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Tips for Creating a Natural Brow Look

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Tips for Creating a Natural Brow Look

How to Get Natural Eyebrows?

Everybody has a different brow type. Some eyebrows are bushy, some are thin, while others are a bit sparse. But regardless of what kind of brows you have, you can make them look perfect while still keeping that natural appearance.

You’re probably wondering how?

Well, there are many cool tips and tricks that you can try to make your brows look beautiful in a natural way. I’m going to show you the best ones in this article.

Overdone and exaggerated brows are definitely out. But you can still use pencils and serums to enhance them and create that perfect shape that will make your eyes stand out.

So if you want to find out the best tips for creating a natural brow look, keep on reading!

Grow Out Your Brows

Regardless of what kind of eyebrow shape you’re starting with, it’s best to first grow out your eyebrows and then start grooming them.

This will allow you to see the natural shape of your brows and give you more to work with. So for the next couple of weeks, don’t pluck or trim your eyebrows. If your brows are naturally bushy, they might grow out quicker than that. But if you’re eyebrows are naturally very sparse and thin, it might take longer. You should also consider using an eyebrow serum to speed up the process.

Which brings us to my next tip.

Use a Brow Serum Regularly

Eyebrow serums are the best way to get gorgeous natural brows and keep them strong and healthy. I recommend that you try a brow serum even your brows are on the bushier side, but especially if you have sparse or uneven brows.

Serums like Xbrow make your eyebrows grow faster and make the hairs less prone to breakage. You simply need to apply Xbrow Eyebrow Serum once a day for a couple of weeks and you’ll see your brows completely transform!

Pluck and Trim Your Brows

Once you have grown out your brows, you should start plucking with tweezers and trimming your eyebrows. What’s important is to keep the natural shape of your brows and avoid overplucking. You simply want to get rid of stray hairs and the hairs between your brows. If your brows are very bushy, you can also trim them slightly.

That will give you a perfect natural shape that you can enhance even more by following the rest of the tips.

Comb Your Brows

Now that you have plucked and trimmed your brows, you need to comb them using a spoolie. This will define the shape of your brows even more and make the next step a lot easier.

Define the Shape of Your Brows with a Pencil

Brow pencils are the best way for creating a natural brow look, if you know how to use them right and not overdo it. Start by first picking the right brow pencil color.

Choosing a Pencil Color

If you have medium to light brown eyebrows, I suggest you go with a pencil that’s one tone darker than your natural color. This will allow you to really emphasize your eyebrows while still looking natural. Never choose very dark or black pencils if your brows are light or medium brown shape. If you the natural color of your eyebrows is dark brown or black, then you simply need to match that shade, or even go one tone lighter.

Filling Out Your Brows

Now is the time to actually fill out your brows. But keep in mind that doesn’t mean making an outline of your brows and simply filling it all in with the pencil. That will look unnatural and overdone. The trick is to fill out your brows by making light strokes that mimic small hairs. Make sure to also accentuate the arches of your brows with a few strokes.

Avoid using the pencil too much at the beginning of your brows, you want to keep that area very light and blended.

Once you have filled out your brows and accentuated them with the pencil, you should comb your eyebrows once again.

Apply an Eyebrow Gel

After you’re all done, it’s a wise idea to also apply an eyebrow gel. It set your brows and allow you to keep that nice shape throughout the day.

Finish Your Look by Accentuating Your Eyes

To make your look complete, you should also emphasize your eyes. When you’re going for a natural look, it’s best to keep eye makeup simple as well. You might want to apply some light eyeshadow to shape your eyes and add highlights just below your brows. That will accentuate both your eyes and your brows.

The final step is applying mascara, which is a must for every look. I suggest you try Xlash Mascara. It is a versatile high-quality mascara that will add volume to your eyelashes without any clumps or flakes.

For a natural look, it’s enough to apply one coat of Xlash. However, if you want a more dramatic look, apply multiple coats.


A natural eyebrow look is definitely very trendy at the moment so stop overemphasizing your brows with jet black pencils, it’s not a good look. Natural beauty is always more appealing looks effortless. The best thing is that a natural brow look is so simple to create and doesn’t require much time. You simply need to follow these easy tips and tricks and your eyebrows will be perfect at all times.

I suggest that you use Xbrow Eyebrow Serum regularly because it will keep your brows healthy and beautiful, regardless of whether they’re naturally bushy, thin, or sparse. 

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