Hot Lipstick Trends for 2020


New Year, new lips! Well, not quite, but at least new shades of lipstick are in order? There are countless ways to revamp your makeup kit this season and if there is one staple that deserves to stay ahead of the game, it’s lipstick.


Hot Lipstick Trends for 2020


New Year, new lips! Well, not quite, but at least new shades of lipstick are in order? There are countless ways to revamp your makeup kit this season and if there is one staple that deserves to stay ahead of the game, it’s lipstick.

Whether you’re a lover of fiery red, deep cherry or passionate pink, there is always a shade for you and who knows, this year’s lipstick trends may just swing your vote toward another colour.

So, what is it about lipstick that draws us in every time? Is it the feel of it, the colour, the texture? Well most of the time it’s the way lipstick makes us feel when we wear it or how a certain hue can compliment our face and help us to exude confidence.

Lipstick and clever lip liner can also help change the shape of our lips and make them either look fuller or just show off their existing potential. Lipstick, lip colour and lip gloss contain all the magic we need to transform our mouths and with a little practice and experimentation with colour and texture, lipstick doesn’t just have to be saved for a big night out but instead enjoyed every day.

The Gamechanger

The thing with lipstick and makeup in general, is that it changes all the time. It evolves to be better and suit our needs of convenience, but it isn’t always enough. These changes need to consider the beauty aspect and how well it lasts and does the job it is supposed to. Convenience and purpose have to go hand in hand for the product to work and for people to buy into it.

The gamechangers in lipstick terms are the ones that don’t rub off or end up on your teeth within the first 5 minutes of applying them or even more daring ones with high glossy textures that don’t allow your hair to stick to them in the slightest breeze.

But there are also the other kind of game changers that don’t just consider beauty but lip health and enhancement too! We all want something that we don’t have, and a lot of the time we find it hard to accept our own features without wanting to improve them. Lips are commonly thought of when it comes to cosmetic treatments as they are relatively easy to enhance.

Lip fillers are extremely popular these days but not without risk and they usually require top ups to keep them plump. This is where a lot of people tend to get the bug and keep increasing their lip size a little more every time. The gamechanger here is Xlips Lip Plumping Balm. It is a relatively modern concept and as the years roll on, the science behind lip plumping serums and balms just gets better and better.

Designed to plump up your lips with just a swipe of the wand, it is harmless and non-invasive. Ok, so it doesn’t last months like lip fillers would, but it will certainly get you through an evening with lips that tingle and feel and look fuller than before. The active ingredients sink deep into the outer epidermis and essentially wake up the blood vessels to give a plumper appearance to your lips.

The reason I’ve included this as the gamechanger in hot lipstick trends? It acts as the perfect base for your next choice in lip colour. Natural and healthy ingredients keep the lips moisturised and hydrated without coating them with heavy or sticky gloss and its clear solution allows lipstick to sit firmly without compromising on colour.

So now you know how to make the most out of your lips and get them looking full and healthy, it’s time to have a look at some of the hottest trends in lipstick for this 2020 season as well as some classics that never get old.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Matte and low gloss red lips are huge going into 2020, and variations on the shade will allow it to be one trend that will stick around for a long time. The boldness of the red is toned down with the matte texture which makes this look perfect for the office as well as the office party.

This look is sure to make a statement and goes with minimal or maximum effect makeup, but red is always complimented by black eyeliner and mascara. Try this one with a thin line over the top lid and a subtle wing for the perfect minimalistic look.

But bold doesn’t have to be toned down all the time, gothic colours have certainly made a come back and are there to be enjoyed going into 2020. With a wintery feel, deep purples and plums with a high gloss make this look stand out and is perfect for accentuating curvy lips and a deep cupid’s bow.

Suited to dark eye makeup, bring this right into the new decade with less black eyeshadow and more dark greys and plums. These deep shades of lipstick don’t have to be too intimidating and if you’re new to dark lipstick, try a plum hue with medium shine to find your feet and work out just how much darker you want to go eventually. Dark haired beauties have the best luck with gothic inspired lipstick as it helps to frame the face and bring all focus to those luscious lips.

Bright pink is definitely another bold statement colour for 2020. Think fuchsia rather than barbie pink and make it classically sophisticated. This colour is just what a dark and rainy winter calls for, so going into the later parts of the season, instead of months of waiting and yearning for spring to arrive, try rocking this colour to brighten up your day NOW.

To make this look even more on trend this year, make it glossy and really give your lips a plumping balm treat to accentuate the curves of your mouth. This is one colour you don’t want to fall flat, so avoid the matte and gloss away!

Although it’s a very 1980’s inspired colour, you don’t want to take too much of a step into the past with bright pink/fuchsia so try teaming it with black eyeliner on the top lid only, small amounts of colour on the cheeks and a pale, matte foundation. As much as I love the eighties and blue eyeshadow, remember that less is more so let the lipstick do all the talking.

The Adventurous

Once you start to wear lipstick you find it becomes a bit of an addiction. Your lips start to feel naked without it and you become accustomed to certain brands, colours and textures. I definitely have my firm favourites, but it still leaves room for experimentation and these days there are plenty of options when it comes to lipstick.

So, for those who are feeling a little bit braver this year, it’s time to get adventurous with your lipstick! Take purple for example, its bright, it makes a statement and it can still coordinate with various outfits and hair colours.

The best thing about purple as a trend for 2020 is that it has a futuristic vibe without coming across too abstract and there are many shades to help you tone the look up or down depending on how daring you’re feeling. Apply purple lipstick to perfectly lined lips and clean up any smudged lines to keep it sharp and team it with cool lilac eyeshadow and plenty of mascara to keep the whole look on trend this year.

Metallic lipstick also carries the futuristic vibe really well but in keeping with 2020 trends it can look classic when applied well. For the less adventurous, add a metallic shimmer over the top of your existing lipstick so it really catches the light well, or if you are looking for more action in your lip life, go full metallic and compliment your own skin tone. Golds for warmer tones and silver for more pale or pink tones. Your lips will definitely be the highlight of a night out with the girls.

The Natural

There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your lipstick toned down in 2020, in fact there are more options than you may think when it comes to keeping it natural and these shades are right on trend in 2020.

Lipstick isn’t just supposed to be worn to events or on nights out anymore, and the modern woman wants to be able to wear lipstick to the office without feeling like they are about to hit the newest club in town. Neutral and natural shades fix this dilemma and give your lips the ability to look full all day and still scream sophistication.

Try taupe as a darker option in neutral shades but keep it casual with less gloss and softer lines. It is the kind of lipstick you can reapply easily if you need to but keeps your lips covered and looking classic. With this kind of lipstick, it is good to team it with a smoky eye and lashings of mascara as it will act as more of a base colour for your makeup look overall.

Natural pink is also a good day time option as it gives you the feel of lipstick without looking too obvious that you’re wearing it. It is right on trend this 2020 season as the barely-there makeup look never goes out of style and it gives your lips the slight blush they need to lift your face and highlight your skin. Team this one with mascara and light colour on cheeks to play on your face’s existing strengths but with a little more daytime glamour.

While natural pink may suit one type of skin tone, nude lipstick may suit others. Warmer and darker skin tones are matched well with a semi-nude lipstick with a slight shine that insinuates the presence of lipstick but without looking too heavy. Nude lipstick is high in the trends in 2020 and especially works well in these wintery months as it keeps your face looking warm and welcoming and is well teamed with brown eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow and lengthening black mascara.

Now, stick with me on this next one as it will make you say, “That’s not natural!” but orange and coral are definite trend-setters in 2020 and definitely work well in the natural category. Orange is a relatively new arrival to the consumer lipstick world, so no one expects you to already have this in your arsenal. But believe me, it is a great shade to wear all year round and when done right it can look fantastic.

Find an orange with light pink tones that doesn’t just look like you’ve had your fill of Tango and spilled it all over your mouth. It should resemble a coral colour that is a nice balance between red and pink but with the warmth of orange and it works really well on tanned skin. Trust me, this trend will definitely be sticking around this year.

The Classic

There is one lipstick trend that will never go anywhere. Gaining notoriety and popularity way back in the early days of the Hollywood stars of the 1920s, red lipstick stole the scene on stage and as colour film was developing and has never waivered since.

Initially, red lipstick looked too dark in black and white movies, so when the world of colour TV opened its doors to the general public, it was the one colour film cameras captured so well and was lusted after by women everywhere.

Today in 2020, red lipstick is a staple in most women’s makeup kit and is the old reliable that everyone can count on. Looking fantastic on all skin tones, red lipstick is the sensuous and sophisticated option for evening glamour. The colour enhances the shape of your lips, while showing them off in all their glory and making you feel powerful all at the same time.

The classic red lipstick is best worn with in a light gloss or shiny form with sharp lines and a strong base. An even colour all round, it can be teamed with a slightly darker liner, plum shades to the corners of the mouth and even in matte form for a modern twist.

The vampy look took off decades ago and was a statement that oozed feminism, when teamed with black liner and a dark brow. I cannot get enough of red lipstick, the classic pillar box red is my favourite shade, but cherry red will always have a place in my heart too.

In 2020 expect to see more bright red lipstick high up in the trends and variations of the tone that bring this classic look right into the present and beyond.