Daring Makeup Trends for Summer 2020


Every year we look forward to new trends and styles, and the hottest looks that makeup artists have to offer us. This summer is definitely about to be explosive when it hits us, with colour and bold statements about to takeover the makeup world.


Daring Makeup Trends for Summer 2020


Every year we look forward to new trends and styles, and the hottest looks that makeup artists have to offer us. This summer is definitely about to be explosive when it hits us, with colour and bold statements about to takeover the makeup world.

Summer hits differently when it comes to makeup, we love sun-kissed skin and fun, but manageable hairstyles, so our makeup has to compliment all of that, and we have just the right tips to get your through the sunny season in style!

So, let’s take a little journey through this season’s hottest looks with a little inspiration from the catwalks and see how you can make these looks translate to your face with your own makeup kit.

Overstated Cheeks

So, just how can makeup evolve to cater for our summer 2020 makeover? Well this year is all about overstated stated cheeks and it might be time to get rid of the “less is more” motto and embrace “more is more”!
When it comes to our cheeks we have almost been trained to contour and highlight to create a high cheekbone and define our faces like it was some mechanical chore that no makeup up look would be complete without. But this summer, it is all about blush! Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little definition to our cheeks but if you want to really create this look, think more freely when it comes to application rather than holding yourself to a technically precise method.

Cream blush, powder blush, pinks and peaches, whatever your blush of choice, its time to overstate this look with a few bold statements. You can apply quite heavily to your contours blending downward toward your mouth or go thick on the apples of your cheeks and blend upward toward your temples.

One of the hottest looks in blush this summer is to actually apply the blush to your cheeks AND your eyelids, by extending it up to your temples and matching it with your eyeshadow. Keep your brushes large for applying to your cheeks and switch to a small, soft brush to blend into your eyelids so you don’t end up with harsh lines for a romantic take on this look.

This bold statement breathes life into a classic makeup technique that became boring to even apply, so the revamp has definitely earned its place in the top trends for this summer!

Pastel Eyeshadow

Ok so this year is about going bold and beautiful on the eyes, and that means going all out on colour and style, so it’s time to put away those winter colours buy some new eyeshadow palettes that scream summer 2020.

This summer, pastel eyeshadow is what everyone will be wearing, but with a neat little twist the colours should be thick and matte in consistency to make a bold statement rather than blended and soft shadow that shimmers. Think cotton candy pinks and baby blues, turquoises and peaches, even combining two of the colours for a retro take on the classic pastel.

Keep lines clean and when combining two colours, get creative with your style, for example blue to the main body of your upper lid and a pink line to the lower lid, or even keep your lines vertical for a geometric twist and apply turquoise green to the inner part of your eyelid and block peach to the outer part of your eyelid.

This look is fun, summery, and youthful and is a great look for any pool party, teamed up with a little bit of black mascara so that you don’t hide your wonderful artwork behind heavy lashes.

Hot Pink Lips

That’s right, it’s summer which means kissing your bright red lips goodbye for a few months and saying hello to hot pink to brighten up any wardrobe and hairstyle. I love hot pink lipstick in a medium gloss teamed with a messy up-do for that effortless look that is daring enough to make you feel that summer confidence that winter can sometimes lack.

To wear hot pink lips, it is easy to pull off with a few pink accents to the rest of your makeup. Think pale pink eyeshadow and plenty of light pink blush to your cheekbones and don’t be afraid to define those eyes with some feathery black mascara and a messy eyebrow.

This look is about being fun and playful and not too precise so don’t worry about creating lines on the face, leave the rest of the look soft and demure to bring all the focus to those luscious new pink lips!

Over-the-top Eyelashes

We all love a bit of mascara to define our eyelashes and this summer sees a fun trend of over-the top eyelashes that allow for lashings of the stuff to adorn our eyes. This is just an exaggeration of what we do already, with a few extra layers of lashes - whether false or extensions -and if you aren’t ready to take the plunge with extensions then you will be glad to know that mascara will be plenty enough to see this trend through to its fullest!

This summer try ditching the black for some other colours that will compliment your eye colour and summer makeup colours.

Try out pastel colours or lavender mascara and really go to town on your application to end up with super-exaggerated length and a colour that sits beautifully over a darker pink eyeshadow. And although it is usually a big no-no, don’t be afraid to emphasise those lashes on your lower lid either. This summer’s big lash trend means you can be as bold and as experimental as you like on your lashes so keep it modern and teaming with your new summer look but brushing your lower lashes outward and toward your cheekbones to avoid spider-like lashes that can look too heavy and dated.

Abstract Eyeliner

Eyeliner in some form is a staple in every makeup kit and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Well, it is definitely going places this summer and it’s a really exciting trend to be daring and bring new life to standard makeup application.

There is of course, nothing wrong with a little bit of winged, black eyeliner and that particular look is a firm favourite of many, but this summer we want to keep it bright and modern with a fun twist that is perfect for any party.

The options are endless when it comes to abstract eyeliner, you can really get as playful as you want with it, but for this summer one of the hottest trends is floating eyeliner. This is no where near as weird as it sounds, it just involves a little creativity and a steady hand to apply it. To achieve the floating eyeliner look, think long and thin, yet accentuated wings on your upper lid, above where you would usually draw the line to create the purrrfect cat eye!

A welcomed embellishment would be to finish your wing in great style by drawing your usual wing in the usual place and joining them in a sharp point toward the end of your brow. Try to avoid drawing on a floating line directly in the creases as it can lose its shape and cause smudges in unwanted places. But follow your eyelid crease line for a precise shape and to compliment your eyes.

For a more daring approach to floating eyeliner, switch out your jet-black gel liner for this summer’s colours in block pastel pinks and blues or even reach for a neon green for the ultimate party look. Keep the look simple yet a big statement by keeping the rest of your upper lids nude and let the floating liner do the work. A little colour on the lower lid and some black mascara is the perfect finish for this crazy summer trend!

The Modern Cat-Eye

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing wrong with the classic cat-eye and if it works for you then let it take you through all seasons of the year with no worries. But, if you feel like changing it up a little and the floating eyeliner trend of summer 2020 is a little too daring for you then why not try to amend the classic cat-eye and turn heads with a new twist on an old classic.

This look is really good for you is you are less steady with a gel liner brush or are rushed for time and perfecting that perfect wing is just not something you have the patience for. Simply use a sharp but smudgy eyeliner pencil and start your line on the upper lid as close to the lash line as possible but from the centre of your eye and draw outward with a little flick.

Some dark, blended eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye can help with keeping this look as smooth as possible, but once your eyeliner is in place, smudge it upward and outward to create the perfectly imperfect wing and tidy it up with a cotton bud if needed.

To finish this simply understated look, use a lengthening mascara and focus your attention to the roots and the outer edges of your eyelashes, drawing them upward toward your temples. Complete the look with some shadow on the outer corner of your lower lid and mascara to draw attention outward.

This one can take a couple of minutes once you have the hang of it and is just as effective in creating the cat-eye look without the hassle or boldness of a fully lined eye and can instantly change the appearance of almond-shaped or slightly downturned eyes, so that’s why it’s the perfect summer look that may just last well into winter.

Under-groomed Brows

When we have had it programmed into us for so long that brows should always be neat and tidy and brushed and tinted to within an inch of their life, it is hard to take a step back and just let our eyebrows be what they are naturally, but this summer could change all that.

If you are a person of convenience, then summer 2020 brows will be right up your street. The look is simple yet effective and involves just a little brushing and small amounts of tint. Stray hairs needn’t be of huge bother, especially underneath the brow toward the brow bone as long as you brush your eyebrows upward, apply a small amount of tint and brow gel to achieve the under-groomed look that will actually appear like you have groomed them to perfection.

By brushing the hairs in your eyebrows upward, you create a fresh line and draw attention upward, especially if you have teamed it with a modern cat-eye and minimal eyeshadow. You can rock this daily or save it for a perfect evening out and don’t need to worry about your eyebrows disappearing in the high heats of summer.

If minimal grooming is not quite your cup of tea but you are happy to skip your threading appointments then keep a set of tweezers handy for grabbing those strays underneath the brow but don’t be tempted to mess with your shape as this messy brow is the perfect summer 2020 statement, that you won’t want to give up.

Cobalt Blues and Bright Violets

Summer is always about being playful with your style and embracing the wavy heat with a makeup look that won’t fade into the background. But you don’t always have to follow the pastel and pale colour trends to achieve this. To be bold and daring, increase the pigment and turn up the brightness with this season’s hottest colours, violet and cobalt blue.

Worn on the eyes, this style is so versatile as you can literally wear it in your eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara. Glitter is always a fun team up too so keep it shimmery and bright and try to avoid blending with black to create a wintery smoky eye but keep it warm and vibrant and ready for the summer parties that are to come.

To wear blue or violet as eyeliner, keep your lines bold and thick to make the perfect statement and team it with a good separating mascara so the focus is drawn to this fantastic colour. Colour combos of blue and violet work amazingly and is one of summer 2020’s most daring makeup trends when worn together. Try a thick block of cobalt blue shadow over the top eyelid and sweep a soft line of violet below the bottom lash line for extra effect. Finish this off with some white eyeliner toward the inner corner of your eyes to really open them up and create a flawless summer, party makeup look that will be the envy of everybody.

Summer Makeup Roundup

When summer finally hits us and we are ready to join in the fun in daring style, there isn’t a lot you could do wrong when you have a little bit of creativity and a great palette of explosive colour, so treat yourself to some new makeup brushes, replenish your mascara collection and get those crafty hands to work on practicing your perfect summer 2020 look!