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Is Permanent Lipstick Safe? Find Out All You Need to Know!

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Is Permanent Lipstick Safe? Find Out All You Need to Know!

Ever since celebrities and influencers started getting lip fillers, plump lips became such a huge trend. But of course, not everybody wanted to get fillers. That’s why everybody started looking into different ways to make their lips fuller including makeup tricks, lip serums, and permanent lipstick.

Also known as a lip tattoo, permanent lipstick is advertised as a great way to add more color to your lips, define them, and make them fuller.

But does it really work and how safe is it?

These are the questions I’m going to be answering in this article. Plus, you’re going to find out what are some great permanent lipstick alternatives if your goal is plumper lips.

What is Permanent Lipstick?

Permanent lipstick is tattoo technique used to enhance your lips create the effect of permanent makeup. Similar to tattooing, tiny needles are used to get the color inside your lips. The main difference is that pigment is used, unlike regular tattoos that use ink.

It is a great way to define the shape of your lips and make it more pronounced. Permanent lipstick lasts for three to five years and after that, the color fades away and you’re back to your regular lip color.

But the problem with lipstick tattoos is that it includes some risks and negative side effects. That’s why many women are hesitant to get it done.  

Is Permanent Lipstick Safe?

Although this technique has evolved a lot during the last couple of years, it’s still not perfect. The healing process is very complicated, and so is aftercare. So the results depend greatly on how well you take care of your lips after you get the procedure done.

Although permanent lipstick is generally safe, there are many complications that can happen and you risk damaging your lips. Lip tattoos are also pretty invasive and painful, which is what many women fear.

Healing Process

Before you decide to get a permanent lipstick procedure, you should know that the healing process is very long. It usually takes about a month for your lips to heal completely. And of course, you can’t wear any makeup on your lips during that time.

The first couple of days after the procedure, your lips swell up and are quite painful. You have to really be careful when eating and remember not to touch your mouth. A pack of ice also might help to get the swelling down and relieve the pain.

After that, you will experience shedding and have dry flaky lips. This stage of the healing process is very similar to chapped lips. During this time, you should keep your lips hydrated and moist.

The color will also change greatly during the healing time. The day you get your lipstick tattoo, the color will be very vibrant and strong. Then it starts to fade away and the shade changes as the lips heal. You will be able to see the final color in one month, after the color settles and your lips heal completely. The shade will not be as vibrant as the day you got the procedure.


Since needles are actually going into the skin and filling it with pigment, there’s definitely a risk of infections. That can happen if the lipstick tattoo artist doesn’t disinfect the needles and other equipment properly, if they don’t use gloves, or if you touch your lips after the procedure and don’t take care of them properly.

So if you decide to get permanent lipstick done, it’s extremely important to go to a salon and have it done by a professional who has at least a couple of years of experience. It’s also a good idea to have the artist show you their portfolio of before and after photos. Also, make sure to ask any questions you might have regarding their health and safety regulations.

The tattoo artist should always use new sterilized needles and high-quality pigment.

Allergic Reactions

There’s also the risk of allergic reactions to the pigment. So if you decide to get a lip tattoo, you need to make sure that you’re not allergic to the pigment or anything else used during the procedure.

Cold Sores

Another thing that makes permanent lipstick not as safe is that it often activates cold sores. So if you had cold sores in the past, even one time, that means the virus will get activated from the procedure.

Safe Ways to Get Fullers Lips

Since permanent lipstick is not really that safe as it sounds, you might want to look into some less-invasive and natural ways to get fuller lips.

Makeup Tricks

If you’re scared of getting your lips tattooed and don’t want fillers injected, you can simply use makeup tricks to make your lips fuller.

Lip Plump Serums

Another great way of lip enhancement is lip plump serums. This is a great product that makes your lips plumper the natural ways and is 100% safe.

What’s the Best Lip Plumper?

One of the best lip plumpers on the market today is Xlips Lip Plump Serum. Not only does it make your lips fuller, but it also protects your lips and hydrates them, which is definitely a plus.

How Does It Work?

Once you apply Xlips Lip Plump Serum, you will notice a tingling sensation in your lips and more blood flowing through the area. That makes your lips plumper and creates that cool bee-sting effect.

Xlips Lip Plump Serum is also a lip gloss, so your lips will look fuller and glossier.


Although permanent lipstick may look great, it’s very risky and not that safe as you might wish it to be. That’s why I recommend that you stick with natural and safe methods for enhancing your lips like lip plumpers and different makeup tricks.


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