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Top 3 Products for Healthier and Thicker lashes

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Get longer and thicker eyelashes with Xlash

However painful it may sound broken and tin eyelashes are a very common problem nowadays. Harmful extensions, aggressive environment, makeup chemicals or simply genetics may be the main reasons of this problem. But like any other problem, this one also has its solutions. Xlash offers you our toolkit for glamorous eyelashes; it includes Xlash eyelash serum, Xlash mascara and Xlash eyelash curler. Combination and the regular use of these 3 will by no means make your lashes grow and look thicker than ever. Let’s see how it works.

Eyelash Serum from Xlash

Xlash has come up with the easiest and healthiest way that will help you to grow long and thick lashes. It increases the length, thickness and volume of your eyelashes. The formula of the serum consists of carefully selected components that have positive influence on the growth of lashes and their condition. Red coral extract is added to stimulate blood circulation and restore hair follicles. It also contains the extract of seeds of black cumin, which is rich in vitamin B, macro- and micro-elements, this helps to prevent fragility of eyelashes, making them more elastic and reducing the loss of eyelashes to 98%.

Xlash Mascara

After finally having thick and long eyelashes, you’ll need to take care of them by using the right mascara, that won’t damage your lashes again and will highlight their length and thickness. Xlash mascara is enriched with vitamins E and B5, therefore organically combines both decorative and caring functions. Vitamins provide flexibility and nourishment to eyelashes, as well as hair follicles. Vitamin B5 has a positive effect on the activation of regeneration and growth processes, and vitamin E has antioxidant properties and triggers the process of repairing damaged eyelashes. The curved brush will give an extra bend and volume, a high concentration of coloring pigments will provide a rich and deep color. The combination of the brush and the extension formula makes it possible to give the eyelashes an incredible visual length.

Xlash Eyelash Curler

Xlash curler will transform your eyes in an instant, giving beautiful natural curls even to the most unruly eyelashes. The XLASH eyelash Curler is completely safe for the eyelashes themselves, as well as for the delicate skin of the eyelids, the rubber gaskets ensure that the curl passes easily and comfortably. The device is equipped with ergonomic handles, allowing you to work with eyelashes of any length.

Our products will always be there for your lashes, but it is also very important to take the right care of them after recovery. Thus, here are some vital factors that can affect influence the skin condition and hair growth: amount of sleep, fatty food and a lack of vitamins, low-quality cosmetics, sun’s rays and ultraviolet light. Make your lashes protected and beautiful with Xlash. These products will help you not only to recover length and thickness of your eyelashes, but also to enhance and highlight them making the expression of your eyes more profound and attractive.



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