All Eyes Want for Christmas


It’s not too late to get your letters and wishes into Santa this year, and while it’s been a tough one all round, we can all be forgiven for wanting just a little more sparkle this Christmas, more than in previous years. So, just what do we want for Christmas this year? I mean, while I’m asking, a new car, summer holiday and a brand-new wardrobe would be nice, but I guess it’s the little things are really going to count as 2020 draws to a close.


All Eyes Want for Christmas


It’s not too late to get your letters and wishes into Santa this year, and while it’s been a tough one all round, we can all be forgiven for wanting just a little more sparkle this Christmas, more than in previous years. So, just what do we want for Christmas this year? I mean, while I’m asking, a new car, summer holiday and a brand-new wardrobe would be nice, but I guess it’s the little things are really going to count as 2020 draws to a close.

But it is the time for festive cheer and so what if the office Christmas party has been cancelled, family dinners have to be socially distanced and our snowmen have to come with a new facial accessory, we definitely need to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. So, get your mulled wine simmering, play Mariah Carey at full blast and let’s jump into a full Christmas beauty theme that will beat those wintery lockdown blues.

All I Want for Christmas is… The Perfect Cat-Eye

This little gift is something I bet we all have wanted at some point or another. It’s almost hard to believe that the cat-eye is still evolving and the makeup we use to apply it is just getting better and better. So, what better gift to ask for than the perfect eyeliner tools to help get that cat-eye down to purrfection.

The cat-eye has been around for so long and it is one makeup look that is definitely not going anywhere. Always on trend, the cat-eye is designed to elevate the eyes and add some sultry vibes to any look. Starting out with the classic black eyeliner and typical upwardly curved shape, the cat-eye managed to change the appearance of eye shapes and face shapes everywhere. It was always just a case of knowing where and how to apply it.

Over the years, the cat-eye has become more adventurous, with highly pigmented colour options other than black being in demand, and with adding additional lines above the eyeliner to bring the look right into the future. The cat-eye can also work for all different eye shapes, from almond to upturned, downturned to deep-set and wideset to round. All it takes is a little practice in what suits each individual eye shape, where it looks best placed and how it will be best executed.

So, when it comes to wanting the perfect cat-eye for Christmas, it’s time to think about the tools we want to use. Of course, there’s kohl, which has been a godsend for eyes all over the world for centuries, more commonly formatted in eye pencils that can be used when sharp for those clean lines, or when blunt for a more smoky, smudged look. Kohl is a great casual form of eye makeup, a lot can be achieved with it, but it needs to be experimented with to know what it can do, and also needs to be smudge-free when it comes to attempting the cat-eye as this is all about the sharp lines.

Ok, so what about gel eyeliner? Honestly, a pot of gel eyeliner can achieve the best cat-eye as long as the person applying it has the steadiest hand and a sharp angled brush. I am not quite that person yet. The intense colour that gel eyeliner provides though, is second to none and its creamy consistency makes it easier to apply and clean up if mistakes are made (as long as this transaction happens quickly, anyway!) But for clean, sharp lines and deep colour, gel eyeliner may need to go on your Christmas wish list this year!

But my favourite? The liquid eyeliner pen. This little gem is for those who know what they want and are determined to get it perfect each time. Sure, it requires a steady hand and a distinct amount of patience, but once the liquid eyeliner cat-eye has been mastered, it will become like second nature to apply. I love a semi-firm tip and a quick drying formula that means no smudges, although this means you have one shot to get it right, it also means it has staying power and there’s no need to worry that your cat-eye is running down your face. So, at the top of my Christmas list this year is the liquid eyeliner pen. One of my favourite options is the Carbon Black Eyeliner from Xlash that is super pigmented, dries really quickly and has a semi-matte effect that really makes the eyeliner stand out. Happy Christmas to me, indeed!

All I Want for Christmas is… Envious Eyelashes

Oh, how we all love a good set of thick, full and long eyelashes, so what better time to add them to your Christmas list. My lashes are in a desperate state of recovery this year after years and years of mascara abuse, constant cleansing and general lack of care. It has been a trying year to say the least, but one good thing to come of it is that I, like many of you haven’t been wearing makeup as often as I would normally do. Working from home has given the opportunity for people all over the world to let our faces and eyelashes have a well-deserved break from the everyday makeup applications with layer upon layer of product.

So, what else do eyelashes need then? Well, they also need some nourishment to keep them growing healthily and could also do with a little help to keep them strong, preventing breakages and premature lash loss. To get those envious eyelashes these days, it doesn’t need to be an expensive trip to the salon for a continuous round of eyelash extensions, or the psychological anxiety of figuring out how to do a home-lash lift, it can just be one small product that sets your eyelashes on the path of fast growth, luxurious colour and fullness with no fuss.

Number two on my Christmas list this year? Xlash Eyelash Serum. I mean, if Santa doesn’t bring this for me, I’ll happily go and buy it for myself. After going on such a journey with my eyelashes this year and getting them into a state where they don’t get so twisted and turned by a mascara wand every day, it seems only fair to give them a little gift to say thank you for sticking around. Eyelash serum is a healthy and nourishing way to do this, by setting deep into the follicles and the base of each lash to get the most out of them before in a matter of weeks.

I love an eyelash serum and it’s a case of just swiping the small brush over the top lashes and then going to bed. That’s it. How simple could it be. Don’t get me wrong, I love eyelash extensions and how they make people look with them and maybe next year’s Christmas wish list will be all about them, but for now the gentle eyelash serum is my second most wanted item.

All I Want for Christmas is… Shimmery Eyelids

So, it is all about the eyes on my 2020 Christmas wish list. I may as well start as I mean to go on. If I can get the liquid eyeliner to get my cat-eye sorted, the eyelash serum to get my lashes looking fantastic, I’m going to need some colour in there to liven things up and get right into the spirit of Christmas.

What better way to do this than with a really good eyeshadow palette with a choice of shades and colours with deep pigments, and some glittery choices in there too for good measure. So, what colours would I want to see in my palette? (Hey, it’s my Christmas wish list, I can have whatever colours I want!) Well, I’d first of all start with the classics – some nudes and browns with a deep burgundy thrown in for some amazing smoky eye looks to team up with my cat eye. Then, I’d really embrace the festive theme with a deep red, dark green and night sky blue and their glittery counterparts that would look super shimmery reflecting against the warmth of my Christmas tree lights while I sip on a mulled wine.

I really like to embrace the seasons and match my eye shadow palettes to the mood and for me, winter is about colours that invite warmth rather than cold, icy colours that make my face look pale and washed out.

A great set of eye shadows should always make you smile, so this Christmas, I would be very happy to open the gift that is number three on my wish list, a personalised eye shadow palette complete with festive colour and glitter.

All I Want for Christmas is… Shapely Eyebrows

It makes sense that eyebrows would be next on my Christmas list, after all there would be no point in investing so much into the way my eyes look and then leaving my eyebrows out in the cold. And to be honest, this is the part that probably needs the most work on my face. My eyebrows have had trouble fully recovering from years of tweezer misuse, promising myself I’ll get them sorted one day, I have always wanted perfect eyebrows.

Well, there’s no time like Christmas day to get that wheel in motion. The thing is there are a few options and its deciding which one will work best, is a viable method and isn’t too expensive. So, there’s microblading, which I totally admire, but it is a little too permanent for me right now, there’s a threading appointment which will probably sort my problems out a little too temporary for me right now, and there’s good old makeup and serums, which might help me make a proper decision once I see what they are capable of.

So, just like eyelash serums there are eyebrow growth serums. They kind of work in the same way in principle but as eyebrows have a different function, make up and texture there is a lot that can prevent an eyebrow serum from working as well as it should. Applying creams and lotions, makeup, using tweezers and brushes constantly can all assist with the early loss of individual brow hairs, so they really need to be left alone for the majority of the time, or treated carefully to see the full benefit of a serum.

Makeup is another good option; a good brow kit and an expert tutorial will have you applying your brow pencil with ease once you know how to execute a great brow shape to compliment your face shape. I have naturally curvy eyebrows with a semi-high arch that balances out a longer face, but does nothing to help widen it, so a fantastic eyebrow pencil, some powder and setting gel would sort this out and help me achieve a longer eyebrow for a really flattering look. Christmas wish list item number four? Eyebrow Serum and a perfectly colour matched eyebrow pencil. Sorted.

All I Want for Christmas is… A New Eye Makeup Kit

Ok, so I may have gotten ahead of myself there. It is very clear from my Christmas wish list that there are a fair few items I want (and desperately need) and it may just be easier to ask for a brand new makeup kit this year. Complete with some angled tweezers, a trusty eyelash curler, cat-eye templates and all the other great things that will help me look the part.

Christmas is a great time to splash out on other people, to really show them that you care, but it is also a time where people want to look and feel their best, getting ready to go into the new year with all the resolutions that come with. Instead of asking Santa for all my Christmas wishes this year, I think I’m going to treat myself to a few new makeup tools and get the best out of the last few weeks of 2020 by looking and feeling festive and fabulous!