Hottest Christmas Makeup Trends


So, the festive season is almost upon us and I can almost smell the fruity scent of mulled wine and cinnamon. It is the most exciting time of year and the perfect chance to get festive with your makeup.


Hottest Christmas Makeup Trends


So, the festive season is almost upon us and I can almost smell the fruity scent of mulled wine and cinnamon. It is the most exciting time of year and the perfect chance to get festive with your makeup.

A lot of makeup trends come and go, but at Christmas there are staple hits that work on all faces and can elevate your look with little effort. Afterall, it’s time to go Christmas shopping, not just panic about makeup for hours on end.

Of course, there is no harm in putting a little treat for yourself in your basket this Christmas. And we’ve got just the stocking fillers for you.
Go Green!

Even the least makeup savvy know that green is one of the key colours at Christmas. It might be a little cliché, but I love adding a splash of green to compliment any outfit during the festive season, especially just to show a slight hint of Christmas spirit.

When done correctly, adding green to your eyeshadow palette is the perfect way to lift a dark outfit and stops it from looking too over the top cheesy.

The perfect way to wear it? Go messy and bright. I like blurred lines and eyeshadow on the top and bottom lids. Team it up with some jet-black, lash-lengthening mascara and a nude lip and you are good to go.

Add a little glitter if you’re heading out to your work Christmas party to inject some sparkle and you have nailed Christmas makeup look number one!

Glossy Lips

As far as lips go, sometimes it feels as though keeping up with the latest trends is near impossible. One thing becomes popular, and before you know it its last years news. But rest assured, as long as you aren’t stuck in 2002 where heavily lined lips with pale lipstick was all the rage, you are safe in whatever you choose to put on those kissers!

These days a heavy gloss is right on trend at Christmas time, especially for parties and events or anywhere a photobooth might pop up!

Luckily, glossy lipstick doesn’t mean sticky anymore. There’s nothing worse than your hair getting caught in the wind and sticking to your freshly applied gloss, so make sure you invest in a solid shiny lipstick and go for a nude hue at this time of year, leaving room for you to concentrate on your eyes and cheeks.

Cheeky Christmas

Nothing says winter more than rosy cheeks and you can use this to your advantage at Christmas time to stay on trend.

Hopefully your Christmas party will be indoors so you don’t have to endure the frozen cheeks all night long, but you can recreate the look with clever use of blush to compliment your skin tone.

Instead of going heavy on the contour, make it cute with light pinks and peaches on the apple of your cheeks with a little bit of shinnery highlighter to give them shape.
If you are feeling especially coordinated, match the tone in your blush to your lip colour and accentuate your features with this subtle statement.

Cat-Eyed Girl

Whether you have mastered the perfect wing or not by now, Christmas is the perfect time to get practicing your skills. Always a timeless classic, winged eyeliner is perfect at any time of the year, but also great for something a little different at your Christmas gathering if it is something you never usually wear.

Make yourself stand out and stretch your eyeliner wing outward toward the end of your brows to keep the focus on your eyes.

All eyes are different shapes and some suit the classic cat-eye more than others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it with practice. For down-turned eyes it is the perfect method for bringing them up a little. Your eyes appear to completely change shape with just one sweep of eyeliner.

Mastering the cat-eye can be a present to yourself this year and it will be something you can carry on into 2020.

Matte Red Lips

Never one to stick to one trend, I love bright red matte lips at Christmas, and it is always one of the hottest trends you will see. The classic red lip is easy to master, and all most skin tones can pull it off.

For a Christmas office party, keep your eye makeup colours toned done so you don’t take focus from your mouth. If you have full lips, keep your outlines sharp and the colour even throughout.

If you have lips on the thinner size, you can use lip liner in the same shade or slightly darker to outline your shape, accentuate your cupid’s bow and add volume to your lips without the need for lip fillers or injections.

The classic red can even be turned up a notch during the festive season with an overcoat of shimmer or glitter. Nothing says Christmas like glitter! Turn your lips into the perfect present for your next big party.

Copper Party

Not everybody favours the typical Christmas colours of red and green, which is understandable. Sometimes it can be a bit overkill if not executed well. And you know what they say about too much of a good thing!

So, if you are in search of a hot Christmas trend but can’t seem to put your finger on what it is you’re looking for then start with some coppers and bronzes by switching up your normal colours for these at Christmas.

Eyeshadows, highlighters and blush in these bronzy colours can warm up your skin tones and add a touch of shimmer when your face hits the light. Perfectly understated, the copper and bronze movement is great for this time of year so even when you don’t feel warm, your face will tell a different story.

Messy Brows

Look, after all the time you are dedicating to your makeup this Christmas, no one can expect you to free up even more time to turn your eyebrows into geometric perfection.

It’s a good job messy eyebrows are on trend this season rather than the polished look that most of us can only dream of upkeeping. Team a slightly overgrown eyebrow with those golds and bronzes I mentioned before by making your eyeshadow and your brow bone meet in perfect Christmas harmony.

Don’t worry about too many stray’s underneath, just keep your brows brushed upward and outward and add a little gel or powder to separate the hairs and keep the main body of your eyebrows looking sleek. Keep a pair of tweezers on you in case of emergencies, but with this trend, the only emergency you’ll have is not having enough time to admire your brand-new look.

Add a Little Sparkle

This may not be new to the makeup scene, but adding a little sparkle to the inner corner of your eyes is a hot trend and I personally love it as it achieves two things: It gives you the Christmassy feel in a subtle way and it also opens up your eyes.

Go for a light sparkle such as pale golds and silvers to compliment the rest of your eyeshadow by dabbing a little to the inner corner of your eyes before applying your eyeliner or go heavier with a brighter shade and heavy pigment.

The lighter shade acts as a way to create more space between your eyes so is perfect for narrow eyes to make them appear wider. But the bright colours just make a statement this Christmas and the colour is the perfect accessory to your outfit.

This year I’m a massive fan of gold for this little technique as it helps to bring out the gold flecks in my brown eyes with next to no effort and it really doesn’t take a steady hand to accomplish the look so you don’t have to be so tidy when applying it.

Statement Eyelashes

For a good old Christmas party, it’s time to go all out, and what better way to do it than with a good set of eyelashes.

Whether you choose to fake it or go with your natural eyelashes, the hot trend is long and thick eyelashes. Now, you may have naturally full lashes that are the envy of every Christmas party, but just in case, there are a few tips to help you get there and make your eyelashes the statement accessory to finish off the perfect Christmas outfit.

First, eyelash serum! Eyelashes can never look their best if they aren’t healthy to begin with, so get them in shape with an eyelash serum a few weeks in advance of your Christmas event and they will be ready for whatever it is you’re going to throw at them.

Apply it nightly after cleansing your makeup and just let it soak in. In no time you’ll feel a lot more confident in your own lashes so faking in might not even be on your radar anymore. Xlash Eyelash Serum is a great option to get those eyelashes looking and feeling health while adding some length for good measure.

Even if you do decide that eyelash extensions or false eyelashes are the way forward, then the serum won’t hurt alongside it, in fact it will help keep them strong so that they aren’t weighed down by glues and adhesives.

Once you’ve got your eyelashes in check, time to get some volumising mascara that doesn’t leave your lashes looking clumpy but add a seductive and sultry element to your look. No Christmas makeup trend would be finished without mascara so if there is one thing you can’t neglect this year, make it your eyelashes!

Beat the Christmas Blues

Traditionally, red and green are the Christmassy colours of choice, but this year, one major trend is to explore your blue side. I don’t mean to stand outside in the cold until your lips turn a certain shade of blue, but to swap out your warm eye makeup for a little bit of cobalt.

Cobalt blues and electric blues are definitely statement colours and can be worn in different ways to make your eyes stand out. If you are already a blue-eyed girl, go for bright shadows on the top and bottom lid with lashings of mascara to finish the look. The blue will help bring out the brighter flecks in your eyes and single out your eyes as your most valuable features.

If you have brown eyes, my favourite look is bright blue eyeliner. Give yourself a smooth line on the top lid and wing to your heart’s content. If blue is a little too much for you, lean a little more toward the green side with turquoise blues and soften the look overall.

Christmas Corals

Bright red lipstick is always going to be a fashion staple and is not going to go anywhere any time soon, but it isn’t for everybody. There is no way to make a statement this Christmas like red lipstick, but if you don’t want to go too bright, swap it out for coral red or a dark peach.

It is quite a new trend to colour your lips in more orangey tones, but I definitely think it is here to stay. It gets the traditional trend on point, while changing it up to keep it modern. Try it with different tones and vary from matte to gloss to find your perfect look for your Christmas party and don’t forget to keep some in your purse for touch ups later on!

Go for Gold

If all else fails, gold is the way to go. Always on trend and always looks good with any outfit. To warm up even the coldest of hearts this Christmas, add a little gold to your makeup.

Whether it’s in your eyeshadow, a little glitter or flecks in your lipstick, gold makes your Christmas party outfit look and feel richer in warmth. Go light on it with a base eyeshadow and add heavy gold to the centre of your top eyelid to create the illusion of depth, if you have smaller eyes it’s a great way to make them look wider.

If full on gold isn’t your thing, switch it up for rose gold and really bring out your feminine side. It says cute Christmas without going full Barbie!

Feeling Festive Yet?

I don’t know about you but the thought of getting ready for my big Christmas party is getting me in the mood for the festive season.

There are no set of rules that say exactly how to decorate your face this year, but these hot trends might just give you a good idea of how to rock your Christmas party with style and a big old splash of colour!