10 Tips for Amazing, Glowing Skin


There are so many skincare tips on the internet. Why? Because we all want to look good, both with and without makeup. We want to feel comfortable in our own skin, have long, natural lashes, and smooth, gorgeous lips.


10 Tips for Amazing, Glowing Skin


There are so many skincare tips on the internet. Why? Because we all want to look good, both with and without makeup. We want to feel comfortable in our own skin, have long, natural lashes, and smooth, gorgeous lips.

Some of the things you read online aren't necessarily good for the skin, though. But among recipes for weird, homemade facemasks and advice from people who swear 'it works for me', there is some advice that is timeless, work for all skin types, and are easy to do. Let's learn a bit more about our skin and make you more skin savvy!

1. Skip Ice Cold and Boiling Hot Water

'You open the pores with warm water and close them with cold'. Have you ever heard that before? Chances are that you have, because it's one of the most common skincare myths there is, and it refuses to die!
The fact is that pores don't close or open, they are simply holes in your skin. This myth is probably still around because muscles work that way, cold tenses them and warmth relaxes them. But pores aren't muscles!
If you wash your face with really cold water and then really hot water, you will only irritate the skin and make it dry and unhappy. Lukewarm water is best for the skin!

2. Don't Wash Your Face Too Much

Sure, it does feel nice to wash your face for extra long so that it feels as clean as it possibly can, but that's not good for the skin. It ruins the skin's natural balance and can make it try to compensate for the oils you've stripped it from. The result might actually be that you get more pimples from it!
Think about it. If you do something that makes you need to wash your hands often, let's say, you're cleaning or baking. What happens? The hands get dry. The twentieth time you wash your hands in one day, the skin is going to look far from good. Well, it's the same with your face, even if the skin is slightly different and you don't use hand soap for it.

3. Remove Your Makeup Every. Single. Night.

We know, it's tempting to just go to bed and wake up looking like a raccoon, but please, do take the time to wash your makeup off. Your skin needs to get rid of it, but also from other dirt you might have picked up during the day, and it needs to be pampered with some nice skincare products instead. It's a myth that skin breathes (it doesn't exactly have lungs, you know!) but it's true in a figurative sense, it needs a break now and then!

4. Use Skincare Products Specific for Your Skin Type

We have all picked up skincare products that we have regretted after a while. This is especially the case if they're not designed for our skin type. If you don't really know what skin type you have, check out this guide.

5. Use Setting Spray Instead of Hairspray

We are many girls who remember how our mothers told us when we first started wearing makeup that 'hairspray does the trick'. But honestly, hairspray on your face is not good for our skin! It's time we teach our mums one or two things about skincare!
But there is another way to protect your face from hair products, other than not spraying it directly, and that is to sleep with clean hair. Let's say that you've had a nice updo that needed a lot of products. If you then let your hair down, you will not only get hair in your face when you sleep, but you will get products all over your pillowcase so that the remaining nights until you wash it, you will get an unwanted facial. It's better to wash your hair before you go to bed.

6. Watch Your Diet

You are what you eat. If you eat lots of junk food and only ever drink coke, that's going to show on your skin (and your weight, but that's another issue). Try to eat as healthy as possible with lots of fruit and veg. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Check out our ultimate guide to eyelashes to find out more about the impact of diet on lashes and looks!
If you think it's hard to remember to drink enough water, why not keep a water bottle by your side at work? You might find yourself sipping water without even thinking about it. If you drink two litres of water every day, you will not only get clearer skin but will also feel more energised. Water is also essential to keep our digestion going, so if you sometimes experience bloating, it will take care of that problem as well.

7. Don't Borrow Makeup and Skincare Products

There is a reason why you should never borrow other people's foundation or face creams, and that is that you don't want their germs on your face. As soon as we stick our finger into a pot of something, we give bacteria the chance to move in. After a while, we should even throw our own old products out because they might contain our own bacteria. So it makes sense that we don't want to adopt anyone else's. Stick to using your own products, and your skin will thank you.

8. Use Sun Lotion

The sun is a frenemy that we should be very careful with. Even if it's true that we do need that nice vitamin D, it's also true that sun causes skin cancer as well as wrinkles. Always use sufficient UV protection when you're out and try to stay in the shade between about 12-3, when it's the hottest. A siesta isn't a bad idea!

Also, make sure that you refill your sun lotion frequently. Some people trick themselves into believing that it's enough to apply some in the morning but depending on how hot it is, you might need a refill every hour or so! Keep a small tube with you at all times!
A hat is also a good way to protect your head and face from the sun.

When it comes to the rest of the body, thin clothing is a very effective means of protection from getting burned.

9. Give New Products Time to Work

Trying new products is always fun to start with, but sometimes you might experience that they give you some pimples. This is when you need to be persistent, at least for a while, and let the skin get used to the products. So do stick with your new products for a while and if they are still doing nothing for your skin after a couple of weeks or so, stop using them.

But should you try new products once in a while, even though you already have found some that work for you? Does your skin get used to your products so that they stop working as well as before? The answer is no. The skin doesn't care if you've been using the same moisturiser for a few years as long as it's good for it. But it's good to keep in mind that your skin changes with the seasons and might need other things when it's cold than in the summer.

10. Choose the Right Face Masks

When you buy a face mask, get one that is appropriate for your skin type and read the instructions carefully. Only use it as often as recommended, especially if it's a purifying mask that might make your face dry when used too often.
It's also good to remember that the more face mask a product contains, the cheaper it will be per usage. One-off sheet masks are way more expensive than pots full of product, and even if they might not feel as luxurious, they make it possible for you to pamper your face a couple of times a week without breaking the bank.