Eyelash Care for 2020


As we are about to kiss 2019 goodbye it’s the perfect time to reflect on what a year its been for beauty products and routines, and we can start preparing to make 2020 an even better one.


Eyelash Care for 2020


As we are about to kiss 2019 goodbye it’s the perfect time to reflect on what a year its been for beauty products and routines, and we can start preparing to make 2020 an even better one.

Everyone likes to make new year’s resolutions about dieting or fitness, but its just as important to take the little things with you into the new year, like your new eyelash care routine.

If like me, you have only recently taken your eyelashes’ health and beauty into your own hands this year, then you will know it is an easy resolution to keep up with next year and one you definitely won’t want to quit.

If you haven’t really given much thought or time into looking after your eyelashes this year but realise that you need to change things to get them back into full health, then read on and discover the secrets of eyelash care that will mean your lashes have longevity well past 2020.

Eyelash Growth Cycle

They say if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it. But when it comes to eyelashes, I firmly believe the opposite. When you look at your eyelashes you might not even see anything wrong on the surface and it won’t be until you realise you are losing more than you are growing that you will see the need to do anything about it.

On the other hand, you might be having a really good eyelash month! And you’ll notice that they are looking a whole lot better than they did last month. It can spark fear in wondering what you did so wrong then to make them look less than lustrous and why they were falling out more than often.

Well, it might be that you weren’t doing anything really wrong, it could just be the time of year or your eyelash growth cycle.

Eyelashes grow and fall out in different stages and one general cycle can last around 4-5 months before it starts up again. There are 3 stages in the eyelash growth cycle, and each has its own lifespan so you will always have eyelashes growing and falling out at any one time.

The first is the anagen phase which is where they start growing into a full lash. It lasts just over a month or maybe 45 days if the follicle is strong and healthy. Eyelashes in this stage can be quite weak in the beginning as they are quite new and can’t resist a lot of pressure, so this is the time to keep them healthy, so they can return the favour by lasting longer.

The second stage is the catagen or transition phase which lasts around 2 to 3 weeks. Here the eyelash stops growing and the follicle basically prepares to shrink. The shrinking of the follicle is what will eventually cause the hair to fall out, but in this phase the eyelashes are at the longest they will get and are the most noticeable on your eyelids.

At this stage eyelashes may still fall out, but they won’t grow back in straight away as they still have to complete the full cycle as the follicle sees the full process through. If your eyelashes look more sparse than usual, it is most likely because of loss during this phase.

The last stage is the telogen phase which is also known as the resting phase. This is where the eyelashes start to naturally fall out and can last up to 100 days. It is totally normal to lose lashes during this phase and they will appear to grow back quicker as the follicle will have completed its cycle.

Cause of Eyelash Loss

So, as you can see from the eyelash growth cycle, there is usually no cause for concern if you start to notice lash loss. It is a normal part of the cycle and can vary at different points of the year depending on weather and different beauty routines.

But that isn’t to say to rest on the normality of lash loss. Going into 2020 you want to make sure your eyelashes are healthy, and you can stick to your new year’s resolution by keeping them that way. There are other causes that may be behind your eyelash loss that you should address before trying to hide behind mascara and hoping for the best.

Cleansing Routines – Sometimes vigorous cleansing can be enough to damage your eyelashes or cause them to fall out. Eyelashes generally shouldn’t fall out until they are ready, and it definitely shouldn’t hurt or cause any irritation, but from time to time in removing makeup you make catch some lashes that weren’t quite destined to drop out just yet.

Harsh cleansers and eye makeup removers can cause the follicle to lose natural oils and become dry and red which can be a pain for your eyelids but also bad for keeping hold of your lashes. Cloths and cotton pads should be soft and not rubbed harshly on your eyes, no matter how much you want to get that mascara off. Anything that puts intense pressure on your lashes could cause them to fall out so check your products before using them and make sure they are gentle on eyes and skin.

Hydration – If you’re a dedicated water drinker and get your recommended amount each day then you will probably notice if you skip a glass or two. Think about how your lips react to dehydration, I know mine can’t stand when I don’t get enough water each day as they dry up and feel sore and look less pink and more pale! Well, your eyelashes are the same, you need to keep hydrated regularly for your body to function as it’s supposed to so instead of skipping on the water, grab an extra glass or two each day to keep your eyelashes in check.

The same goes for salty foods and sugary drinks, they can dehydrate your body more than you realise, so things like fizzy drinks, alcohol with high sugar content and coffee are all known to dehydrate you. Your hair may even feel drier than usual if you substitute good old water for these drinks. Try going into 2020 with less sugar and more water for all round health and give yourself a head start when it comes to your eyelashes.

The Weather – I’m not the fondest of winter, I don’t mind crisp, cold days snuggled in my blanket or even a nice fresh walk wrapped up in a toasty scarf and hat. But winter tends to play havoc on my skin and hair. The same goes for my eyelashes too.

The briskness of cold wintery weather is enough to dry out skin and cause flakiness. This in turn can cause irritation on the skin around the eyes and therefore affect eyelashes. It also makes eyelashes more brittle and prone to breaking and falling out which means you will have longer to wait in the growth cycle for them to look full again.

The solution? Well apart from moving to warmer climates in winter or hibernating until the glorious sunshine has a chance to reach your eyelashes, there isn’t a whole list of easy fixes. But if you treat them well, keep hydrated and keep up with a good cleansing and moisturising routine you will definitely be in with a chance.

Another great option is an eyelash serum. This isn’t just for the winter months either, this is for year-round healthy eyelashes so get started for 2020 and keep them looking full and feeling strong.

An eyelash serum has the benefits of keeping the follicles healthy, the surrounding skin clean, clear and soft and the eyelashes strong and long. A good eyelash serum for strong and healthy eyelashes is Xlash Eyelash Serum. It assists with growth as well and as I mentioned earlier, if you can keep your follicles healthy during the anagen phase, this growth stage can last longer than usual.

Get a few bottles of this handy little serum ready for 2020 and have eyelashes that exceed your expectations in the first month.

Waterproof Mascara - Wet weather is also a downer in winter, it can last days or sometimes it feels like the whole season. While it might feel hydrating to have eyelashes that glisten in the rain, many of us tend to cover them with mascara.

This can be a problem none of us want… mascara running down our cheeks when we’ve just popped out to do some shopping! So then waterproof mascara comes to save the day, or so it promises. The issue with waterproof mascara is its designed not to move so it can take a toll on your eyelashes.

If you’re planning on going into 2020 with healthy eyelashes, it might be time to ditch the waterproof stuff and get used to staying out of the rain for a few months. Taking off waterproof mascara at the end of the day can be a nightmare, and you tend to lose more lashes doing this. It also coats them completely, so they become less durable and more likely to break.

Old Makeup – Eyelash care is easy to master as long as you have the right tools. Makeup can be expensive so it’s not ideal to just go and throw away everything you already have and start from scratch going into the new year, but in the interests of making 2020 a good year for your eyelashes, it might be time to sit down and check some dates of your existing makeup and check it isn’t doing more damage than good.

All makeup has a use by date, you may know this already but if not, check your bottle or pot and look for the little symbol that looks like a pot with an open lid and the number inside it. This will tell you how long your makeup will last once its been opened.

But even this is just a guide and probably best-case scenario in most instances. The surrounding temperature and what it comes into contact with can make this life shorter. For example, most mascara lasts around 3 months once its been opened but if you take this mascara with you on a hot, sunny holiday it will start to dry up and get clumpy. Putting it on your eyelashes won’t be a pleasant experience so it is best to say bye to it and grab yourself a new one.

The thing with mascara is the wand is being pumped in and out of the tube every day, it comes into contact with your eyelashes multiple times so it can gather dirt and oils which you then unknowingly put back into the tub ready for tomorrow’s application. Doesn’t sound too nice when you think of it like that, does it?

If you go into 2020 with one piece of serious advice for your eyelashes, its to make sure you don’t use mascara past its use by life or when its starting to act or smell a little off. Irritation on and around your eyelashes is not the great start you want next year.

Eyelash Curlers – Historically, I’ve always been a bit scared of eyelash curlers, but in recent years they are a great tool I’ve learned to embrace. Eyelashes are very delicate little things and in the spirit of having great eyelashes in 2020, I decided that eyelash curlers are some of the best things you can have when used properly.

A few decades ago, eyelash curlers resembled torture devices in a one size fits all kind of way and the problem with this is we all have different shaped eyes and eyelashes so the wrong curler can cause more damage than good.

In my dream to have longer and curvier lashes, I started to use an eyelash serum which was great for adding length and keeping them healthy, but I didn’t really have that curl that is so desirable. So, eyelash curlers became my friend.

If you’re venturing into this world for the first time, shop around first and make sure that the curler you want is something that will fit your eyelashes. By that I mean check the length and the depth of the curve. If your eyes are round and your lids protrude more than they are flat, then a straight curler could be risky. You want to clamp it down close to your lids and sort of shuffle it up to the end of your eyelashes to get that curl in motion but being careful not to go too close and catch your eyelid. Ouch!

The thing with eyelash care is when it’s done right and in a constant routine, you won’t ever have to worry about them again. Mascara will become and accessory rather than a necessity and your eyelashes will start to look and feel fantastic.

Going into 2020, make one of your new resolutions to look after your eyelashes and you’ll be able to see the benefits right into 2021 and beyond.