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Beauty Inspiration Tips from Xlash

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Get inspired by the big Beauty Icons

Nowadays, we commonly witness constant changes in the beauty standards, trends and fashion. Thin eyebrows are replaced by thick ones, skinny jeans by “boyfriend”, a pin up models; slim, skinny, tanned girls by curvy models, blonde people by the ones with a rainbow of hair colors etc. These changes, in fact, show the great desire of humanity to find the “cosmopolitan” definition for “perfect beauty”. However, there are still some things that remain unchanged through centuries. Among these things you will by no means find naturally long, thick and glamorous eyelashes. As the best company of eyelash serum can offer to the world, we want to present you some beauty inspiration tips and tricks for motivating your desire to have natural and thick eyelashes.

Throwback to Some Tips from Beauty Icons

For ages different celebrities all over the world have been thought of as beauty icons, but, in fact, they gained this status due to their stylists, makeup artists and certain tricks they used. Let’s review some of the effective tips they would by no means advice you to try.

Clump-free and Separate Lashes from Audrey Hepburn

Let’s take Audrey Hepburn; she is by no means among the most beautiful women of all times, her looks still inspire thousands of girls and women. Her iconic eyebrows and eyelashes always look gorgeous. She liked to make them look dark, plump and long. Here is her trick to make sure that they look naturally fanned-out and clump-free, that was not thanks to a magic serum or mascara. She used a simple trick with a pin; her makeup artist always separated every single eyelash with this pin.

Thick Lashes by Marylin Monroe

Another beauty icon, Marylin Monroe is famous for her long and voluminous lashes that still looked natural. Here is the trick of her makeup artist. She used false lashes, and to make them look more natural she cut this eyelash strips in half and applied them only to the outer corners of Monroe’s eyes.

Soft and Natural-looking Eyelashes from Greta Garbo

And let’s not forget about Greta Garbo, who was famous for her long and natural-looking eyelashes. She used to apply Vaseline to remove her false lashes instead of harmful preparations, further brushed them each night with a soft brush for eyelashes, brushing upward the upper ones and downward the opposites. This softened her lashes and made them look as natural as possible.

All these and many other tricks were used by beauty icons just because they lacked some of the modern ways of having beautiful lashes. They may seem pretty dangerous and inconvenient for us, and let’s be honest they are a bit out-of-fashion. There is no need to use a pin or cut and brushed false lashes to have long, natural eyelashes. Now there are eyelash serums to reach the same “iconic” results. You don’t need to have a makeup artist, to look like a celebrity, just find the right beauty product for you and it will replace these makeup artists and the expensive services they offer you for having perfect eyelashes.

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