharp and follow it through to just under the end of the eyebrow. Mauve and peach eyeshadow really compliment white and a dash of this under the bottom line blending outward and upward toward your white line can really do wonders for opening the eye.

Pop on some false lashes that feather outward at corner of the eye and finish off with a bit of sparkle or glitter on the lower lid and you have a stunning look that is ready to hit the town this summer. White eyeliner is not one to be underestimated, it just needs a bit more dedication than black to achieve a gorgeous look.

So there are your hot eyeliner trends for summer 2021. Remember there are rules, but rules are always made to be broken, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your eye shape and creating new ones that really compliment your face and eyes.