Hottest Eyelash and Eyebrow Trends 2020


I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some positive changes this summer. And where better to start than with my eyelashes and eyebrows? Stepping out into the wide world has been somewhat of a task lately and no one quite knows if life as we know it will go back to normal for some time. But that is exactly why it is important to see the positive side of things, step into new and exciting territories and feel like a brand new you.


Hottest Eyelash and Eyebrow Trends 2020


I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some positive changes this summer. And where better to start than with my eyelashes and eyebrows? Stepping out into the wide world has been somewhat of a task lately and no one quite knows if life as we know it will go back to normal for some time. But that is exactly why it is important to see the positive side of things, step into new and exciting territories and feel like a brand new you.

Eyelashes and eyebrows are just two of our facial features that we can enhance in both small and big ways and always notice a huge difference. So, it’s definitely time to see what is new on the scene and what trends are making a comeback and apply them to our own features to really make them stand out.

Now, bear with me here. Some of these trends and methods are a bit out there, and some are more daring than others, but we must remember that everyone has different length or fullness of eyelashes and varying colours and thickness of eyebrows. The good news is, when we want what we don’t already have, the solution is never too far away. Even if it does mean spending a bit of that hard-earned money to get there.

But one of the good things is, when it comes to eyelash and eyebrow enhancement, you don’t always have to endure pain in the same way you would with lip enhancements, such as filler. Sure, things like microblading is an option, but it isn’t the only one. So, read on, see what takes your fancy and get ready to rock your own new eyelash and eyebrow style.

Straight Eyebrows

Eyebrows have always created a storm in the cosmetics world, going from thick to thin, to scruffy, to polished, it seems like eyebrows have a mind of their own sometimes and we are just trying to keep up with them. But there is always one consistency and that is how much we obsess over them.

Ok, so not everyone is about the eyebrow. But for a lot of us, making sure our eyebrows frame our face just right, have just the correct amount of tint and don’t let us down with too many strays wanting to join the party, is all just a part of our daily routine that enables us to leave the house feeling confident and put together.

When the straight eyebrow came into fashion, it paved the way for so many people that were never naturally blessed with a high arch or who didn’t know what to do with their own eyebrows without being too adventurous. It was a secret gift from the eyebrow gods that allowed even the most fashion-shy to join in with the latest trend.

And the good news? It isn’t going anywhere any time soon! Straight eyebrows are here to stay. But the real question is who can sport this look? To be honest, almost anybody can get away with a straight eyebrow, with some tweaking of course.

The thing is, we all have different face shapes that fall into categories of heart-shaped, oval, round, square, long and diamond, and our eyebrows have an ideally complimenting shape to each face, so when you think of straight eyebrows, it has to work in a way that compliments your look for you to feel your best self when styling them that way.

Straight eyebrows are best suited to longer faces with the aim to balance out the features, but it doesn’t always mean styling or tweezing them into a fully straight line. Elongating them toward the outer edges is what provides the balance. Oval faces and heart-shaped faces also benefit from having a straighter line, but a small arch can lift the eyes. When it comes to rocking the straight eyebrow, the best thing to do is to see a qualified technician who will be able to help you create your desired shape, or to fake it with a great eyebrow pencil and some clever shading and highlighting.

Straight eyebrows are a breeze to maintain and they also complete you look with a more youthful appearance, which let’s be honest, we all want to maintain!

Lower Lashes

Ok, so eyelashes are really having their day at the moment, but so many people think there is just one option: lengthen your upper lashes by any means necessary. But this year is proving that it’s the lower lashes’ time to shine.

We’ve always been taught not to go overboard with mascara on the lower set of eyelashes as it can create a spidery look that the nineties so proudly provided us in all of its inharmonious glory. Cheap mascara was mainly the cause of this, or even just over-using the stuff. But if we carefully consider how to do up the lower eyelashes to compliment the eyes and not swamp them, this trend could (and should) stick around so everyone knows how to do it right.

The trick is to keep this look light and feathery with little to no mascara, so you don’t get that clumpy look where your lashes decide to stick together and form one giant eyelash. If you are like me and can count how many eyelashes you have on the lower lid, then another option is to get lower lash extensions. A good technician will now how to keep them short but sweet and add a romantic touch to your look, avoiding harsh points and lines.

A great tip for keeping your lower lashes shiny and lustrous is to apply a small amount of coconut oil to them every few days, being careful not to get any in your eye, but enough to make them noticeable and to give them a good bit of fatty oil to feed them and stimulate their growth.

Eyebrow Lamination

When you think about lamination, you may not immediately send your thoughts toward eyebrows, but that is because it is a relatively new process that is highly editorial and was usually only seen on the rich and famous or the impossible beautiful models that grace the catwalks. But eyebrow lamination is taking the world by storm, all because it mimics the impression of fuller eyebrows without the pain and permanence of microblading. Think about eyebrow lamination as a sort of perm for eyelashes, lasting around eight weeks and styles the brows into position without the need for primping and preening in between.

So, what exactly is it? Well, it is a treatment that involves first softening the brow hairs so that they are more malleable, brushing them into position and then fixing them with a laminating solution that holds them in place in (usually) an upward direction. It gives an immediate classy look and feel and when it lasts so long, it is hard to see why this wasn’t a thing years ago.

Many people turn to lamination to “fix” unruly eyebrows that are naturally misdirected as well as a way to fill in unwanted gaps by brushing the hairs into position. The sleek, polished look of lamination works well on thick eyebrows to bring light to the eyes and brow bone.

Textured Eyelashes

It sometimes seems that to stay on trend, you have to follow the exact same pattern as everyone else to stay on top. And when you think about eyelash extensions, this is mostly true. The reason people get eyelash extensions in the first place is to lengthen or thicken their upper row of eyelashes when they aren’t too happy with what they originally had, or just want a little bit extra. But now that eyelash extensions are so popular, its time to take it to the next level and not just get them because you want them a bit longer, but because you want them to stand out. And I don’t mean in the overly false kind of way, but just to add more texture to them so that they still look natural, but have an air of fullness to them that makes people question… Are those her real eyelashes?

By adding texture, it means having your eyelash technician use different lengths of extensions to the full length of the lid. It’s about breaking the lines of symmetry and working toward a fuller set of lashes that don’t look beyond the realms of natural. The overall look will be multi-dimensional and feathery without the need for mascara to do the trick.

Textured eyelashes are really the way forward with extensions to really avoid the pristine, polished or pantomime look and will especially suit eyes that are longer than they are wide and almond shaped eyes.

Slim Eyebrows

Don’t panic, but they’re back (sort of). Slim eyebrows are taking the world by storm this year and it might actually be a good thing. Now, we aren’t talking super thin eyebrows here, think of it more like your brows have toned down, and maybe lost a couple of pounds, but the body is still there. Slim eyebrows are actually a god send for so many people who aren’t naturally blessed with fuller eyebrows and struggle to grow them vertically.

All eyebrows have different shapes, thicknesses, colours and density so it isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, but slim eyebrows are amazingly easy to maintain once they’re in place and once the ideal shape has been defined. Darker brows really suit this look as it helps to create sleek lines that ooze sophistication and they definitely mean business. This isn’t to say that blondes can’t rock the slimmer eyebrow too, it’s just really important to keep them groomed and tidy.

Gone are the days of over-plucking and leaving just a millimetre-thick line of eyebrow hairs that we used to pencil over the top of anyway. The thin eyebrow is gone and should never make an appearance again, but the slim eyebrow should last a lifetime. To achieve this, again it is best to see a professional to help guide your new look to a state of perfection, but if you must do this at home, remember to prepare your skin beforehand by opening the follicles with warm water, and soothing the skin afterward with cooling gels. Aim to keep the same thickness all through the length of the eyebrow, and loosely thinning out toward the outer edges.

For those of us who struggle to grow our eyebrows, this may just mean taking care of a few strays and using an eyebrow pencil and some fixing powder or gel to fill in the gaps. Keep lines blurry so you don’t end up with a super sharp costume feel but use enough colour to keep them even in tone all the way through. Slim eyebrows will be around for a long time, watch this space.

Healthy Eyelashes

This might seem like a silly thing to call a trend, but having healthy eyelashes is not becoming part of normal routine everywhere and so it deserves to be on the 2020 eyelash trend list, and every year subsequent to this one!

The rise of eyelash extensions, false eyelashes and eyelash lifts in recent years has shown a need to keep eyelashes healthy in order for these procedures to be worthwhile, or ultimately you will be covering up a barely there set of eyelashes that fall out easily and paying so much money in the long run. But now it makes sense to keep them healthy underneath the layers of extensions so that one day, you may not even have to rely on them. Keeping your eyelashes healthy shouldn’t be a difficult task, it involves cleansing them every day, removing makeup every day and applying an oil or a serum to stimulate the follicles, promote growth from deep within and strengthen the actual eyelash so that breakage becomes a thing of the past.

Eyelash serums are great products as they are easy to apply, it takes seconds and you can actually start to notice the difference in weeks. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge with eyelash extensions, or even if you are an avid wearer of mascara, it is not just on trend, but really important to get your eyelash health in order and you never know, one day it may be your lashes people are obsessing over!