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Most Common Mascara Mistakes to Avoid

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Most Common Mascara Mistakes to Avoid

It’s safe to say that most women use mascara regularly. Don’t you agree? But even though mascara use is so widespread, that doesn’t mean everybody is using it right.

It may sound like such a simple thing that you do daily, but there are actually many mistakes people are regularly making when using mascara. That’s one of the biggest reasons why you’re not getting good results.

So if you want to make your lashes longer, more voluminous, and curled, you need to learn how to do it right. That’s why I have compiled a list of most common mascara mistakes to avoid. You’ll be surprised how many of them you make every day!

Having Mascara for Too Long

You might think that mascaras can’t go bad and can be used for months and months on end. And you would be wrong. All mascaras have an expiration date for a reason. If you use the same mascara for too long, you risk infections caused by tiny microbes that live in it. Not to mention that old mascaras get very dry which results in flaky and sticky lashes.

So if you have a mascara that’s older than six months, throw it in the garbage right away and purchase a new one. It is best that use the same mascara for about 3 months before replacing it. That way you make sure that your mascara is always fresh and avoid dry mascaras.

Pumping Mascara Before Use

This is something many girls instinctively do, but pumping your mascara is a big no-no. When you pump it each time you use it, you allow air to get inside the mascara tube which causes it to dry out really soon. Not to mention that air inside combined with the moistness inside the tube causes bacteria growth. And that’s really dangerous for your lashes, plus it’s simply gross.

So remove the habit of pumping your mascara, it does nothing good.

Sharing Your Mascara

It’s not uncommon for girls to put on makeup together before a night out. It’s fun and a great way to bond with your girlfriends. What often happens is that girls share their makeup, including mascara.

Although sharing is nice, it’s not something you should do when it comes to mascara. A lot of bacteria usually lives inside your mascara tube and although it might not affect you, it can cause infections to someone that you borrow it too.

So make sure you always use only your makeup products and stay away from other people’s mascaras.

Not Curling Your Eyelashes Before Applying Mascara

When you apply mascara, it actually weighs down your lashes slightly. So if you don’t curl your lashes before applying mascara, you might end up with droopy eyelashes. Eyelash curlers give your lashes more volume, so you should definitely use them.

A similar mistake is curling your eyelashes after you apply mascara, which is also wrong. If you do that, you risk your lashes breaking and falling out so definitely avoid it.

Not Wiping the Wand

When you pull out the mascara wand, you usually notice too much product on the brush. If you go ahead and simply apply it on your lashes, they will become clumpy and sticky.

That’s why you need to wipe the brush before you go ahead and apply mascara. However, that shouldn’t be done by wiping it on the top of the tube which is how most people do it.

What you should do instead is clean off the wand using a clean tissue. That is hands down the most sanitary way to do it.

Applying Mascara Incorrectly

There are many different techniques women use to apply mascara, and most of them are wrong. You simply can’t get voluminous lashes if you don’t know how to apply mascara properly.

The simplest technique that’s suitable for beginners is to start at the root of your top lashes and wiggle the brush as you move outwards. Then repeat the same for your bottom lashes.

To get the small hairs at the inner corner of your lashes, you can try using the brush vertically instead of horizontally.

Applying Too Many Coats of Mascara

Mascara is great for creating long and voluminous lashes. That’s why many people think that applying many coats helps with that. And although that is true, two or three coats is more than enough. Anything more than that is really not necessary and it makes your lashes stick together and create the opposite effect.

However, not all mascaras are good for applying multiple coats since they tend to get clumpy. So if you want to apply more than one coat, I suggest Xlash Mascara. It doesn’t stick your lashes together, even if you apply two or three coats.

Applying Mascara Only on Your Top Lashes

If you want to achieve volume and make your lashes look longer, then you should apply mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. Your eyes will be more emphasized and the whole look will be more complete.

Not Removing Mascara Before You Go to Bed

This is a big one. You would be surprised how many women don’t remove mascara before they go to sleep. I know that you’re sometimes tired and just want to get to bed as soon as possible, but removing makeup is a must.

If you go to bed with your mascara on, you can cause immense damage to your lashes and they will become sparse and stubby. So make it a habit to always, and I mean always, remove mascara before you go to sleep.


It turns out that something seemingly simple like applying mascara is not so simple at all. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around and it results in people making many mascara mistakes that stop them from getting desired results.

Now that you know most common mascara mistakes to avoid, you are on your way to applying mascara like a pro!

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