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How to Get Gorgeous Brows in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s?

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Eyebrows style for ever age

Brow Tricks for Every Age

During the last couple of years, everybody has been paying more and more attention to their eyebrows. It has become an obsession. How to grow out perfect, bold brows has been the number one question on everyone’s mind.

We know that the shape of your face and eyes, complexion, and lifestyle are all important factors that determine what kind of brows work best for you. But one thing that is not talked about often is your age.

Does the same eyebrow look work for women in their 20s and 40s?

Well, not really. Age should be a big factor when it comes to your eyebrow routine and in this article, I break it down for you. You will find out how to get gorgeous brows in your 20s, 30s, and 40s so keep scrolling down!

When You’re in Your 20s

If you’re in your 20s and are wondering what you should do to have flawless eyebrows, stick with these tips.

Grow Your Eyebrows Out

When you’re in your 20s, your brows are probably growing like crazy. You should take full advantage of this and grow your eyebrows out. Celebrities like Cara Delevingne have made the bushy brow look incredibly trendy and sought out for. So make your 20s all about bold and dramatic brows, this is the time to pull it off!

Reduce Plucking and Waxing

Since your 20s are the time to grow out your brows, you should minimize plucking and waxing. If you use tweezers too much in your 20s, you might end up with sparse and patchy brows in your 30s or 40s, so keep that in mind.

While you’re young, that slightly messy, bushy look can look very cool, so don’t grab the tweezers every time you see a small hair peak out.

Fill in Your Brows with a Pencil

A bold, dramatic brow look is great when you’re in your 20s and the easiest way to achieve that is by filling in your brows with a pencil. Don’t be afraid to go with a slightly darker pencil and really emphasize your brows.

Use Gel for Styling

If you want your bushy brows to stay in place, then I recommend you use a brow gel. It will help you style your eyebrows and keep them flawless.

Experiment with Different Brow Shapes

Your 20s are the perfect time for experimentation. You can try different clothing styles, makeup techniques, hairstyles, and of course, experiment with different brow shapes.

Perhaps you could try a more arched brow shape, or a straighter brow, or whatever you might think will complement your face nicely. You can get away with so much when you’re in your 20s, so use this time to figure what’s the ultimate brow shape for you and then you’re all set.

When You’re in Your 30s

Women who are in their 30s might have slightly different brow goals than when they were younger. As you grow older, your lifestyle usually changes, as well as your makeup looks.

So let’s take a look at what should be your eyebrow strategy when you’re in your 30s.

Only Go One Shade Darker

Overly dark eyebrows should be avoided when in your 30s, so only go one shade darker when filling in your brows with a pencil. It’s a much more elegant look that’s not overly dramatic and attention-seeking.

So for example, if you have naturally light brown eyebrows, go with a medium brown pencil instead of dark brown. Also, make sure not to overdo it with the pencil, a few strokes are often more than enough.

Try Tinting Your Brows

Women in their 30s are often very busy with work and everything else going on in their lives. That’s when spending half an hour on your brows every morning is not really an option.

That’s why tinting is something to try for women in their 30s because it enables you to have flawless brows with basically any work at all.

Use Eyebrow Growth Serum Regularly

As you grow older, your brow hair may become thinner and more prone to damage and breakage. So to avoid ending up with sparse eyebrows, you should start using an eyebrow growth serum regularly.

I recommend Xbrow Eyebrow Serum because it’s scientifically proven to work and made out of high-quality ingredients. After you have been applying it for three to four weeks, you will notice that your brows are bolder, bushier, and stronger.

When You’re in Your 40s

Here's a great eyebrow strategy when you're in your 40s!

Make Your Eyebrows Appear Higher

As we age, some of our facial features tend to sag a little bit, and that includes your eyebrows. So in order to create the appearance of slightly raised eyebrows, define your arch and add highlighter below your brows.

This will open up your face and make you look much more youthful.

Go with a Natural Shape and Color

I recommend that you stick with your natural brow shape and color if you’re a woman in your 40s. Exaggerated eyebrows might look a bit off, so stick with your natural beauty. Simply pluck and trim your brows slightly to maintain your natural shape and use pencils that match your natural shade.

Continue Using an Eyebrow Growth Serum

It is recommended that you continue using an eyebrow growth serum like Xbrow during your 40s as well. It will take care of all your brow issues like sparseness, hair breakage, or damage. If you use Xbrow Eyebrow Serum regularly, your eyebrows will have a much more even, natural shape and you won’t require many other products to make them perfect.


Your eyebrow strategy and routine should definitely be different according to your age. Now that you know how to get gorgeous brows in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, you can plan your eyebrow strategy and keep them looking gorgeous all of the time.

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