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Having a Hard Time Applying Eyeliner? The Newbie Guide to Perfect Liner

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Eyeliner Tutorial for Beginners

Are you one of those girls who simply cannot apply eyeliner without making a huge mess and simply giving up? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

You probably watched hundreds of YouTube tutorials where girls create a perfect winged line in one smooth movement. Then you try it yourself and end up smudging liner all over your face. The struggle is real.

Luckily, there are some cool tips and tricks that you can use to finally get that perfect liner look. All you need to know about becoming an eyeliner expert is in this article so just practice it and you’ll soon become a pro.

Choosing Between Three Main Liner Types

Pencil Liner

This is a type of eyeliner everybody usually starts with. You can do a great smoky eye with a pencil liner and do your waterline as well. Although it works perfect for that smudged look, you don’t get any precision with this type of liner so you can’t create wings or a nice, accurate, thin line.

Gel Liner

This is a type of liner you need to apply with a brush and while many girls fear it, it’s actually not that hard to apply. It’s great for a dramatic, sexy look because you can create a dark, thick line. However, it’s also hard to be totally precise as with liquid liner.

Close up carbon black eyeliner

Liquid Liner

If you want a precise application, then liquid liner is your best friend. You can create perfect, thin lines and wings which is impossible with gel or pencil liner. However, it’s also the hardest type of eyeliner to apply, at least for beginners. But don’t give up too easily on liquid liner because it looks absolutely gorgeous and if you use tips from this article, you’ll learn how to do it perfectly.

If you’re looking for a great liquid liner that will not smudge and dries quickly, I recommend Xlash Eyeliner.

The Newbie Guide to Perfect Liner

Now that you know the three main eyeliner types you can choose from, it’s time to get to business and learn how to apply it perfectly.

Get Rid of Liner Fear

The biggest reason why many girls don’t know how to apply eyeliner is that they’re too afraid to actually try it. So don’t expect that you’ll be a liner master in your first try. Mistakes are normal so don’t be afraid to make them. That’s how you learn. So get rid of any fear or expectations and simply get to it. You can always remove it and try again.

Start Clean

It may seem logical, but it’s important to know that you should clean liner thoroughly off your eyes before you start applying a new line Waterproof liners are harder to clean and there may be some residue from the day before, so make sure to clean that.

A Cool Hack to Stabilize Your Hand

One of the biggest reasons you get bad, uneven lines is because your hand is shaking. It’s so hard to be precise and have a steady hand, but fortunately, there’s a simple hack for that.

Place your makeup mirror on a desk and rest your elbow on it. That way, your hand will be stabilized and liner easier to maneuver. You will be making those perfect lines in no time!

Don’t Stretch the Lid When Applying Eyeliner

Many girls tend to stretch their eyelid when applying liner, thinking that will get them a perfect line. The truth is, that technique is completely wrong and should stop doing it.

The thing is, stretching the lid makes it easier to apply the liner and it looks good while you’re doing it, but as soon as you let the lid go, the line is not perfectly straight and uniform anymore.

The Right Technique

So instead of stretching the lid, simply look slightly down and then apply the eyeliner. It may be hard at first, but once you get a hang of it, the lines will be perfectly straight.

Start with Thinner Lines

So you apply nice thick lines on both lids and then you find out that one line is thicker than the other. So you make the thinner line thicker and now the other line is too thin and you soon end up with lines as thick as your eyelids.

In order to avoid that, start with very thin lines on both eyelids. That way, if you end up with uneven lines, you can correct it without ending up with lines that are too thick.

Create Dots and Then Connect Them

Another cool hack that you can use if you’re having a hard time applying eyeliner and making a nice, even line is to first create little dots or dashes and then connect them. It's like a fun game!

It’s hard to apply perfect eyeliner in one hand motion if you’re a beginner and this simple hack helps you map out the line first. 

Don’t Leave Any Space Between Eyeliner and Your Lash Line

A rookie mistake many girls make is leaving space between eyeliner and lash line. It just doesn’t look good. You really need to get in there with that eyeliner and fill out all the empty space. That will make the look much better and professional-looking.

Creating the Perfect Winged Look

Now let’s get to the hardest part – creating a cool winged look with eyeliner. That’s where most of us mess up for sure. Usually, the wings are not symmetrical or don’t follow the shape of your eyes.

So the first thing you need to do is pay attention to your lower lid and notice the angle. The wing you make with your eyeliner should follow that angle.

I know, that still doesn’t make it easy to do.

A simple hack you can use if you really suck at winged liner is to try tape. There are small tapes that you can apply at the angle you wish your wing to be. That will prevent the wing from being too thick or messy.


Most of us are having a hard time applying eyeliner. Hopefully, this newbie guide to applying eyeliner will help you to finally get those perfect lines. I recommend that you use Xlash Eyeliner because it makes the whole process a lot easier and the results are just amazing.

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