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Lip Plumpers FAQ: Your Guide for Using Lip Plump Serums

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Lip Plumpers FAQ: Your Guide for Using Lip Plump Serums

Lip Plump Serums Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody wants fuller lips. That’s just a fact. Plump lips look luscious, smooth, and so kissable, and who doesn’t want that?

If you follow the cosmetic industry, you have definitely heard about lip plump serums. It is one of the hottest new lip trends that has gotten everybody interested.

But what are lip plump serums really and do they actually work?

These are only some of the questions I’ll be answering in this guide for using lip plumpers. So if you want to find out everything you need to know about lip plum serums, check out these frequently answered questions that will shed a light on this popular new product!


Are Lip Plumpers Safe to Use?

You’ll be happy to find out that lip plump serums are 100% safe to use. There is no risk of damage your lips so you can safely use them as much as you want. That’s really good news for anyone who wants to plump up their lips and make them gorgeous!

Are Lip Serums Better Than Lip Fillers?

Although both lip plump serums and lip fillers give you fuller lips, they are much different. Lip plumpers don’t involve any needles or commitment, which can’t be said for lip fillers.

But which one is better?

If you look at the potential risks and damage to your lips that can come from injecting your lips with fillers, it’s safe to say that lip plumpers are a much better option. Lip fillers can cause disfiguration of the lips, as well as small lumps and bumps that might leave your lips permanently asymmetrical. And nobody wants that.

So if you’re looking for a safe way to plump up your lips without any risks, use lip plump serums. Although it’s not a permanent option, your lips will still be plump once you apply the serum.

What’s the Best Lip Plump Serum?

If you’re looking for the best lip plumper on the market, I recommend that you try Xlips Lip Plump Serum. I use it daily and it completely transforms my lips in mere seconds.

What’s great about Xlips is that it has been dermatologically tested which means there is no risk of damage to your lips. It has also been scientifically proven to work.

Another great thing about Xlips is that it comes in the form of lips gloss. That means you get both serum and lip gloss all in one product which is perfect. So if you want to get plump and glossy lips, definitely try Xlips!

How to Apply Lip Plumpers?

If you’re wondering how to apply lip plumpers, you’ll be happy to know that it’s incredibly simple. For example, Xlips comes in the form of a lip gloss, so you simply need to apply one coat and watch the magic happen!

Can I Use Lip Plump Serums with My Lipstick?

The short answer is: yes! Once you apply your lipstick, you can add a coat of a lip plump serum like Xlips and your lips will not only be plump but glossy as well.

It’s actually perfect for slightly dry or matte lipsticks because it accentuates your lips even more and you get that smooth and glossy effect that looks gorgeous. Xlips also prevents your lips from getting dry, which lipsticks often cause.

Can Lip Plumpers Dry Out My Lips?

Definitely not, quite the contrary. Serums like Xlips will keep your lips hydrated which prevents dryness and chapped lips.

How Often Can I Use Lip Plumping Serums?

The great thing about lip plumping serums like Xlips is that you can use them as many times as you want. There are literally no limits as to how often you can use it. So any time you want to plump up your lips, simply apply a coat of Xlips and watch the magic happen. After the bee-stung effect wears off, you can simply reapply Xlips again and enjoy fuller and more voluminous lips!

Can I Use Lip Serums if I Have Lip Fillers?

If you already had lip filler injections, you might be wondering whether you can use lip plumpers as well. The answer is you absolutely can!

Lip plumpers like Xlips can further enhance the effects of lip fillers so they can totally go hand in hand!

Are Lip Serums Expensive?

If you are interested in trying out lip plumpers, you’ll be thrilled to find out that lip serums are quite affordable. For example, Xlips, which is one of the best lip plump serums available on the market, costs only $30. That’s really affordable if you consider that one tube of Xlips lasts from two to three months, even if you use it on a daily basis. And that’s definitely more affordable than lip fillers, not to mention safer and less invasive.

Should I Use Lip Plumpers if My Lips are Chapped?

Dryness in the lip area occurs very often and it can result in split, cracks, and chapped lips. That makes your lips very sensitive and irritated. That’s why I would not recommend that you use lip plumpers if your lips are chapped because that could make it worse.

However, if you wish to try lip plump serums, I suggest that you first take care of your irritated lips and then enjoy serums. Great intensive care for chapped lips is Xlips EGF – a lip balm that restores your lips and protects them!


Lip plump serums like Xlips are truly amazing products that a give you fuller lips without having to get injections or surgery. Hopefully, you now get a much better idea of how lip plumpers work and what are some of the great benefits of using them.

So if you want to have those luscious kissable lips, make sure to Xlips and see for yourself how amazing your pout will look!

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